Index to Abbeville County Colonial Plats: I-L

 Explanatory Notes: The map has been divided into 5 mile by 5 mile sections identified by a number (along the left side of the map) and a letter (along the top of the map). The Map Section column identifies the section or sections in which the plat is located. In the Reference column, "C" stands for Colonial plat book (microfilm series 213184), the first number is the book number, the second (after colon) is the page and the third, if any, is the item number if there is more than one item on the page. Similarly, "S" before a two or three digit number then colon and another number refers to a state plat book and page number. The township plats start with the microfilm series  S213187 then the book, page, item numbers. Ungranted plats refer to the box number and folder, microfilm series S213197. The URL links are to the digital copies (if available) of the specific plat at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History's website. State plats and ungranted plats have not been digitized as of the date of this webpage.

Name Map Section Date Reference Location Surveyor URL Adjoining lands
Ingram, John 2F 24 Apr 1767 C17:264:02 100a Turkey Creek waters Nelson, Jno. Montgomery, John(SW); Watts, Thos(SW)
Jacobs, Phillip 7D 25 Mar 1775 C17:218 50a NW Fork Long Cane, Anderson, Robt. Dicky, Edward(E); Clark, Alexander(S); Calhoun, William(W & NW)
Johnson, George 2E 27 May 1767 C10:009 150a NW fork of Long Cane, waters Pickens, Jno. all vacant
Johnson, Napthali 5C 5 Aug 1755 C07:268 200a Johnsons Mill Creek Fairchild, John all sides vacant
Johnston, Dormick 6B 24 Feb 1767 C17:282 100a Great Rockey Creek, waters Pickens, John Wadkins, Jas.
Johnston, George 4D 11 Feb 1765 C07:467 250a on Parks Creek Pickens, John Parks, George
Johnston, George 6C6D 23 Dec 1767 C17:283 100a NW fork of Long Cane , waters of Calhoun, Pat. Curtis, Samuel(N); Lawrence, Elisha(E)
Johnston, James 6I 25 Apr 1762 C07:274 250a waters Ninety Six Creek Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Johnston, Jno. 4B 24 Sep 1765 C08:317 100a Great Rocky Creek Pickens, John said creek
Johnston, John 4D 14 Feb 1765 C08:533 250a Thomsons Creek Pickens, John all sides vacant
Johnston, Richard 8C 19 Oct. 1762 C08:535:01 250a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. Vann, John (NW); Rogers, William(SW)
Johnston,George 2E 23 Apr 1767 C17:284 100a Nelson, Jno. Murdock, James; Herron, James
Jones, Adam C. 2F 20 Jun 1774 C17:323 100a Turkey Ck., waters of Bowie, John Sloan, Robert
Jones, Adam Crain 2F 17 Jun 1767 C10:163 300a Turkey Creek Long, Matt. vacant
Jones, Adam Crain 2F 26 Feb 1772 C17:325 100a Turkey Creek Bowie, John Jones, Adam Crain(SW); a former survey(N&NE)
Jones, Adam Crain 2F 7 Jun 1768 C17:324 50a Saludy River Long, Matt. Waters, Peter(NW); Quin, Philip(SW)
Jones, Adam Crane 2F 22 Dec 1767 C17:323 150a Saluda River, near Nelson, Jared Jones, Adam C.(NE) land laid out for mill
Jones, Ann 4C 26 Nov 1767 C17:326:02 100a waters NW Fork Long Cane Nelson, Jared old line(NW); others vacant
Jones, David 4B5B 25 Nov 1767 C17:330 100a Great Rocky Creek Nelson, Jared said creek(S)
