Index to Abbeville County Colonial Plats: U-Z

Explanatory Notes: The map has been divided into 5 mile by 5 mile sections identified by a number (along the left side of the map) and a letter (along the top of the map). The Map Section column identifies the section or sections in which the plat is located. In the Reference column, "C" stands for Colonial plat book (microfilm series 213184), the first number is the book number, the second (after colon) is the page and the third, if any, is the item number if there is more than one item on the page. Similarly, "S" before a two or three digit number then colon and another number refers to a state plat book and page number. The township plats start with the microfilm series  S213187 then the book, page, item numbers. Ungranted plats refer to the box number and folder, microfilm series S213197. The URL links are to the digital copies (if available) of the specific plat at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History's website. State plats and ungranted plats have not been digitized as of the date of this webpage.

Name Map Section Date Reference Location Surveyor URL Adjoining lands
Ulrick, John 8G9G 2 May 1757 C06:271 300a Haw Tree Creek Musgrove, Edward all vacant
Vallat, Jacques   8D 22 May 1765 C08:144:02 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Bouchonneau, Charles(SE); Boutiton, Pierre Jr.(SW); Prouillai, Francois(SW)
Vann, John 6G   C05:508 (Great Survey No. 2) 250a within later Great Survey No.2   not available  
Vanne, Edward 8C 18 Sep 1758 C08:273:01 200a Savannah River Gaston, John Vann, John(SW)
Waistcoat, Joseph 9E 16 Sep 1772 C21:257:01 100a Long Cane Settlement on Little River Caldwell, William Thomas Leroy(NW); Banks, River(SW)
Walace, Mary 2E 1 Jun 1768 C21:289 100a Turkey Creek Nelson, Jno. Pulliam, Robt.(NE)
Wales, Thomas 8F 29 Feb 1772 C21:260: 300a on road to Charleston in Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. Hearse, John(W); Miscampbell, James(N); Leman, Michael(N); Branman, Edwd.(E); Bell(S)
Walker, Agnes 3E 3 July 1767 C21:264:01 100a Chickasaw Camp branch, waters, Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Beaty, Thomas(NE); Hannah, William(SE); Township line(SW)
Walker, Benjamin 4I 10 Oct 1749 C05:052:02 250a sW side Saludy, 96 neighborhood Fairchild, John Saludy River(NE)
Walker, Francis 6H 3 Nov 1767 C21:266:02 100a Long Branch, waters Cuffeetown Anderson, William all sides vacant
Walker, Isabel 6H 23 Nov 1767 C21:274:01 200a Long Branch, Cuffeetown waters Anderson, William Walker, Francis(NE); Walker, John(SE);
Walker, James 7H 29 Oct 1767 C21:264:02 150a branch Cuffeetown Anderson, William Youngblood, Henry(NW)
Walker, John 6H7H 22 Jan 1768 C21:268:01 150a branch Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William Savage, John(NW); Davis, William(SE&NE); Brooks, Elisha(SW)
Walker, John 6H 19 Feb 1773 C21:271:01 100a branch Cuffeetown Cr. Murphey, John Walker, Thomas(NW); Walker, William(SW); Walker, John(SE&SW)
Walker, John Jr. 7H 28 Oct 1767 C21:269:02 300a branch Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William Walker, Isabel(NE); Speed, Erdman(SE); Scott, John(NW)
Walker, Joseph 3E 17 January 1767 C21:273 100a Parks Creek, head waters of Calhoun, Pat Barr,Pat(NE); Perry, Daniel(SE); Beaty, William(SW)
Walker, Robert 3E4E 1 Jan. 1765 C08:421:02 150a Lick Branch (small branch of Long Cane Creek)(Jobs Creek) Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Frasier, Donald(SW); Leslie, Jean(NW);
Walker, Thomas 6H7H 7 Jan 1772 C21:277:01 150a Long Branch, waters Cuffeetown Anderson, William Walker, Isabel(NW); Walker, Francis(NW); McIntosh, John(NW)
