Index to Abbeville County Colonial Plats: M

Explanatory Notes: The map has been divided into 5 mile by 5 mile sections identified by a number (along the left side of the map) and a letter (along the top of the map). The Map Section column identifies the section or sections in which the plat is located. In the Reference column, "C" stands for Colonial plat book (microfilm series 213184), the first number is the book number, the second (after colon) is the page and the third, if any, is the item number if there is more than one item on the page. Similarly, "S" before a two or three digit number then colon and another number refers to a state plat book and page number. The township plats start with the microfilm series  S213187 then the book, page, item numbers. Ungranted plats refer to the box number and folder, microfilm series S213197. The URL links are to the digital copies (if available) of the specific plat at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History's website. State plats and ungranted plats have not been digitized as of the date of this webpage.

Name Map Section Date Reference Location Surveyor URL Adjoining lands
MacGregor, William 8C 12 May 1767 C18:238:02 50a Savannah River near Fort Charolotte Calhoun, Pat. Vann, Edward(SE); Dodding, John(NW)
MacLilley, John  3D 22 Nov. 1765 C08:464:02 200a NW fork of Long Canes Pickens, John all sides vacant
Major, James 7F7G 6 May 1767 C17:551:01 300a in Belfast Township Nelson, John Presley, David(NW); Liveston, William(SE); Mark, Balsor(SW)
Major, John 7F 15 June 1767 C17:547:02 100a on waters of Long Cane Creek near Belfast Township Nelson, John Boggs, S.(SW); Greer, Jas.(SE)
Major, William 2E 27 Apr 1767 C17:552 100a Turkey Ck., waters Nelson, Jno. Gibson, William(E)
Manear, William 9D 15 Dec 1755 C06:154:03 150a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph Bedingfield, William(NW)
Mann, Newby 9G 16 Dec 1772 C18:03:02 100a Cuffeetown Creek (N side) Goode, William Rowing, William(S); Walles, Thomas(NE)
Mann, Samuel 7F 15 Feb 1768 C18:005:01 250a waters Long Cane Long, Matt. Micarnel(NE)
Mark, Larrence 7G 7 Aug 1772 C18:012: 100a waters Hard Labor Creek, in Londonborough Twp. Cuningham, Pat Cockrum, Brian(E); Zimmerman, Henry(SW&S); Swilling, John(NW); Zimmerman, Philip(W)
Mark, Mary 8G 8 Oct 1772 C18:013:02 100a waters of Hard Labor Creek, Londonborough Township Cunningham, David Zemmerman, Mary(SW)
Mark, Rozannah 7G 12 Aug. 1772 C18:014: 100a waters Hard Labor Creek, Londonborough Twp. Cuningham, Pat Cockrum, Brian(E); William Liviston & Ass.(N); Mark, Lawrence(S)
Mark, Samuel 7C7D 1 Sep 1767 C18:14 250a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat McAlpin, Alexander(SW); Griffin, John(SW)
Marks, Susannah Margaretta 8G 3 Mar 1768 C18:009: 100a on Hard Labor Creek in Granville County Nelson, Jared Clemmons,John(E)
Marque, Henry 8D 26 Sep 1768 C18:011 100 Hillsborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat. NW Fork Long Cane(SW); Roquemore, Pierre Sig.(NW)
Marque, Henry 8C 23 Mar 1773 C18:013: 100a head of Johnston' Creek Calhoun, Pat. vacant
Marshall, William 4C 12 Jan 1773 C18:21 150a Rockey River, waters Bowie, John Ogilvy, William
Martain, Josias 4D 16 Jun 1765 C08:017:02 50a Tomsons Creek Pickens, John Tomson, Moses(SW)
Martain, Josias 4D 7 Sep 1765 C08:595 50a Tomsons Creek Pickens, Jno. Tomson, Moses(SW)
Martin, Abraham 9G 21 Feb 1772 C18:023:02 500a Cuffeetown and Byrd branches Goode, William said Martin(N&E); Wallace, Robert(N);
Martin, James 5B 26 Oct 1766 C18:302 100a NW fork Long Cane (waters of) Pickens, John Boles, John(NE)
Martin, James 6B6C 3 Nov 1766 C18:30 100a Sawney Creek Pickens, John Miller, Alexander
Martin, Joseph 5D 24 Oct 1769 C11:224 100a NW fork Long Cane, waters Calhoun, Pat. McKonnel, James(N); Strain, John(N); Thomas, Edward(S); Donalds, John(E); Smith, William(E)
Martin, Josiah 5D 4 Jan 1763 C07:370 200a NW fork of Long Cane. waters of Calhoun, Pat Martin, William(NE)
Martin, Robert 5B 25 Oct 1766 C18:039 100a Thomsons Creek, branch of Great Rocky Creek Pickens, John all vacant
Martin, Thomas 2F3F 7 Mar 1768 C18:40 150a Turkey Creek, branch of Nelson, Jno. Watts, Thomas(NE)
Martin, William 5D 21 Jan 1763 C07:370 200a NW fork of Long Cane (waters of) Calhoun, Pat Martin, Josiah(SW)
Masle, Jean Jacquis 8D 13 Feb 1773 C18:045:02 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Leauvoir, Lewis Lawrence(SW)
Mason, James 5I5J 13 Oct 1766 C09:188:02 300a Wilsons Creek Anderson, William Murray, John(SE&SW)
Mason, John 1E 29 Dec 1766 C9:217 300a Bush Creek, br. Saluda Glascock, Wm. all sides vacant
Mason, William 5I 17 Dec 1768 C13:061:03 31.5a waters Ninety-Six Cr. Anderson, William Rearden, Timothy(NE); Anderson, James(NE); Mayson, James(NW); Cathy, Andrew(SW)
Matthews, George 7F 26 Feb. 1765 C08:067:03 150a Rocky Branch Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Matthews, Isaac 7C 3 Mar 1767 C09:064:01 100a Clarks Creek Calhoun, Pat. Summerville, Mary(E Corner)
Matthews, Robert 2D 10 Mar 1773 C18:056:02 100a Hogskin Branch, waters of Long, Matt. all sides vacant
Maxwell, John 1F 9 Jan 1767 C18:65 350a Saluda River near Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Saludy Riv.
