Explanatory Notes: The map has been divided into 5 mile by 5 mile sections identified by a number (along the left side of the map) and a letter (along the top of the map). The Map Section column identifies the section or sections in which the plat is located. In the Reference column, "C" stands for Colonial plat book (microfilm series 213184), the first number is the book number, the second (after colon) is the page and the third, if any, is the item number if there is more than one item on the page. Similarly, "S" before a two or three digit number then colon and another number refers to a state plat book and page number. The township plats start with the microfilm series  S213187 then the book, page, item numbers. Ungranted plats refer to the box number and folder, microfilm series S213197. The URL links are to the digital copies (if available) of the specific plat at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History's website. State plats and ungranted plats have not been digitized as of the date of this webpage.

Index to Abbeville County Colonial Plats: S-T

Name Map Section Date Reference Location Surveyor URL Adjoining lands
Salvador, Francis 4G 1 May 1774 (recorded 2 Nov. 1774) CDO4:15 5,166a Cornacre (Coronaca) Creek Unknown not available Salvador, Joseph(NW, SW, NE & SE), John Jones (SE)
Sanders, John 1F 28 Jun 1768 C19:354 150a Saluda River Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112669 Gillison, Archibald(SE)
Sanders, Peter 7F7G 9 Oct 1755 C06:167:03 800a Stephens Creek branch Hamelton, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=96550 Liviston, Wm.(NE); Cohen, Moses(SE)
Sanders, Thomas 5E5F 27 Jul 1779 CDB5:201-202 1,013a Long Canes and Matthews Creeks Cunningham, Pat. not available Salvador, Joseph (NW); McCord, John(NW); Spears, William(SW); Sanders, Francis(SW); Prado, Abraham(SE); Salvador, Joseph (SE & NE)
Sanders, Thomas 2E 24 Aug 1767 C19:356 200a Turkey Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112673 vacant
Sanderson, John 7D 6 Jul 1767 C19:363 150a NW fork long Cane waters, near Ft. Boone Calhoun, Pt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112688 Horner, Hugh(E)
Sauber, Jacob 8H 18 Jun 1765 C08:106:02 100a Cuffee Town Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99159 Schilthneeck, George(NE); Male, Peter(SE); Tobler John heirs(SW)
Savage, John 6H 1 Jan 1767 C09:120 250a branch Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100802 all vacant
Savage, John 6H 9 Jul 1772 C19:317:02 150a Colleton County Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112588 McKinney, Roger(NE); McClure, John(NE); Savage, John(SW); Walker, John(SW); Savage, John(SE)
Savage, John 5I 2 Jul 1767 CDB3I:11 400a part of tract held by John Murray not identified not available Gowdey, Robert(SE); Murray, John(SW, NW & NE)
Savage, William 6I 12 Jun 1766 C08:428 200a branch 96 Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99974 Thomas, Samuel(SW)
Schiltknecht, George 8H 25 Jan 1765 C08:119:02 350a Cuffeetown Creek near Londonborough Twp. Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99194 Cuffeetown Creek(NW)
Scott, John 6H7H 30 Jan 1767 C09:050:02 200a branch Cuffeetown Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100644 Scott, John(SW)
Scott, John 7H 13 Mar 1747 C04:483 400a Haw Tree Run Kerslake, Abraham http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=94956 all vacant
Scott, Peter 7H 28 Apr 1767 C09:173:01 200a Beaverdam Branch Caldwell, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100947 all vacant
Seawright, Andrew 2E3E 13 Apr 1763 C08:264 300a Boonesborough Twp. Liviston, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99531 McCracken, Alexander (NW); Templeton, Henry (NW); Templeton (SW); Seawright, James (NE);
Seawright, Elizabeth 2E 15 Apr 1763 C07:464 100a Boonesborough Twp. Liviston, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99547 Hawthorne, James (NE); Seawright, Helen (SE); Campbell, Jas.(SW)