Walker, William 6E 24 May 1765 C09:044 300a on Long Cane branch Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Walker, William 6H 23 Jan 1768 C21:279:01 100a branch Cuffeetown Anderson, William Walker, Isabel(SW); Walker, Francis(SE)
Wallace, Alexander 5B5C 27 Nov  1764 C08:420 200a NW fork Long Canes, small branch of Calhoun, Pat. MacNight, James(NW); Shields, Jno.(SW)
Wallace, James 2E 25 Jul 1768 C09:351 300a Hogskin branch Nelson, Jared Neale, James(NE); Russel, Christopher(NW); Johnson, George(SE)
Wallace, John 3E 8 Jan 1767 C21:283 100a Long Cane, waters, Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Hunter, Mary(NW); Gray, James(NE)
Wallace, Richard 8H 25 Mar 1757 C06:334 250a Hawtree Creek Musgrove, Edward Glagenburg, Jacob(SW); Stout, John(NE)
Wallace, Robert 8G 24 Jul 1769 C11:117 250a Cuffee Town Creek Nelson, Jared Blakeley, Sarah(N); Wallace, Thomas(W); Wallace, Robert(E)
Wallace, Robert 9G 19 Sep 1772 C21:286:01 100a waters Cuffeetown Creek Murphey, John Martin, Abraham (SE&NE); Wallace, Robert(NW)
Walts, John George 8F 10 Aug. 1765 C21:298:03 100a in Londonborough Township Fairchild, John Bauer, John Adam(N); Leman, Michael(N); Michael, Valentine(E)
Ward, William 6B 11 Dec 1766 C9:44 100a Great Rocky Creek, SE side Long, Matt. said creek(W)
Ward, Wm. 3C 29 Sep 1766 C09:220 100a Thomson's Creek Pickens, Jno. all sides vacant
Waters, Peter 2F 13 Jul 1768 C09:359 350a Turkey Creek Nelson, Jared Sloan, Robt.
Waters, Thomas 8C8D 10 Aug 1773 C21:336:02 300a Savannah River branch Dooly, Thomas The French Township(SW)
Watkins, James 6C 1 Feb 1766 C9:122 200a NW fork Long Cane, waters Pickens, John vacant
Watkins, James 5A 19 Mar 1765 C07:500 200a Rosses Creek Pickens, John all vacant
Watkins, John 9E10E 23 Mar 1773 C21:338:02 150a Russells Creek Murphey, John savannah R.(NW); Russell, Robert(NW&SW); Defrancis, Mr.(NE)
Watson, Benjamin 7E 2 April 1767 C21:342 100a on waters of Long Cane Creek, near said Watson's Mill Calhoun, Pat. McFearon, James(NW)
Watson, Benjamin 7E 1 April 1767 C21:342: 100a at Long Cane Creek, where he has erected a mill Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Watson, John 5D 10 Dec 1767 C21, p.344 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Watson, Sarah 7D 1 Dec 1767 C21:347 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Calhoun, Patrick(NE); Noble, James(W)
Watts, Arthur 2F 21 Jul 1767 C21:350 100a Turkey Creek, branch of Nelson, Jno. vacant
Waugh, James 4C 16 Nov 1768 C11:204 100a Penny's Creek Nelson, Jared Pickens, John
Wawson, Frances 3F 10 May 1763 C07:442:03 100 acres in Boonesborough Township Calhoun, Pat Montgomery, Hugh(SE); former surveys(SW&NW)
Weaver, Frederick 7H 26 Feb 1772 C21:365:02 150a Reedy Branch (Cuffeetown) Calhoun, Pat Leuster, Frederick Samuel
Weaver, Susannah 9E 1 Apr 1771 C21:370:01 100a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Long Cane Creek(NE);  other vacant
Webb, James 2E 28 Jan 1767 C21:372 350a Chickasaw Camp Branch, part in Boonesborough Twp and part out Calhoun, Pat? Moore, Jno.(NE)
Webber, Frederick 7G7H 22 May 1765 C08:099:03 100a Little Rocky Creek Fairchild, John all sides vacant
Webber, George 8H 29 Jan 1765 C08:100:01 200a Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John Knobb, Peter(NE); Cuffeetown Creek(SE)
Webber, George Sr. 8G8H 29 Mar 1765 C08:104:02 300a east of CuffeeTown Creek Fairchild, John all sides vacant
Webber, Mary? 8D 11 Nov 1771 C08:621:02 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat De La Howe, John; Marque, Henry; Landon, Roger; NW Fork Long Cane Creek
Weems, Henry 5E 13 Feb 1768 C09:244 100a Frazier Branch Calhoun, Pat. Norris, Robert Jr.