Mayer, Adrian 4A5A 10 Jan 1775 C18:071 1000a angle of the Cherokee Line and Wm. Nesbit land Peart, James Nesbit, William(NE)
Mayer, Adrian 3C 31 May 1775 C18:70 4,000a Rockey River Peart, James Cherokee line; Pendarvis, Josiah (now Adrian Mayer); Nisbett, William
McAdams, Catherine 7D 2 Jul 1767 C18:103: 250a head of a fork of Bakers' Creek near Long Cane Nelson, John all vacant
McAlpin, Alexander 7C 16 Feb 1763 C07:352 350a Indian Creek Calhoun, Pat all vacant
McAlpine, John 4E 24 Aug 1758 C06:395 NW Fork Long Cane, Timber Grove Calhoun, Pat. vacant land
McAmesh, Jean 4E 9 Jun 1772 C18:107 100a Jobs Creek Long, Matt. Wright, John(SE)
McAmis, Jean 4E 6 Jan 1774 C18:106 100a Long Cane, small branch of Bowie, Jno. all sides vacant
McBride, Alexander 6D 7 Jul 1767 C18:110 300a Calhouns Creek Nelson, Jared Armstrong, James(SW)
McBride, James 8F 10 Mar 1773 C18:110:02 300a situated in Belfast Township Calhoun, Patrick Doris, William(SW); Bell, John(NW)
McBride, William 8F 27 Apr 1773 C18:114:01 200a in Belfast Township, Ninety Six District, S.C. Calhoun, Pat. McBride, James(SW); Bell, John(NW); Murray, John(NE)
McCabe, Pat 7E 12 Dec 1766 C18:115 100a Bold Branch Calhoun, Pat. McGuire, Peter(SE)
McCain, Jean 7C 22 Aug 1767 C18:123 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters, near Belfast Twp. Calhoun, Patrick Crosby, William(SW); former survey(SE)
McCalaster, Andrew 3D 18 Sep 1772 C18:117 100a NW Fork Long Cane, waters Bowie, John Hunt, John(SE)
McCalaster, Nathan 4D 12 Dec 1772 C08:119 300a Calhoun Creek, waters of Cunningham, David Bell, Robert(NE side)
McCalaster, William 3D 30 Nov 1772 C18:120 250a Johnston's Creek Bowie, John vacant
McCann, Henry 3F 7 Oct 1767 C18:122 250a Mulberry Creek Nelson, James Bull, Hon. William
McCann, James 8F 31 Mar 1766 C18:123: 100a in Belfast Township, Granville County, S.C. Calhoun, Pat. Hearse, John Jr.(N)
McCann, Patrick 3D 5 Mar 1769 C18:124 100a NW fork Long Cane Long, Matt. vacant
McCann, Robert 7D 5 Dec 1767 C18:124 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Noble, James(NW); Watson, Sarah(NE)
McCarley,  William 2F 13 Aug 1772 C18:129 150a Turkey Ck., S.Fork Bowie, John Conway, Edward
McClasky,David 6E 11 Jan 1770 C18:131 150a Mountain Creek Calhoun, Pat McClusky, George(NE); Robinson, Alex.(SE)
McClelan, William 7D 26 Nov 1772 C18:140 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. McClellan, Arch(NW); McClellan, Wm(SE); Lowry, Hugh
McClelin, Wm. 7D 21 Nov 1769 C18:139 100a Long Canes Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Anderson, John(NW)
McClellan, Archibald 5C 12 Sep 1756 C07:300 400a McClellan's branch Gaston, John all sides vacant
McClellan, Archibald 7D 23 Mar 1763 C08:383 200a Arthur Patton's Mill branch Calhoun, Pat Baker, Henry(NE)
McClennan, Archibald 7E 4 Apr 1767 C18:144 300a Bold Branch Calhoun, Pat. Simpson, Hugh(NW); Ross, Andrew(SE);Hillsborough Township line
McClesscay, George 6E 13 Sep 1767 C18:144 100a Long Cane Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
McCleun, Penelope 5D 28 Apr 1768 C18:147 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat McMurtry, Samuel(NW corner); Martin, Josiah(NE corner)
McCleur, John 6H 3 May 1765 C10:002:02 300a waters 96 Creek Pickens, John all sides vacant