Seawright, George 2F 30 Mar 1763 C07:408 100a Boonesborough Twp. Hamelton, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98604 Seawright, Jno.(SE)
Seawright, Helen 2F 12 Apr 1763 C08:270 100a Boonesborough Twp. Liviston, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99547 Seawright, Elizabeth (NW)
Seawright, James 2F3F 12 Apr 1763 C08:270 100a Boonesborough Twp Liviston, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99548 Seawright, Andrew (SW)
Seawright, Jno. 2F3F 30 Mar 1763 C07:411 100a Boonesborough Twp. Hamelton, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98614 all sides vacant
Seawright, Samuel 3E 31 Mar 1763 C07:406 250a Boonesborough Township Hamelton, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98598 all vacant
Seigler, Johannes 7H 3 Mar 1765 C08:107:01 200a on Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99205 Rupert, Henry(NE); Knobb, Margaret(NW)
Shaffer, Belther 6I 26Jun 1768 C19:407:1 100a Colleton Co. Dooley, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112792 Murray, Dr.(SW); McKinney, Roger(E); Dickey, Hector(NE); Right, Thomas(NW); Harkins, James(NE&NW)
Shanks, Matthew 7E 4 May 1767 C19:410 150a Long Cane, waters Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112799 Hanoverian survey or Mr. Gervais survey; Williamson, Andrew
Shannon, William 5C 26 Feb 1767 C19:421 100a NW fork Long Cane (waters of) Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112830 Troter, Jos.(NE); Witherow(SW)
Sharp, Anthony 4D 14 Mar 1765 C08:029 100a NW fork Long Cane, branch Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98966 Paton, Arthur(SW)
Sharp, Henry 4D 29 Sept 1766 C09:103 150a Parks Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100754 all sides vacant
Sherer, Michael 7F 30 July 1765 C19:424:03 100a in Londonborough Township Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112838 Erlback, Frederick(E); Leman, Michael(E)
Shields, John 5B 27 Nov. 1764 C08:259:01 200a NW fork of Long Cane Creek waters Calhoun, Patrick http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99519 Hamilton, Joseph(NW); Mckidie, John(SW); Wallace, Alexander(NE)
Shildnight, Margaret 7H 6 Nov 1772 C19:419:03 100a waters Cuffeetown Creek Cuningham, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112826 Weaver, Frederick(SE&SW)
Shinner, Hon. Charles 6C 25 Sep 1765 C08:039 50a NW fork Long Cane, Thomsons Ford Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98993 Turnbull, Robert(NE)
Shirley, Casper 8C 15 Feb 1756 C06:085:01 150a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=96278 Rogers, William(W)
Shirley, George 8G 24 Oct 1771 C19:430:02 250a waters CuffeeTown Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112854 all vacant
Shram, John Jacob 2F 2 Aug. 1768 C09:358:02 200a Turkey Creek in Granville County Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101412 Stiner, Harris (SW)
Sidesman, Henry 8H 17 Dec 1771 C19:444 150a Cuffeetown waters Cuningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112888 Wrighteneur, William(NE); Phiser, Micol(NW); Shilnights, George(SW)
Siervant, Elizabeth (No. 30) 8E 27 Apr 1765 C08:142:01 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99245 Bellier, Jean Pierre(SE); Jones, Wallace(SW); Bouchanneau, widow(NW); Township Road(NW)
Simpel, John 5D 5 Sep 1773 C19:390 48.75a Calhouns Creek waters Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112750 Wilson, Robert(N); Montgomery, John(N); Strain, John(E); Edmonston, Moses(S); Steele, Aaron(NW)
Simple, John 4D 13 Oct 1773 C19:388 51.25a Parks Creek, small branch Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112747 McDougal, James
Simpson, Andrew 7C 1 Dec 1772 C21:234:01 250a Russells Creek Seawright, George http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115085 all sides vacant