Weems, Thomas 6E 20 Aug 1767 C10:035 150a Long Cane, waters of Long, Matt Crawford, James
Weilman, Charles 7H 1 Feb 1765 C08:107:01 150a Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John Knobb, Philip Peter(SW); Knobb, Margaret(SW)
Weir, George 4D 4 May 1773 C21:378:02 100a Pattons Creek Long, Matt. all vacant
Weiser, Anna Catherine 7I 31 Jan 1765 C08:120:02 250a Horsepen Branch Fairchild, John vacant
Welch, Patrick 5J 5 Sep 1749 C05:035:02 350a, south side of South Branch of Santee Pearson, John said river
Wellburn, Thomas 6C6D 25 Jun 1772 C21:379 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat Lawrence, John(W); Johnston, George(N); Witherspoon, John(E); Meeks, Adam(E)
Wells, James 7F 4 Dec 1766 C21:384: 150a  waters of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. Heatley, Robt(NE); Belfast Township line(SE); Francis Gross(SE)
Wescott, David 9F 17 Nov 1768 C21:258:01 100a Russells Branch Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Westcott, Ebenezer 8E 12 Apr 1762 C07:374:03 250a situated in Granville County at a place called the Shoals of Long Cane Creek a branch of the Savannah River. Calhoun, Pat. Strother, William(SW)
White, Alexander 6F 17 Feb 1767 C09:056 100a Curraltail Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat. Hamilton's Great Survey No. 2(NE)
White, Alexander 6E 26 Sep 1765 C08:223 100a Long Cane Creek Pickens, Jno. McElwee, David(SE); Anderson, Jno.(SW)
White, Charles 6B 24 Feb 1769 C21:418:02 200a Savannah River Pickens, John Ward, Briant(NW)
White, John 9G 15 Dec 1772 C21:428:01 100a Mill Creek Murphey, John Robeson, Samuel(SW); Kirkland, Moses(NE); Gaulman, Harmon(SE&SW)
White, Mary 8H 26 Jan 1773 C21:429:02 100a waters Cuffeetown Cuningham, Pat. Sideman, Henry(NW&SW); Wilson, Robert(S)
White, Patrick 6E 4 Apr 1765 Vol.8, p.42 Mountain Creek Pickens, John all sides vacant
White, William 6E 16 February 1767 C10:045 200a Long Canes, waters of Calhoun, Pat. Lusk, James(E)
White, William 7D 6 Apr 1772 C21:347 200a Great Road through Long Cane Settlement to Charleston Calhoun, Pat. Thompson, James(SE); McClellan, Willaim(SW); Anderson, John(NW)
White, William 7F 15 Feb 1773 C21:441 100a Reedy Branch Cunningham, David White, Alexander(SW); McClinton, Agness(E); Yelding, Robert(SW)
White, William 7D 7 Apr 1759 C7:279 200a NW fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat Baker, Henry(SE)
White, William 5J 13 Feb 1773 C21:439:02 100a Saludy River Cunningham, David Brooks, Elisha(NW&SW&SE); Welch, PatricK(SE); Saluda River(SE)
White,Andrew 7F 4 Apr 1765 C8:55 150a Reedy Branch Pickens, John McConnel, James
Wilhelm, George 7I 21 March 1765 C08:101:01 250a situated on Horsepen Creek Fairchild, John Rimbo, John Nicholas(NW)
Wilkenson, Edward 3C 5 Jul 1768 C9:224 400a Great Rockey Creek, branch Pickens, John Cherokee boundary(NE)
Wilkinson, Edward 3C 19 Apr 1771 C21:462 150a Great Rockey Creek (otherwise Generostee) Calhoun, Pat. Indian Line(NW); Great Rocky Creek(SW)