McClinton, Agnes 7F 9 May 1772 C18:145 100a near Belfast Township on Frasers Branch of the waters of the Long Cane, Granville County, S.C. Calhoun, Pat Frazer, William(E); Fulton, James(S); former survey(E)
McClinton, John 7F 6 March 1772 C18:145: 150a in Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. McClinton, Samuel corner(E); Frazer, Wm.(NW)
McClinton, Robert 7F 29 Feb 1772 C18:296 100a Reedy Branch waters Calhoun, Pat. Gervais, John Lewis(NW); White, Alex.(SE)
McClinton, Samuel 7F 30 Mar 1771 C18:146: 300a on the road to Hard Labor Calhoun, Pat. Presley, David(SE); Reid, Robert(S)
McClinton, Samuel 8E8F 8 Sep 1772 C18:146:01: 250a near Hillsborough Township line Caldwell, William Thomas old survey(NE)
McClints, Charles 5J 7 appr 1768 C12:093 250a branch 96 Creek Anderson, William Anderson, James(NE); Bonaday, John(NE); Costley, Pierce(NW)
McClusky, Joseph 6E 15 Oct 1767 C12:094 150a Mountain Brook of Long Cane Calhoun, Pat Robison, Alexander(SW)
McComb, George 7E 19 Jun 1767 C18:154 150a Long Cane Creek Waters, near Bordeaux Twp. Nelson, John Bordeaux Township(NW); McClellan, Arch(SW)
McConel, James 7F 28 Sep 1765 C08:224 150a Reedy branch Pickens, John vacant
McConnel, John 7F 5 Apr 1765 C08:006 200a Reedy Branch Pickens, Jno. Russell and Gervais(SE); White, Andrew(SW)
McCord, John 5E 6 Oct 1779 CD5K:57-61 (Charleston Deeds) 500a Matthews Creek Cunningham,Pat.(5 Oct 1779) NA Salvador (all sides)
McCracken, Jean 8C 23 Jan 1773 C18:166: 200a between the Long Cane Settlement and Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. McGaw, William(NE)
McCrackin, Alex. 2E 1 Apr 1763 C08:379 100a Long Cane Creek, waters of Calhoun, Patrick Templeton, Henry(SE); Hawthorne, James(SW)
McCrown, William 7F 3 Sep 1772 C18:180: 100 acres in Settlement of Long Cane in Granville County Caldwell, Wm. Thos. Raverty, Neal(NW)
McCue, John 3F3G 27 Nov. 1766 C18:182:01 200a nr Boonesborough Twp where the Cherokee Road crosses Mulberry Branch Calhoun, Patrick Salvadors land otherwise Hamiltons Great Survey (SE)
McCulloch, Alexander 3F 5 Apr 1763 C08:378 100a Long Cane, Waters; Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat. old surveys(SW&SE)
McCulloch, Elizabeth 2E 5 Apr 1763 C18:193:02 100a head waters of Long Cane Creek, Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat. McCulloch, Jenat(NE); Brown, Richard(SE)
McCulloch, Janet  2E 5 April 1763 C08:383:03 100 acres in Boonesborough Township on head waters of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. McCulloch, Elizabeth(SE); former survey(SW)
McCulloch, Jean 3F 5 Apr 1763 C08:379 100a Long Cane Creek, waters; Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat former surveys(SW&NW)
McCulloch, John 3F 1 Apr 1763 C08:377 100a Boonesborough Twp. Hamilton, John Baxter, John(NW)
McCulloch, William 6C 30 Dec 1762 C08:380 100a NW fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
McCullock, James 7E 18 Aug 1772 C18:189: 100a on Persimmon Branch waters Long, Matt. Laird, Samuel(SE); Patterson, John(E); Ross, Andrew(SW)
McCullock, James 7E8E 23 Dec 1758 C07:032:02 200a Long Cane Creek Fording Place Calhoun, Patrick all sides vacant
McCullock, Jean 3E 2 Apr 1763 C08:385:01 100 acres in Boonesborough Township Hamelton, John Adj McCulloch, Jno.(NE); Pikings, John(SE); Forsith, John(SW)
McCullough, George 3D 7 May 1767 C18:193:02 100a Boonesborough Twp. Nelson, John Moore, James; Bayley, William