Simpson, Hugh 7E 13 May 1766 C19:454 100a Bold Branch (near Belfast Twp) Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112914 McGuire, Terence(NW)
Simpson, James 6D 29 Sep 1766 C19:461 300a Calhouns Creek Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112930 Crasser, Harris(NE); Simpson, John(SW)
Simpson, John 6D 29 Nov 1766 C19:466 100a Calhouns Creek, branch of Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112941 Simpson, James(NE)
Simpson, William 4H4I5H 7 Jul 1758 CDB4T:497 25,000a northwest half of 50,000a leased and released by John Hamilton to Murray and Simpson not identified not available Murray, John(SE); Saludy River(NE); Hamilton, John(SW); Land late of said John Hamilton and now of Joseph Salvador(NW)
Sims, John 2F 20 Jul 1767 C19:474 Turkey Ck., Waters of Nelson, Jno http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112961 Nelson, Thos.(SW); Watts, Thomas(SE)
Skillion, Dennis 3C 22 Jul 1767 C09:352 100a Johnstons Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101389 Ward, Wm.(NE)
Skinner, Charles 6C 25 Sep 1765 C08:039 250a NW fork Long Cane, small branch Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98992 Downs, Henry(NW)
Skinner, Hon. Charles 6B 30 Jan 1765 C7:460 200a Sane's Creek, head of (dividing ground between waters of NW Fork Long Cane and Savannah River) Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98761 all vacant
Sloan, Robert 2F 5 Dec 1767 C19:518 100a Turkey Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113069 old line(NE)
Sloan, William 2E 13 April 1767 C19:521 200a Turkey Ck. waters, Boonesborough Twp. Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113077 Herron, James(NW); Johnston, George(NW)
Slowen, James 5B 20 Nov 1766 C11:491 100a Long Cane, waters of Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103749 all sides vacant
Slyford, Conrad 9E 17 May 1772 C19:520:01 300a branch Russells Creek Murphy, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113074 Long, Felix (SE)
Smith, Aaron 3D 17 Dec 1766 C08:267:01 150a NW fork Long Cane Creek about two miles below Belfast Twp. Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99540 all sides vacant
Smith, Aaron  3D 17 Dec 1766 C09:033 on both sides of the NW fork of Long Canes Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100612 said Smith(SE); Neel, Andrew(NW)
Smith, Ebenezer 4D 16 Apr 1768 C09:292:03 100a NW fork Long Cane waters Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101236 Wilson, Henry(E);Baskins, Wm(W)
Smith, Ebenezer 5C 14 Jan 1765 C08:256 200a NW fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99511 Lawrence, Elisha(NE); Morrow, John(SW); Mukelveny, Samuel(SW);
Smith, Ebenezer 5C 12 Dec 1766 C19:16 350a NW fork Long Cane Lnag, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100577 Downing, Josiah(E)
Smith, Ezekiel 4D 3 Sep 1765 C08:219 100a Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99415 Miller, Robert; Belfast Twp
Smith, George 2F 14 May 1772 C19:529 350a Waters of Turkey Ck. Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113100 all sides vacant
Smith, James 2D 15 Jul 1774 C19:533:02 50a Davis Corner Creek Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113111 Cuningham, Andrew(NE)
Smith, Job 4D 9 Feb. 1765 C07:417:03 250a Buffalo Lick, NW fork of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98633 all sides vacant
Smith, John 3C 22 Jan. 1769 C15:248:2 100a head branches of Johnson's Creek adj all sides vacant Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107697 all sides vacant
Smith, Joseph 4D 21 Dec 1766 C09:285 100a Parkes Creek Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101081 all sides vacant
Smith, Mary 6I 30 Mar 1768 C19:543:02 100a Beaverdam waters Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113139 McKutchin, Robert(SE); Caldwell, John(SW); Arkins, James(NW); Goudey, Robert(NW)