Wilks, George 9E 1 Apr 1769 C21:459:03 100a Calhoun, Pat. Long Cane Creek(SE); other vacant
Willard, Martin 5A 8 Dec 1772 C21:462 100a NE side Savannah River [English's Creek] Cunningham, David English(NE&NW); Cozby, John (NE); Ewin, Henry(SW)
Williams, Charles 9G 28 Dec 1770 C08:614 100a Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, Wm. Addison, Allen(SE)
Williams, Charles (De La Howe, John) 8D8E 9 May 1775 -- 20 April 1785 S05:187: 150a Long Canes Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. not available  
Williams, Giles 6E 30 Dec 1766 C09:294 250a Calhoun Creek Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Williams, Giles Jr. 7E 10 Dec 1766 C09:019 300a Long Cane waters, Persimmon Run Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Williams, John 8G 27 Feb 1764 C08:420:02 150a at Cuffeetown Creek a branch of Stephens Creek waters of Savannah River Fairchild, John Barrott, Humphrey heirs (NW)
Williams, John 6E7E 4 Feb 1771 C21:479:02 100a Walkers Creek Long, Matt. Gervas, John Lewis(E); Walker, Will.(W)
Williams, John 8F8G 14 Feb 1772 C21:479:01 375a Hard Labor Creek Downes, Jonathan Brannon, James(NE)
Williams, Richard 9F 28 Feb 1764 C08:410 100a Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John all vacant
Williamson, Andrew 8F 18 July 1774 C21:491: 137a on Rocky Creek of the waters of Stevens Creek Cunningham, David Bells, Walter(N); Weals, Thos.(W); Hearst, John(SW); Erwin, Robert(NE&SW); Fulton, Margaret(SE);
Williamson, Andrew 7G 24 Jul 1770 C21:491:01 500a on path to Hard Labor on waters of Hard Labor Creek Calhoun, Pat. Londonborough Township line(SW); Gibson, Patrick(NW); Hamilton Survey No. 2(NE)
Williamson, Andrew 7G 4 Mar 1772 C21:490:01 150a waters of Stephen's Creek Cuningham, Pat. Williamson, Andrew(SW); Londonborough Twp.(SE); Dawson, Joseph(NE); Person & Rutledge Large Survey(NW)
Williamson, Andrew 7F 18 July 1774 C21:489:02 40a Rocky Creek, waters Stevens Creek Dunningham, David Hearst, John(NW); Miscampbell, James(SE)
Williamson, Andrew 8F 18 July 1774 C21:489:02 72a Rocky Creek of the waters of Stevens Creek Cunningham, David Fulton, Margaret(SW); Ester, Samuel(SE); Bell, Walter(W&N)
Williamson, Andrew  9G 11 Jul 1774 C21:490:01 250a situated near Cuffeetown or Stevens Creek Purves, John Rodgers, Daniel(E&W&N); Williams, Charles(W); Goode, Thos.(W);
Williamson, Andrew 4F 20-21 June 1774 CDM4:362-366 1,795a Long Cane Creek and Johns Creek not identified not available  
Willis, Price 4D 4 Jan 1769 C21:503 150a Spur Creek Long, Matt. Blain, Michael(N); Martin, Josias(S)
Willson, Archibald 7H 10 Nov 1767 C21:506:01 100a Cheves (Cuffeetown on plat) Creek Nelson, John lands laid out by John Fairchild, owner not known(NW)
Willson, John 8G 23 Sep 1767 C21:529:02 100a Cuffeetown Creek, a branch of Chevis Creek Nelson, John all vacant
Willson, John 7D 14 Jun 1773 C21:521 19a Long Cane, waters Cuningham, Pat. Clark, William(NE); McClellan, Archibald(NW); Haggard, John(SW); Patton, Samuel(SE)