McCurdy, Jannet 5E 6 Dec 1771 C18:184 100a Long Cane Creek, SW side waters Cunningham, David Beasley, Richard(NE); Stuart, Robert(SE&NE); Turk, Jane(SW&SE); Watts, James(SW)
McCurdy, John 6E 13 Apr 1771 C18:196 200a Long Cane Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat Crawford, Jno. line(NE corner); White, William(NE); Gray, John(NW)
McCurdy, John Jr. 6D 25 Jun 1774 C18:195 250a NW fork Long Cane Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat. Jones, John(SW)
McCurdy, Mary 5E 15 Jun 1774 C18:196 100a Long Cane Creek, waters of Caldwell, Thos. Williamson, Andrew(NW); Norris, Robert(NE); Blackburn, John(SW); Norris, Robert(SW)
McDougall, James 4D 30 Sep 1767 C18:209 100a Little Rocky Creek, waters Park Nelson, Jared Parks, George (NE)
McElroy, John 5C 20 Oct 1766 C18:222 100a NW fork Long Cane, waters Pickens, Jno. Morris, Wm.(NE & NW)
McElveney, Samuel 5C 5 Oct 1765 C08:371 150a NW fork of  Long Cane Pickens, Jno. Alexander, Moses(SW); Wilson, Henry(NW)
McElwean, John 7E 26 Mar 1767 C18:278: 100a on Raverty's Branch, near Belfast Twp. Nelson, John Brawford, Thos.(S)
McElwee, David 6F 7 Feb 1765 C08:085 50a Curaltail Creek Calhoun, Pat. said McElwee
McElwee, David 6F 9 Sep 1762 C07:287 150a Curaltail Creek Calhoun, Pat. Hambeltons Great Survey (that part called No.2)(SE)
McFarlin, Jno. 7E 13 Jun 1767 C18:217 350a Bold Branch Nelson, Jno. Patterson, Jas.(NE); Laird, Samuel(NW); Calhoun, Pat.(SE&SW)
McFearon, James 7E 1 April 1767 C09:074: 300a Cane Branch of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat Calhoun, James, desc.
McGary, Hugh 3D 21 Jun 1766 C10:011:03 100a in Granville County on the NW fork of Lone Cane Creek Pickens, John all vacant
McGaw, John 6B 18 Apr 1772 C18:223:02 100a waters NW fork of Long Cane Long, Matt. all vacant
McGaw, John 7D 15 May 1772 C18:222 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Patton, Arthur(NW); Clark, Thomas(NW); Wilson, John(NW); Bonner, Wm.(S); Sanderson, John(S)
McGaw, John 5B6B 18 Apr 1772 C18:231 250a Rocky Creek Long, Matt. all vacant
McGaw, William 7C8C 3 Feb 1772 C18:227: 150a between Long Cane settlement and Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
McGill, John 5B 1 Feb 1763 C07:313 150a Long Cane and Rocky Creeks, dividing grounds between, Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
McGuire, Peter 7E 11 Dec 1766 C18:239 100a Bold Branch Calhoun, Pat. McGuire, Terence(SE); Mccabe, Pat(NW)
McGuire, Terence 7E 10 Dec 1766 C18:240 150a Bold Branch Calhoun, Pat. Simpson, Hugh(SE); McGuire, Peter(NW)
McGuire, William 7F 2 April 1767 C18:241: 100a Calabash Branch, in Belfast Township Nelson, John Leyman, Michael(N); Earlback, Frederick(E)
McIntosh, George 4D 16 Jan 1775 C18:244 300a Patons Creek, waters of Bowie, John Moffat, Archibald(NW&NE); Finley, Saml.(W); Wilson, James(S&E); Montgomery, John(S&E)
McIntosh, George 2D 4 May 1775 C18:244 300a Hogskin Creek, Long Branch Bowie, John McIntosh, William (SW)
McIntosh, John 6H 26 Oct 1767 C18:246:02 200a branch Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William Holliday, Samuel(NE); Youngblood, Henry(SE&NE); Youngblood, Peter(SW)
McIntosh, Lachlan 6I 20 Mar 1763 C07:334:02 500a waters 96 Creek Hamelton, John Ritinour, William(NE); Thomas, Samuel(SE)
Mcintosh, William 2D 11 May 1775 C18:251 300a Hogskin Creek, branch Bowie, John McIntosh, Wm.