Smith, Thomas 5C 24 Jan 1768 C09:351 100a NW Fork Long Cane waters (Great Rockey Creek, waters on plat) Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101386 Egers, Andrew(SE&NE); Hamilton, James(SE&NE); Eddy(NW)
Smith, William 3E 2 March 1764 C08:272:01 200a Boonesborough Township on Hogskin a branch of Long Cane Perry, Isaac http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99553 Dickson, Michael(SE); Hathorn, Thos.(NW)
Smith, William Jr. 3E 2 mar 1764 C08:258 100a Boonesborough Twp, Long Cane, branch, Perry, Issac http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99517 Dickson, Michael(NE)
Sockes, Gottlieb 7H 24 Oct 1771 C21:039:02 200a waters Cuffeetown Cr. Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114676 all vacant
Speed, Erdman 7H 18 May 1765 C08:121:03 100a branch Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99199 all vacant
Spence, Jean 6H 11 May1773 C21:051 100c Ninety Six District Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114702 Spence, Robert(NW); Holliday, Saml.(NE); McIntosh(NE); Walker, Francis(SW); Walker Thomas(SW)
Spence, Robert 6H 11 May 1773 C21:054:01 100a waters Cuffeetown Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114710 Campbell, William(NE); Walker, William(NE);Walker, Isabel(SE); Hamilton's Line(SW)
Spence, Thomas 6H 6 Jan 1773 C21:055:01 350a on waters of Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114712 Campbell, William(NE); Holloday, Samuel(NE); Henderson, Nathaniel(SW); Hamilton, John(SW); Walker, Isabel(SE);Walker, Francis(SE); Walker, Thomas(SE); McIntosh, John(SE)
Spratt, James 6E 20 Dec 1758 C07:026 100a Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Patrick http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=97561 all sides vacant
Sprot, John 5B 5 Jul 1771 C21:64 140a Great Rockey Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114731 Carmichel, Joseph(NE); Dorman, Michael(NW); Anderson, Robert(SW corner)
Standfast, William 6G 29 Sep 17554 C06:375:04 250a branch Stevens Creek Hamelton, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=97249 William Liviston & Associates(all sides)
Steadman, John 6C 23 Apr 1772 C21:91 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun,Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114787 Calhoun, William(western corner)
Steil, James 5C 12 Dec 1766 C11:467 150a NW forks of Long Cane, waters of Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103679 Reyah, William(NW); Reyah, Robert(NE); Lawrence, Elisha(SE); Morris, Wm.(SE); Smith,Jno.(SW)
Stephenson, Thomas 2D 7 Feb 1772 C16:356 250a Little Hogskin Ck(on plat) Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109091 Deas, David and John(NW); Bell(SE)
Stephenson, William 2D3D 29 July 1769 C19:322:01 300a Hogskin branch Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=112597 Homes, James(NE)
Stevenson, Thomas 1E1F 14 Dec 1771 C21:121 150a Saluda River Cunningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114848 Gillison, Archibald(NE);Sanders, John(NE); Brownlee, John(SE, SW & NW); Allen, William(SW)
Stevenson, Thomas 2D 17 Aug 1772 C21:121 50a Little River Cunningham, David http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114849 Indians Land
Stewart, Robert 6E 15 Sep 1767 C21:126 100a Long Cane Settlement, near Wm. Walker Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114859 all sides vacant
Stiefel, John James 8E 11 May 1768 C21:072:01 100a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114749 Drayer, Henry(NW); Gasper, Henry(NW); Strother, William(SE); Wescott, Ebenezer(SE);
Stout, John 8H 24 mar 1767 C07:017 150a Hawtree Creek Musgrove, Edward http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=97536 all vacant
Strain, John 4D 5 Mar 1765 C08:044 100a Calhouns Creek Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99007 Barr, James (SE)
Strain, John 5D 4 Jan 1763 C07:368 400a NW fork Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98487 Barr, William(NE)