Willson, John 5J 9 Oct 1756 C06:249:04 200a Willson's Creek Musgrove, Edward vacant
Willson, Mary 7C 22 Apr 1767 C21:534 100a Sane's Creek Calhoun, Pat. Carson, Samuel
Willson, Robert 4C 13 Mar 1772 C21:537 250a Penny's Creek Long, Matt Lyoldell[Liddle], James(NW)
Wilson, Ann 9F 18 Aug 1767 C21:505:02 100a head of branch that empties into lower part of Long Cane Creek near Hillsborough Twp Nelson, Jno. all vacant
Wilson, Esther 7C 11 Jan 1772 C21:508 100a Bear Garden, waters Calhoun, Pat. Carson, Samuel(NE)
Wilson, Henry 5C 28 Sep 1765 C08:234 200a NW fork of Long Cane Pickens, Jno. Morrow, John(NE); Lawrence, Elisha(NE); Smith, Ebenezer(SE)
Wilson, Hugh 8E 16 Jan 1775 C21:507:03 100a New Bordeaux Twp. Caldwell, Wm. Thos. old survey(NW); Muskets, Samuel(NE); Roberts, Reuben(SE); Chester, David(SE)
Wilson, James 4D 1 Mar 1773 C21:513 100a Calhoun Creek waters Long, Matt. Crossman, Bartholemew(SW); Montgomery, John(E)
Wilson, James 5B 31 Jul 1773 C21:513 100a Great Rockey Creek Anderson, Robert Pickens, John(S); E on said creek; Anderson, Robert(N&NE)
Wilson, James 5B 16 Mar 1765 (ord. Co. 2 Mar 1773) C21:509 250a Great Rocky Creek (at the first branch below the Tougloo old path) Calhoun, Pat. vacant
Wilson, James 6H 23 Sep 1767 C21:515:02 350a waters Stephens Creek Nelson, John Meal, Pater(NE)
Wilson, Jane 8H 30 Apr 1773 C21:518:01 26a waters Cuffee Town Cuningham, Pat. Blackley; Wilson, James(NE)
Wilson, Jean 6C 20 Dec 1767 C21:519 100a Sanes Creek, waters Calhoun, Pat. Skinner, Hon. Charles(SW); Downs, Henry(NW); Wilson, Margt.(SE)
Wilson, John 5B 17 Sept 1762 C07:284:03: 100a on Great Rocky Creek waters Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Wilson, John 7C 28 Nov 1772 C21:529:01 150a Long Cane Settlement Caldwell, William Thomas old survey known as Silver Spring(SW); bounty survey(SW)
Wilson, John 7D 14 Jun 1773 C21:520 45a Granville County Cunningham, Pat. Reynolds, Andrew(NE); McClellan, William(NW); McClellan, Archd.(NW); Clark, Wm.(SW); Wilson, John
Wilson, John 8G 24 Sep 1767 C21:526:01 100a Cheves's Creek Nelson, John Bryan, Robert(SW); Howard, Thomas(SE)
Wilson, Letitia 4B 30 Oct 1766 C21:532 100a Wilson's Creek, branch of Great Rockey Creek Pickens, John vacant
Wilson, Margaret 6C 19 Dec 1766 C21:532 100a NW fork Long Cane waters Calhoun, Pat vacant
Wilson, Mary 8F 25 Oct 1767 C21:533:01 100a on waters Hard Labor Creek Nelson, John all vacant
Wilson, Michael 3F 15 Jan. 1768 C21:533:02 250a in the Long Cane Settlement, Granville County Calhoun, Pat. Andrew Pickens (SW), John Hodge (SE)
Wilson, Nathaniel 6C7C 18 Dec 1766 C21:535 100a Sanes Creek not named Thompson, James(W)
Wilson, Rbt. 5C 1 Mar 1759 C07:299 200a NW fork Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat. McClellan, Archibald(N corner)
Wilson, Robert 8C 19 Aug 1767 C21:536: 100a small branch of Savannah River near Hillsborough Twp Nelson, Jno. all vacant