Mcintosh, William 2D3D 11 May 1775 C18:253 300a Hogskin Creek, branch Bowie, John vacant
McKedy, Gilbert 6F7F 3 Mar 1772 C18:256: 300a waters of Long Cane Creek Cunningham, David Willey, David(SW); Anderson, John(NE); Willey, Thomas(NW&NE); Willey, Henry(NW); Young, Andrew(SW&NW)
McKee, Thomas 3E 23 Jan. 1773 C18:259:01 200a small branch of Long Cane Creek, Booneborough Bowie, John all sides vacant
McKeen, William 7C 19 Feb. 1773 C18:260:01 100a Long Cane Settlement Russell's Lower Branch Calhoun, Pat. Cosbey, William(N)
McKelvey, Alexander 8D 13 Aug 1767 C18:261:01 100a Mill Creek Nelson, John Mills, Alexander(NW); Crayton, Isaac(SW); Humphreys, Mary(NE)
McKelvey, John 8D 20 Aug 1767 C18:266:01 350a on road to Fort Charlotte on Mill Creek Nelson, John all vacant
McKemmey, Robert 3D 16 Oct 1772 C18:267 150a Big Hogskin Creek Cunningham, David Stephenson, William (NW)
McKemy, Robt. 5B6B 7 Nov 1766 C09:114 200a Great Rocky Creek, waters Pickens, Jno. vacant
McKenny, Roger 6H 10 Nov 1766 C09:132:03 450a branch 96 Creek Anderson, William McClure, John(NW&SW); John Hamilton's Great Survey(NE)
McKibber, Edward 6D 23 Dec 1766 C18:275 100a Saplin Creek, branch of NW fork Long Canes, waters Calhoun, Pat Wilson, Sarah
McKiddy, John 5B 13 Apr 1764 C07:447 100a NW fork of Long Canes, at Wahatches Camp Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
McKidie, James 5B 8 Nov 1764 C08:385 100a NW fork of Long Cane, a small branch of Calhoun, Pat. Edy, Robert(SW)
McKinley, James 6C 23 Oct. 1769 C11:212: 100a branch of the NW fork of Long Cane Calhoun, Pat McKinley, James(SE); Calhoun, Ezekiel(NE); Turnbull, James(NW)
McKinley, James 7D 13 Mar 1775 C18:276 100a Long Canes Settlement Calhoun, Pat. McClellan, Arch.; Reynolds, Andrew; Clark, Robt; McCulloch, James; Proctor
McKinley, John 6C 7 Jun 1765 C08:017 150a branch NW fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Burges, John(NE); Kilores, Nimrod(NE)
McKinley, John 6C 27 Jun 1769 C11:169 100a NW fork of Long Canes, waters of Calhoun, Pat Turnbull, James(SW)
McKinley, William 6C 8 Feb 1773 C18:275 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat said McKinley(NE); McKinley, John(SE)
McKinley, William 6C 7 Jun 1765 C08:390 100a NW fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat Turnbull, Robert(NW)
McKutchin, Robert 6I 8 Aug 1757 C07:219:03 350a Beaverdam Branch, 96 Creek Musgrove, Edward all vacant
McLary, William 3E 2 March 1764 C07:473:01 100 acres in Granville County in Boonesborought Township on branch of Long Cane Perry, Isaac all sides vacant
McMaster, George 6C 5 Feb 1773 C18:305 150a Sawney's Creek Anderson, Robert Stephenson, John(S)
McMaster, Hugh 6B 6 Feb 1773 C18:302:02 100a Bear Garden Creek waters Anderson, Robert McMaster, William(W); Stephenson, John(NE)
McMaster, John 4D 18 Feb 1773 C18:304 100a NW fork of Long Cane Creek (spring branch of) Bowie, John Ashmore, Fredrk.(NE&SE); Young, Jean(S);Thompson, Moses(SW); Thompson,Moses(NW); Smith, Job(NW)
McMaster, Martha 6B 17 Feb 1773 C18:304 100a Sawney's Creek, small branch of Anderson, Robert Pattison, John(NE); Pattison, Wm(W&NW)
McMaster, Patrick 7B 12 Feb 1773 C18:307:01 100a Bear Garden Creek, branch Anderson, Robert McMaster, Hugh(N); Cunningham, Jean(SE)
McMaster, William 6B 5 Feb 1773 C18:306:01 100a Bear Garden Creek waters Anderson, Robert all sides vacant
McMurtery, Samuel 5D 9 Dec 1767 C08:589 100a NW fork Long Cane waters Calhoun, Pat Martin, William(SE)
McMurtrey, Samuel 5D 18 Dec 1766 C08:589 100a Calhouns Creek Long, Matt. all sides vacant
McNaught, James 5B5C 14 July 1758 C07:025:03 300a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Patrick Kerr, James(NE)
McNelly, Joseph 4D 9 Feb 1773 C18:319 250a Parks's Creek Bowie, John Smith, Joseph(N); Downing, Josiah(NW); Culbert, Robert(SW); Sharp, Henry (E & S)
McPherson, Isaac 1E 8 Oct 1772 C18:324 500a Turkey Creek waters, about one mile from Indian line Cunningham, Pat. all sides vacant
McPherson, Isaac 2F 17 Sep 1772 C18:324 500a Saludy River Waters Cunningham, Pat. land not known(SE)
McPherson, Isaac 1E1F 16 Sep 1772 C18:320 500a Saluda River waters Cunningham, Pat. Watts, Thomas(NW&SW); Crump, John(NE&NW); Rutledge, Reason(SE); Gillison, Archibald(SE)
Meager, Joseph 5J 16 Mar 1771 C18:349:01 300a branch Wilson Creek Anderson, William Anderson, Thomas(NE); Rain, Joseph(NW); Forker, Thomas(NW)
Meeck, Adam 6D 14 Oct 1767 C18:352 100a NW fork of Long Cane, branch of Calhoun, Pat. Witherspoon, John(NE)