Strain, John, Jr. 5D 22 Aug 1765 C08:043 100a Calhouns Creek Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99004 Gilmore, John(NW)
Strain, Thomas 5B 27 Jan 1763 C07:326:03 100a Great Rocky Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98364 vacant
Straub, Anna Maria 7H7I 20 Mar 1765 C08:127:01 100a branch of Cuffeetown Creek near Londonborough Twp Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99215 all vacant
Straub, Maria Eve 7I 31 Jan. 1765 C08:124 100a Horsepen Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99206 Hamel, Christopher(SW)
Straub, Peter 7H 20 Mar 1765 C08:120:01 300a branch of Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99195 Rubert, Elizabeth(SW)
Straum, Heinrich 7H 31 Jan. 1765 C08:121:03 150a Horsepen Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99212 Grodwell, Philip(NE)
Strother, Charles 8D 12 April 1763 C07:377:03 300a Shoals of the NW fork of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98513 all vacant
Strother, William 8E 21 Dec. 1762 C07:377:02 100a  Mill Seat or Shoals of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98512 all vacant
Strother, William 8G 23 Dec. 1762 C07:377:01 300a Hard Labor Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98511 all sides vacant
Stroud, William 8C 9 Jun 1773 C21:179:02 100a near Savannah River Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114969 Calhoun, Pat(W); Martin, Roger laid out to Phillips, John(W); Waters, Thos.(N); Lee, Thomas(SE)
Strum, Henry 8H 22 Jan 1775 C21:182:02 44.5a waters Cuffeetown Cr. Murphey, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114976 Chankrum, Benjamin(NW); Chrozer, Andrew(E); Harris, James(S&E); Anderson, Samuel(SW)
Strum, Mary 7H 30 Apr 1773 C21:183:02 100a CuffeeTown Creek waters Cuningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114978 Scot, Samuel(NW); Clark, James(NE); Krominger, George(SW)
Stuart, David 4B 9 Feb 1765 C21:184 2,150a Great Rocky Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114979 all sides vacant
Stuart, James 5D 28 Nov 1767 C21:185 100a Calhoun Creek, Martins Branch Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114982 Hooper, Mr.(NE); Donelly, John(NE); Martin, Joshua(NE)
Stuart, James 4E 10 Jun 1775   300a Sharps Creek not known not available Ellis, Margaret; Ellis, John; Taylor, Thomas; Hall, George
Stuart, James  4E 10 Jun 1775 S09:113 291a Jobs Creek   not available Salvador, Joseph; Hall, George; Stuart, James
Stuart, William 2F 25 Nov 1772 C21:194 350a Turkey Creek, Br. of Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115002 vacant
Sturgeon, John 3C4B 1 June 1775 C21:200 3,000a Waters of Savannah River and branch of Rocky River Peart, James http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115013 Peart, James(NE); Rocky River(SW)
Sudre, Pierre 8E9E 14 May 1765 C8:144 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99248 Garinneau, Pierre(NE); Township Line(SE)
Sullivant, Daniel 7H 12 May 1773 C21:205:03 150a waters Beaverdam Creek, Cuffeetown Creek branch Cunningham, David http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115025 Micklin, Daniel(NW)
Summers, John 5C 16 Oct 1766 C21:213 100a NW fork of Long Cane (waters of) Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115040 Hamilton, Archibald(NW); Witherow(SW)
Summerville, George 2G3G 14 Feb 1767 C21:216 100a Turkey Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115047 Salvadors's land(SE); Summerville, Hugh(NW)
Summerville, Hugh 2G 14 Feb 1766 C21:216 100a Turkey Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115048 Summerville, George(SE)
Summerville, Isabel 2G 14 Feb 1767 C21:217 100a Saluda R. & Turkey Ck Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115050 all sides vacant
Summerville, Mary 7C 27 Dec 1766 C21:218 100a NW Fork Long Canes, branch Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115051 Clark, Samuel(SE)