Wilson, Robert 7F 1 Aug 1770 C11:558: 250 acres on Wilson's Branch Calhoun, Pat. Boggs, Robert(NW); Wells, James(NE); Belfast Township line(SE)
Wilson, Sarah 6D 22 Dec 1766 C21:539 100a Saplin Creek Calhoun, Pat McKibber, Edward
Wilson, Thomas 3D4D 23 May 1774 C21:539 300a Johnston's Creek Bowie, John McCallester, William(NW&NE);Johnston, John(SE);Smith, Job(SW)
Wilson, William 7B7C 17 Dec 1766 C21:543 200a Long Cane Settlement, near Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Winter, Fredrick 9E 15 June 1771 C21:563:01 200a between the Savannah River and Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Winters, Frederick 9E10E 11 May 1767 C10:172:03 100a Savannah River at mouth of Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. vacant land
Witherspoon, John 6D 17 Nov 1762 C07:375 300a NW fork Long Cane Creek, branch of Calhoun, Pat. vacant
Withro, John 5C 17 Feb 1763 C10:007 200a NW fork Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat Crawford, William(SW)
Withrow, Jacob 8G 20 May 1773 C21:578 400a Coco Creek, waters Cuffeetown Cunningham, David Brian, Robert(SW); Mitchell, Isaac(NW); John & George Swilling(NE&SE)
Wood, Archibald 9D9E 4 Jul 1765 C08:027:03 100a Savannah river Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Wood, John 5C6C 13 Mar 1758 C06:422 250a McGills Creek Gaston, John all sides vacant
Wood, Michael 8C 19 Feb 1765 C08:028:03 100a Savannah River Pickens, John Briant, Robert(NW); Calbein, William(SW)
Woods, James 2G 18 Jul 1767 C20:493 150a Turkey Creek Nelson, Jno. Roseman, John(E); Davis, Luke(W)
Woods, Joseph 6C 1 Nov 1762 C07:293 550a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Calhoun, Ezekiel(SW)
Woodward, William 6J 19 Jul 1771 C20:503 50a on Rocky Creek, branch 96 Anderson, William all vacant
Wright, James 3C4C4B 5 Jan 1775 C13:270 3,000a Waters of Savannah Riv. and Branch of Rocky River Peart, James Peart, James
Wright, James 5C 25 Feb 1767 C20:516:01 100a branch NW Fork Long Cane Pickens, John Pickens, John
Wright, John 8E8F 6 April 1767 C20:518:01 200 acres head of a fork of Carsons Branch Nelson, John Brawford, John(SW); Belfast Twp. line(NE)
Wright, John 4E 24 Jul 1767 C20:518 200a Jobs Creek Nelson, Jno. Hamilton's Great Survey(SE)
Wyatt, Joseph 6E 26 Oct 1774 C20:523 550a Long Cane Settlement, near Mt. Parsons Calhoun, Pat Parsons, James(SE); Mitchell, Ephraim(SE); Criswell, John(SW & W); McMurdy, Henry(SW & W); Robertson, Alexander(NE)
Wyley, David  6F7F 4 May 1767 C20:528:02 150a head of the fork of Reedy Branch Nelson, John all sides vacant
Wylie, Henry 6F 16 Aug 1771 C20:525 100a Reedy Branch Bowie, John Liviston, Wm. & Associates(NE)
Wylie, Thomas 6F7F 4 July 1768 C20:528.02 250a waters of Long Cane Ellison, John Robert all vacant
Wyott, Jean 7E 19 Aug. 1766 C20:532:01 100a waters Long Cane Hillsbrough Twp. Forster, Alexius Mador Bouler, Jacob(SE)
Yeaston, Ann Dorothea Eliza 8E 1 June 1768 C20:554:01 100a Hillsborough Twp. Bold Branch Calhoun, Pat. Rogers, Jeremiah(S); Gasper, Henderick(W); Lalande, Francis(N)
