Abbeville District Colonial Plats Map


This is a large file and should be downloaded using a high-speed internet connection. You will need to scroll down and to the right with your browser to get to the map.  It displays the location of substantially all of the plats of parcels granted by the British Crown prior to the Revolutionary War in the portion of Ninety Six District later comprising Abbeville District and County and present day Abbeville, McCormick and Greenwood Counties. Included are the plats of Boonesborough, Hillsborough and Belfast Townships, and the large parcels originally granted to William Livingston and associates. The distortion in a few areas is the result of imperfect photomerging.

The map has been overlaid with a grid of 5 mile by 5 mile sections, with letters (along the top of the map) and numbers along the left side of the map) assigned to each section. The index lists the grantees of parcels alphabetically, and identifies the section or sections of the map in which the parcel is located. Click here for the index. This map is the product of a collaboration with Monte Hart, Eddie Humphries and Richard McMurtry, whose labors, advice and assistance are gratefully acknowledged.