Summerville, Thomas 2G 2 Jun 1767 C21:220 100a Saluda River Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115055 Hamiltons Great Survey(SE); Summerville, Joseph(SW)
Sutton, John 7H 5 May 1769 C21:224:01 200a waters Savannah Cunningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115063 all vacant
Swain, Robert 3F 14 Feb 1768 C21:225 300a Mulberry Creek, branch Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115066 Jones, Adam Crane(NE&NW); old survey(SW&SE)
Swancey, James 7D 25 Mar 1763 C07:038 200a NW fork Long Canes, waters Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98524 Cheves, Jno.(SE)
Swearingen, Joseph 5C 18 Apr 1768 C06:372 400a NW branch of the Long Canes Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=97239 all sides vacant
Swearingham, John 5A 14 Sep 1767 C10:078:02 100a Savannah River Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102001 Savannah River(NW); Gamble, William(NE)
Swearingham, Joseph 5D 22 Dec 1766 C10:154 200a Calhouns Creek Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102144 Long, Matthew(SE)
Sweelling, John 7G8G 24 May 1772 C21:231:01 100a waters of Hard Labor Creek Cunningham, David http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115078 Zimmerman, Philip(S&W);
Sweet, John 8C 21 Apr 1756 C08:269:01 200a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99544 Shirley, Casper(W)
Swilling, George 8G 22 Aug 1772 C21:253 100a Cuffeetown Creek waters Cuningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115083 all vacant
Swilling, John 8G 17 Aug 1772 C21:233 100a Cuffeetown Creek waters Cuningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115082 Michall, Robert(SW)
Taylor, Andrew 7E 22 Feb 1773 C20:270 200a Long Cane, branch of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113861 McClellan, Arch(N); Ross, Andrew(NE); Laird, Samuel(SE); Hill, James(SW); Wilson, John(SW); David, John(NW)
Taylor, Samuel 5C 8 Nov 1764 C08:124 100a NW fork of Long Cane, small branch of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99207 Swearingain, Joseph(SW)
Taylor, Samuel 5C 8 Nov 1764 C08:76 100a NW fork of Long Cane, small branch of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99085 Swearingain, Joseph(SW)
Taylor, Samuel 7B 23 May 1768 C13:140:01 37a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=104763 Davis, James(N); Russell, Arnold(E); Savannah River(SW)
Taylor, Samuel 5A 25 May 1767 C11:050:03 100a Savannah River Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102541 Gamble, William(SW); pine barrens joining Cherokee boundary(SE)
Taylor, Thomas 3E4E 11 April 1773 C20:280 200a NW Fork of Long Cane, branch Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113883 Hall, Georg(E)
Tegart, Michael 6B 24 Feb 1767 C20:191 100a Great Rockey Creek waters Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113912 Johnston, Dormick(NE)
Templeton, Henry 3E 1 Apr 1763 C08:232 350a Cherokee Road across the head branch of Long Canes Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99449 Hawthorne, James(SW); McCracken, Alex.(SW)
Terry, Champness 8H 17 Jan 1772 C20:295:01 600a Rocky Creek, waters Cuffeetown Goode, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113922 Blakely(N); Wilson(NE); Purdue, Fields(SE); Crosher(N); Sulavan(NW)
Thacker, Isaac 4D 23 Sep 1772 C20:296:02 100a small branch of NW fork of Long Cane Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113925 John Johnson (NE), all other sides vacant
Thinman, Ludwig 3D 26 Apr 1768 C09:352:03 100a NW Fork Long Cane Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101390 all vacant
Thomas, Edmund 3C 9 Jan 1773 C20:300 100a Diamond Run Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113934 Alex. Cameron
Thomas, Edward 8C 3 Jan 1767 C11:295:01 200a Savannah River Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103184 all vacant