Megovie, Ann 8D 18 Aug 1766 C12:100:01 100a waters Lone Cane Hillsborough Twp Forster, Alexius Mador Dupleas, Francis(SE); Eva, Hanna(SW)
Mehl, Peter 8H 25 Jan 1765 C08:088:02 200a Cuffeetown neighborhood, near Londonborough Twp. Fairchild, John all sides vacant
Mensing, Philip 2C 10 May 1773 C18:359:01 400a Buckhorn Creek Downs, Jonathan Horlbeck, John(SE)
Meredith, Jonathan 5D6D 26 May 1767 C18:360 100a NW fork of Long Cane (waters of) Pickens, Jno. Camble, Robart (NE); Sweringen, Joseph(NW); Trotter, Joseph(SE)
Merk, Balker 7G 17 April 1764 C08:091:02 400a in Londonborough Township on Hard Labor Creek or Stephen's Creek Fairchild, John Merck, Conrad(N); Lang, Christian(S)
Merk, Conrad 7G 17 April 1764 C08:089:03 100a in Londonborough Township on Hard Labor Creek or Stephen's Creek Fairchild, John Sanders, Peter(N); Merk, Balker(S)
Messer, John 7C7D 5 Dec 1758 C07:13 400a NW fork of Long Cane Gaston, John Calhoun, William(SE)
Metland, John 5B 30 Jul 1767 C18:363 100a Great Rocky Creek Nelson, Jared Carr, James(NE); Eger(SW)
Metzer, Johan Mathew 7I 31 Jan. 1765 C08:103:03 100a Horsepen Creek Fairchild, John Straub, Maria Eve(on plat drawing)
Meyer, Nicholas Fredrick 7F 31 Dec. 1772 C18:367: 48a waters Hard Labor Creek Cunningham, David Arlaback, Anna Maria(W); Crozer, James(N); Presley, David(NE); Dorriss, William(SE) Anderson, James(S)
Meyer, Nickolas Fredrick 6C 7 Jan. 1773 C18:366: 202 acres situated near Fort Charlotte at Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. Patterson, Robert(N); Fort Charlotte(S); Williamson, Andrew(S)
Michael, Valentine 8F 22 Sept. 1767 C18:369: 100a situated in Londonborough Township Fairchild, John Fritch, Abraham(E); Bauer, John Adam(N); Keiser, Phillip(S)
Michler, Daniel 5I6I 1 Nov 1755 C07:181:02 100a 96 Creek Hamelton, John Brown, Estate of Patrick(NE)
Mickler, Daniel 7H 16 Dec 1771 C12:098:01 150a waters Cuffeetown Anderson, William Peters, Michael(NE); Strum, Mary(NE); Strum, Peter(SE); Graminer, George(SW)
Mickler, Nicholas 7I 16 Aug 1772 C18:375:01 200a Horsepen Creek Anderson, William bounty survey(SE)
Middleton, John 5D6D 14 May 1775 C18:390 200a Calhoun Creek Anderson, Robert Long, James(N); Kerr, James(S); Robinson, John(E)
Middleton, John 5B 5 Sep 1771/5 Jan 1773 C13:72 350a Great Rocky Creek, branch Pickens, John Anderson, Robert(NE)
Miggill, John 5B 6 Nov 1766 C08:582 50a NW fork Long Cane, branch of Pickens, Jno. Eady, Robart(NW); Miggill,said(SE)
Migler, Nicholas 5I6I 1 Nov 1755 C07:215:01 100a 96 Creek Hamelton, John Brown, Patrick estate(NW)
Miles, Saml. 7D 20 Apr 1772 C18:399 100a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Clark, Samuel(NW); Mills, William(NE); Patton, Arthur(NE); Breazell, William and Henry
Miles, William 7C 23 Apr 1772 C18:400 300a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat Coppock, John(N); Hughes, John(NE); Hay, William(E);
Millan, John 3F 10 Aug. 1767 C11:180: 100a Mulberry Crk., Colleton Co., nr Belfast Twp.[?] Nelson, Jno. Salvador, Joseph(SE)
Millegan, Isabella 8E 18 Mar 1773 C18:403 100a waters Long Cane Creek Seawright, George Strother, George(SW); Petterson, Samuel(NE);Wescott, Ebenezer(NW)
Miller, Alexander 6C 30 Nov 1764 C07:410 200a Sawdes Creek Calhoun, Pat. Downs, Henry(SE)
Miller, Andrew 3D 19 Nov 1766 C09:213 200a Clarks Creek Pickens, John all vacant
Miller, Daniel 7C 13 Aug 1772 C18:409:02 150a Russells Creek Long, Matt. Gray, William(E); Wilson, Wm.(W); Cannon, Will.(W)
Miller, David 2F 25 Mar 1769 C:18:408 246a Turkey Creek Cunningham, Pat. Jones, Adam Crain(SW&NW); bounty land(SE&SW); Miller, David(NW,NE&SE); David, Luke(NE); Hallams, John (NW, NE &SE)
Miller, Emanuel 7H 10 May 1770 C11:479 150a Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William Sutton, John(NE); Cuffeetown Creek(NW)
Miller, Jacob 9G 19 May 1767 C18:411:02 150a Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John said creek(SE); other sides vacant
Miller, James 5B6B6C 2 Jun 1767 C09:089:01 100a waters NW fork of Long Canes Pickens, John all sides vacant
Miller, John 3D 20 Mar 1769 C18:418 50a NW fork of Long Canes, waters Pickens, Jno. Miller, Robert(NE); Tyner, Caleb(NE); Linsey, John(NW)
Miller, Robert 5E 3 Apr 1765 C08:029 100a Norris's Creek, branch of Long Cane Creek Pickens, Jno. Pickens, Andrew(NW)
Miller, Robert 7C7D 18 Feb 1775 C18:420 300a Long Canes Settlement Calhoun, Pat Gerrot, widow(N); McAlpen, Alexander(S); Marks, Samuel(S)