Yeldel, James 8F 3 Dec 1771 C20:534:02 200a on Hard Labor Creek waters Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Yeldon, Robert 7F 15 Feb 1773 C20:542:03 50a on Reedy Branch Cuningham, David Anderson, John(NE); Willey, David(SW); Hawthorn, Rachel(SE&SW); White, Alexander(SE)
Yeldon, Robert 8H 2 Mar 1773 C19:153:01 200a waters CuffeeTown Creek Cunningham, David Harris, James(SE); Purdes, Field(SW&SE); Gray, James(NW&SW); Anderson, Samuel(NE&NW); Sullivant, Daniel(NE)
Youart (Ewart), Andrew 6D 1 Jul 1767 C20:542 150a Calhoun's Creek, near Nelson, Jared Hamilton, R.(NE); Williams, Giles(NW); Armstrong, Jno.(SW)
Youart, Andrew 6F 06 Jul 1767 C20:544:02 300a on waters of Reedy Branch an easterly branch of Long Cane Creek in Granville County Nelson, John all vacant
Young, Elizabeth 1E 21 Jul 1767 C20:538 100a Waters of Turkey Ck. Nelson, Jno. Young, Robert(E)
Young, Jacob 5J 28 Feb 1770 C20:514:01 150a branch Wilsons Creek Anderson, William Forker, Thomas(SW); Anderson, William(NW)
Young, Jane 4D 27 Sep 1769 C11:205 100a NW fork Long Cane Long, Matt. Parks, George(S)
Young, John 4B 26 Dec 1767 C09:347 100a Rockey Creek Pickens, John Bole, Wm.(NE); Turnbole, Joseph(NE)
Young, Matthew 6E 27 Sep 1765 C08:224 300a Long Cane Creek Pickens, Jno. Lusk, James(E[N]); White, Alexander(SW); White, Patrick(W)
Young, Nathan 6E 13 Mar 1767 C10:034 150a Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat Alexander, Zebulon(S);White, Pat(W);Anderson, John(N)
Young, Robert 4D 1 Oct 1767 C20:550:02 200a near Little Rocky Creek Nelson, Jared vacant
Young, Robert 1E 21 Jul 1767 C20:549 100a Turkey Creek Nelson, Jno. vacant
Young, Samuel 7E 22 May 1767 C20:550: 250a on Watsons Branch of the waters of Long Cane Creek, Granville County Nelson, John Wright, John(SE); Watson, Benjamin(SE); Ewart, James(NE); McFerrin, James(SW)
Youngblood, Henry 6H7H 24 Jan 1766 C09:130:03 200a Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John all vacant
Youngblood, Peter 7G 30 Dec 1771 C20:555:02 350a Hard Labor and Cuffeetown waters Anderson, Willim Anderson, John(SE)
Youngblood, Peter 6H 31 Jan 1765 C11:275 200a Chavious Creek Fairchild, John all vacant
Zang, Christian 7G 18 April 1764 C08:102:01 350a Hard Labor Creek in Londonborough Township Fairchild, John Fritch, Abraham(S); Mark, Balker(N)
Zeigler, John Conrad 9E9F 26 Mar 1773 C20:561 300a Russells Branch Calhoun, Pat. Gebert, John Lewis(SE&SW)
Zemerman, Philip 7G 17 April 1765 C08:105:02 350a in Londonborough Township Fairchild, John Land laid out for the town of Londonborough(N); Clem, John(S)
Zimmerman, Henry 7G 4 Aug. 1772 C20:540:04 100a waters Hard Labor Creek, Londonborough Cunningham, Pat. Cockran, Brian(SW&N)
Zimmerman, Mary 7H 12 Aug 1772 C20:295:01 100a waters Cuffeetown Cr. Cunningham, Pat all vacant
Zwilling, Johannes 8F8G 19 April 1765 C08:101:02 250a Hard Labor Creek Londonborough Twp. Fairchild, John Kreiss, Philip(N); Strothers(S)


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