Thomas, John 8F 2 March 1772 C20:302:01 300a in Lone Cane Settlement of Long Cane near Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113939 Dickson, Arthur(E); Hearse, John(E); McCann, James(E)
Thomas, Mary 9E 28 Dec. 1769 C11:173:03 100a near Hillsbrough Twp Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102843 Thomas, Stephen(NW)
Thomas, Samuel 6I 9 Apr 1754 C06:370:02 200a Six Mile Branch, branch 96 Hamelton, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103902 Thomson, William(NE)
Thomas, Samuel 5J 18 Jan 1757 C06:370:02 150a Ninety Six Creek Musgrove, Edward http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=97233 all vacant
Thomas, Stephen 9E 28 Dec. 1769 C11:173: 100a near Hillsbrough Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102850 Brazear, William(SW); Thomas, Mary(SE)
Thomason, William 6I 28 Jul 1770 C11:412:01 500a Colleton Co. Dooly, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103520 Miller, Emanuel(SE); Beal, William(NE)
Thompson, James 5B 2 May 1763 C10:52 150a Great Rocky Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101940 all vacant
Thompson, John 3E 22 Jan 1767 C20:333 100a Parks Creek, head of, Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114013 Agnew,Roger(SE); Perry, Daniel(NE); Barr,Patrick(NW)
Thompson, John 6B 31 Jul 1767 C20:330 100a Great Rockey Creek, waters Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114006 Quinn, Terry(NE)
Thompson, Mary 8F 5 Mar 1772 C20:334: 100a in Belfast Township, Granville County, S.C. Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114015 Carson, William(NW); Thompson, Robert(NW); Blairs Survey(NE)
Thompson, William 3D 24 April 1767 C20:342:03 100 acres on waters of Clark Creek, joining Boonesborough Township Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114039 all vacant
Thompson, William 9E 12 May 1767 C20:342:01 50a Savannah River above mouth of Long Can Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114035 Wood, Archibald(SW)
Thompson, William 3D 6 Sep 1773 C20:339:02 300a Little River Cunningham, David http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114028 all vacant
Thomson, James 7C 21 Dec 1765 C09:117 200a Saney's Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100793 all vacant
Thomson, James 7D 7 Mar 1772 C20:324 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=113990 Beaty, Jane(NE); Crozier, Sarah(SE)
Thomson, Moses 4D 29 Dec 1762 C07:382 100a NW fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98529 all sides vacant
Thomson, Moses 6I 13 Oct 1749 C05:087 700a 96 neighborhood Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=95135 all vacant
Thomson, Robert 8F 04 Mar 1772 C20:334: 400a in Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114016 Blair(E); Esler, Samuel(E); Carson, William(S); McCann, James(W); Harse, John(W); Hanvey, Patrick(N); Fulton, John(N)
Thomson, Robert 5I 25 Mar 1768 C20:336:01 300a 96 Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114020 Catha, Andrew(SW); Costly, Pierre(NE); Fogley, John(NW); Rairdon, Tim(NW)
Tiner, Herres [Harris] 3D 12 Feb 1765 C08:238 100a Parks Creek Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99466 all sides vacant
Todd, Archibald 7I 7 Feb 1773 C20:365 250a waters Ninety Six Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114092 Dickie, Robert(NW); Goode(NW); Brownlee, Jane(NE)
Totten, Jean 7D 7 Mar 1772 C20:377 100a Calhoun Creek, waters Long, Mat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114121 Calhoun, Hugh(W); Patton, Samuel(E)
Totten, John 7C 6 Mar 1772 C20:377 100a Clerks Creek Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114122 Matthews, Isaac(SE); McCain, Jane(NW)
Totten, Peter 6D 5 Mar 1772 C20:375 250a Calhoun Creek, waters of Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114116 Hamilton(N); Finies(E)
Totten, Peter 6D6E 27 Apr 1772 C20:376 100a Calhouns Creek, waters of Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114118 finie(S); Totten, Peter(W); Uart, James(W)