Miller, Robert (not granted) 3F 16 Dec 1762 Unrecorded Plats: 03:857:00 200a brook that empties into Long Cane Calhoun, Pat not available Bull, Honl. William(NE); Hamilton's Great Survey(SE); Pickens, Robert(SW)
Miller, William 4B 30 Dec 1768 C18:105 200a Great Rockey Creek Pickens, John Kennedy, Alexr.(NW); Gillespie, Matthew(NW)
Miller, William 2D 25 Sept 1766 C09:121:02 200a NW Fork Long Cane waters Pickens, Jno. all sides vacant
Milligan, James 7C7D 26 Nov 1766 C08:596 100a NW fork Long Canes, near Calhoun, Pat. Calhoun, William(NE); Clark, Samuel)SE)
Milligan, John 5D 14 Jul 1767 C18:374 100a Flag Reed Branch of Calhoun Creek Long, Matt. Lowry(NE)
Mills, Alexander 8D 15 Apr 1765 C08:364 200a branch NW fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat all vacant
Mills, Robert 5J 24 Oct 1768 C18:434:02 200a Wilson Creek Anderson, William Brownlee, Jane(E); Wilson, John(NW); Thomas, Samuel(W); 96 Creek(S); Bonaday, John(SE); Anderson, William(SE)
Mills, William 7D 25 Dec 1766 C10:076 100a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Clerk, Samuel(W); Dake, Edward(N); Patton, Arthur(E)
MisCampbell, James 7F 13 Apr 1767 C18:446: 250a in Belfast Township Granville County, South Carolina Nelson, John Kirkwood, Elizabeth(NE); Read, Robert(SE);
MisCampbell, James 7F 28 Feb 1772 C18:449: 100a in Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. Miscambell, James(W); Leman, Michael(E); Wales, Thomas(S)
MisCampbell, John 7F 13 Jun 1767 C18:446: 100a on Reedy Branch Nelson, John Hanoverian Survey; Crozier, Thomas(S)
Mitchel, Benjamin 4H 30 Apr 1778 CDZ4:282 300a Saluda River Cunningham, Patrick not available  
Mitchell, Ephraim 7D 11 Jul 1774 C18:452 55a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Calhoun, Hugh(W); Ward, William(S); Clark, Alex; Patton, Samuel(E); Totton, Jane
Mitchell, Ephraim 6E 14 Jul 1774 C18:456 414a Long Canes Settlement Calhoun, Pat Parsons, James(E&NE); Walker, Wm.(S); Williams, Giles(SW); Crosswell, John(SW)
Mitchell, Henry 5C 22 Apr 1765 C08:027 150a Swearingaine's Creek Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Mitchell, Henry 4C 23 Dec 1765 C09:401 150a Mill Creek, branch NW Fork Long Cane Pickens, Jno. all sides vacant
Mitchell, Isaac 8G 15 Jan 1772 C18:467 250a Cuffeetown Creek Goode, William Stout, John(SW); Wallace, Robert(SW); Bryan(E)
Mitchell, Robert 6I 1 Mar 1773 C18:469 200a waters 96 and Halfway Swamp Cunnningham, David Dooly, Patrick(NW&SW); Anderson(SW); Hollaway, John(SE)
Moat, Andrew 4E 28 Mar 1771 C18:459 150a Calhoun's Creek Long, Matthew McAlpine, John(SW); Drenen, William(NE)
Montgomery, Henry 3F 2 Jun 1767 C18:449 100a Long Cane, waters, nr. Boonesborough Nelson, Jno. Montgomery, John(N)
Montgomery, Hugh 3F 16 May 1763 C08:348:02 100 acres in Boonesborough Township on waters of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. Wawson, Francis(NW)
Montgomery, John 4D 22 Feb 1773 C18:491 300a Calhouns Creek Bowie, John Bell, Thomas(E); Strain, John(S)
Montgomery, John 3F 24 Apr 1767 C18:490 300a Turkey Creek, near Boonesborough Nelson, Jno. Robison, Wm.(N); Cameron, John(W); Montgomery, Henry(S)
Montgomery, Margaret 5D 12 July 1766 C18:493:01 100a in Granville County on the waters of Calhoun Creek Long, Matt. Pettigrew, James(SW); Pettigrew, James Jr.(SW); Luckie, John(NE); McKiney, Roger Jr.(SE)
Moor, John 2E 20 Apr 1764 C07:472 400a Chickasaw Camp Branch, small branch of Calhoun, Pat lands not yet laid off
Moor, Joseph 6B 14 Nov 1766 C18:507 350a Long Cane Creek, waters Long, Matt. all vacant
Moor, Joshua 3D 1 Sept. 1772 C18:508:02 200a Little Hogskin Ck Bowie, John vacant
Moore, Agnes 5E 9 Feb 1769 C18:497 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Pickens, Andrew(NE)
Moore, James 3E 20 Apr 1767 C18:501:03 100a Boonesborough Twp. Nelson, Jno. Bayley, William; Purse, William;
Moore, John 4C 13 Oct 1772 C18:573 200a NW fork Long Cane, branch of Anderson, Robert Hamilton, Archibald
Moore, Joshua 2G 4 Dec 1766 S213197 03:887 200a Saluda River Pickens, John not available  
Moragne, Pierre 8D 3 Apr 1765 C08:140:02 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Bayle, Maria(NE)
Morris, Edwd. 1F 18 Feb 1768/ C21:354 200a Turkey Ck., waters of Nelson, Jared vacant
Morris, John 6B 16 Feb 1767 C18:542 100a Great Rocky Creek, branch Pickens, John all vacant
Morris, William 5C 24 Dec 1762 C08:383:03 50a on the waters of the NW fork of Long Cane Creek a branch of the Savannah river in Granville County Calhoun, Pat.  