Townsend, Ezekiel 10F 24 June 1768 C09:358:03 100a Benefields Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101413 Benefield, Henry(SW); all other vacant
Trapier, Paul 9F 14 May 1772 C20:392 500a Benefield Creek waters Anderson, Wm. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114155 all vacant
Trapier, Paul 9F 28 Jul 1772 C20:391 500a waters Stevens Creek Anderson, R. W. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114153 said Trapier(NE&NW&E)
Trapier, Paul 9F 18 Mar 1772 C20:391:02 500a Stevens Creek waters Anderson, Wm. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114154 all vacant
Trimble, James 6C 25 May 1768 C11:38 100a Long Cane, waters Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102508 Turnbull, James(NW); Calhoun, Pat(NE); Baker(SE)
Trimble, John 6B 17 Nov 1766 C16:001 100a Great Rockey Creek, waters Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108244 vacant
Trimble, Walter 5B no date [Precept dtd 4 Jul 1766] C11:080 200a NW fork Long Canes, waters of Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102621 Kerr, Samuel(NW)
Tucker, Simon 8G 1 Apr 1771 C20:397:01 100a branch Cuffetown Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114166 all vacant
Tudor, William 10F 9 Nov 1767 C09:181:03 200a Savannah River (Swifts Creek) Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100968 all vacant
Turk, Jannet 5E 1 Sept 1767 C20:205 100a Long Cane, waters Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114183 Willson, John(SE)
Turk, John 5D 16 Nov 1767 C20:404 200a Calhoun Creek waters Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114182 Lowery(SE); Milligan, Job(SE)
Turk, William 5D 24 Aug. 1767 C20:406:01 100a NE branch of Calhoun Creek Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114185 Lowry(NE); McMurtry, Saml.(SE)
Turnbull, James 6C 18 Feb 1763 C07:370 300a branch NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98493 Calhoun, Ezekiel (deceased) (SE)
Turnbull, James 6C 11 May 1769 C20, p.408 100a NW fork Long Cane, waters Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114190 Turnbull, Robert (NW)
Turnbull, Joseph 4B 16 Nov 1764 C08:235:03 100a Great Rocky Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99459 all vacant
Turnbull, Robert 6C 7 Jun 1765 C09:297 200a NW fork Long Canes, branch Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101252 vacant
Turner, Joseph 2F 27 Jan 1767 C20:412 100a Saluda River, near Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114200 Saluda River; all other sides vacant
Turner, Thomas 4E 6 April 1767 C20:411 100a Calhoun Creek, waters Nielson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114199 all vacant
Tutt, Benjamin 8F8G 24 Apr 1772 C20:415:02 300a Hard Labor Creek Goode, Wm. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114208 all sides vacant
Tutt, Benjamin 8G 23 Nov 1774 C20:421 322a Bee Tree Creek, Cuffeetown Creek Purvis, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114219 Wallace, Thomas(SE); Wallace, Robert(SE); Blakeley, Sarah(SE)
Tyner, Caleb 3E 21 Dec 1766 C09:073:02 100a NW fork of Long Canes Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100688 Tiner, Harris(SW&SE); Miller, Robert(NE)
Tyner, John 3D 3 Feb 1768 Vol. 9, p.270 NW fork of Long Canes Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101171 Andrew Neel (SE);  Aaron Smith (NW);  Hugh McGary (NW)
Tyner, Richard 2F 29 Jul 1769 C11:107 150a Turkey Creek Pickens, Jno http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102684 lands on bounty(NW); name not known(SE)
Tyner, William 3D3E 1 Jun 1774 C20:422 250a Cunningham, David http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114221 Allis [Ellis], John (NE & SE);Headdin [Haddon], Robert (NE); Tyner, Caleb (W); Tyner, Harris (SE, SW, & NW); Miller, Andrew (SE)


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