Morris, William 5C 12 July 1766 C08:552:02 100a small branch of the NW fork of Long Canes Pickens, Jno Robert Reah  (SE), Robert Morris (NW, NE)
Morris, William 5C 23 Jun 1758 C06:350 350a NW fork of Long Cane, Special Survey Calhoun, Pat all vacant
Morrison, Andrew 5D 26 Oct 1767 C18:546 200a NW fork Long Canes Pickens, Jno. Crossman, Bartholeme(SE); Gilmore, John(SE)
Morrison, Robert 7C 20 Aug 1767 C18:549: 100a Long Cane Settlement on Russell's upper Branch Calhoun, Pat Biggam, Jno.(NE); Davison, John(SW)
Morrow, Adam 5D 13 Mar 1772 C18:533 150a Calhoun's Creek, waters of Long, Matt. McMurtry, Samuel(E); Strain, John(N)
Morrow, Christopher 2F 12 Oct 1772 C18:552:03 350a Saludy Waters Bowie, John Jones, Adam Crain
Morrow, James 4C 18 Jul 1767 C10:036 100a NW fork of Long Canes, waters of Calhoun, Pat Robison, John(NE); Knox, William(NE); Mitchell, Henry(SW)
Morrow, John 2F 3 Dec 1772 C18:555 200a Turkey Ck., waters of Bowie, John Stuart, Wm(NW&SW)
Mossman, William 5J 9 May 1768 C18:551:02 50a Wilsons Creek Anderson, William Welch, Patrick(NE); Anderson, James(NW); Anderson, William(N)
Mottett, Dr. Lewis 9E 28 Dec. 1769 C11:237:03 300a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Long Cane Creek(SW); all other vacant
Murdock, James 2E 2 Jul 1767 C18:531:01 200 acres near a fork of Armstrong's Branch Nelson, Jared all vacant
Murdock, John 2E 16 Apr 1767 C18:532 350a Turkey Ck Nelson, Jno. Bennison, Jno. (NE); Bennison, William(NE); Brown, Mr.(SW); Bennison, Fanny(NE)
Murphy, John 7G 14 Feb 1770 C11:350: 100a branch Cuffeetown Anderson, William bounty land(SW)
Murphy, Thomas 6I 4 Oct 1766 C08:595:02 350a waters Ninety Six Creek Anderson, William McIntosh, Allen(NE); Porter, John(SW)
Murray, John 5I 9 May 1762 C07:494:03 200a Wilson's Creek, Gills Mill Place Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Murray, John 3D 17 Jan 1765 C07:415 150a Pickens, Jno. Clark(SE)
Murray, John 5E 16 Jan 1765 C08:572 300a Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat Norris, Robert(SW); Edwards, Matthew(NE)
Murray, John 6F 2 Sep 1763 C07:494 150a Curraltail Creek Hamelton, John vacant
Murray, John 4I5H5I 7 Jul 1758 CDB4T:497 25,000a southeast half of 50,000a leased and released by John Hamilton to John Murray and William Simpson   not available  
Murray, John Dr. 5I 21 Apr 1763 C08:403:01 160a on 96 Creek Calhoun, Pat Reardon, Timothy(NE); Michaler, Michael(SW); Brown, Thomas(SW); Mayson, James(NW)
Murry, John 5B 17 Oct 1766 C08:553 100a NW fork of Long Canes, waters of Pickens, Jno. Witherow(NW); Files, John(NE); Hamilton, Archibald(SW)
Myer, Nickolas Fredreck 7H 10 Feb 1766 C18:367: 100a branch Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John Knobb, Mary Elizabeth(SE); Knobb, Margaret(NE)
Myer, Ursula 7G 22 Jan 1773 C18:470:03 100a waters Cuffeetown Cuningham, Pat. Murphy, John(SE)


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