Jones, John 4G 13 Dec 1749 C05:077 500a Coronaka Creek and Wilsons Creek Pearson, John all sides vacant
Jones, John 6B 20 Jun 1767 C17:337 250a Flat Creek Calhoun, Pat. Alexander, Ezekiel(SW); Moor, Joseph(NW)
Jones, Joseph 5B 31 Dec 1768 C09:361 100a Great Rockey Creek Pickens, John Bell, John(NE)
Jones, Thomas 4D 8 Jul 1767 C17:343 100a Nelson, Jno. all sides vacant
Jones, Wallace 8E 22 Dec 1762 C21:493:02 100a waters Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. Kilcrease, John(SW)
Jones, William 7E 17 Aug 1767 C17:351 100a Reedy Branch Nelson, John McFerrin, James(SW); Mr. Gervais(NE)
Jordan, Adam 5C 6 Nov 1766 C08:603 150a NW fork Long Cane, waters Pickens, Jno. Witherow, John(SE)
Jordan, Isabella 4D 27 Aug 1767 C17:357 100a Nelson, Jared all sides vacant
Jordan, Martha 2F 21 Oct 1767 C17:357 200a Turkey Creek, S. side Nelson, Jared all sides vacant
Jordan, Thomas 2F 22 Oct 1767 C17:359 100a Turkey Ck., S.Fork of Nelson, Jared vacant
Karr, James 5C 30 Nov 1772 C17:380 150a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Karr, William(SW); Karr, widow(SE)
Keall, Catherine 3B 3 Jun 1775 C17:387 200a Rocky River branch Peart, James Pugh, Wilsbough(SE&NE); Cherokee Indian land(NW);
Keiss, Anna Elizabeth 7H 28 Jan. 1765 C08:093 100a Horsepen Creek Fairchild, John Hen, Pter(NE)
Keiss, Michael 7H 1 Feb 1765 C08:098 250a on Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John Hen, Peter(NW); Keiss, Anna Elizabeth(NW); Hen, Adam(NE)
Keiss, Phillip 8F8G 19 April 1765 C08:092:01 300a Hard Labor Creek situated in Londonborough Township Fairchild, John Frisch, Abraham(N); Zwilling, Johannes(S)
Keissin, Maria Katharina 7H 2 Mar 1768 C17:394:01 100a Cuffeetown Creek Nelson, Jared Keissim, Nichols(NW); said Keissim(SW); Audenfelds, Henry(SE); old survey(SE)
Keller, John Thomas 7D 8 Nov 1757 C06:319 200a Indian Camp Creek (between forks of Long Cane and Little River) Musgrove, Edward vacant
Kelly, Samuel 5A 13 Nov 1762 C07:354 350a Rosses Creek Belton, John all vacant
Keltz, Patrick 5J 9 May 1756 C06:294:02 200a Saluda River Hamelton, John Anderson, Jame(SE); Smith, James(NW)
Kenedy, David 9G 25 Aug. 1767 C17:419:01 300a  Cheves and Hard Labor Creek, a fork of Stephens Creek Nelson, John Addison, Joseph(SE corner)
Kennedy, Alexander 4B 30 Jul 1767 C17:416 400a Great Rocky Creek, branch Pickens, John Mathew Gallespy(SW)
Kennedy, John 2D 20 May 1767 C17:424 150a Great Hogskin Creek, near Boonesborough Nelson, Jno. vacant
Keown, James 7C 24 Mar 1772 C17:432 100a NW fork Long Cane and Savannah River, between Calhoun, Pat. Green, Benj.(SE); English, Andrew(SW)
Ker, Andrew 5C 17 Jan 1763 C07:326 100a NW fork of Long Canes, branch of Calhoun, Pat. Kerr, William(SW)
Ker, James 5B 22 Apr 1765 C08:278 50a NW fork Long Cane, branch of Calhoun, Pat McKedy, John(E)
Ker, William 5C 27 Dec 1758 C06:421 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Patrick Mr. Wood(SE)
Kerr, Andrew 5C 5 Mar 1767 C10:069 100a NW fork of Long Canes, branch of Pickens, Jno. said Kerr(SE); said Kerr(SW&NW)
Kerr, James 5C 20 Sep 1758 C07:25 100a NW fork of Long Canes, branch of Calhoun,Patrick all sides vacant
Kerr, James 6D 27 Aug 1767 C17:433 350a path from Ft. Boone to Long Cane, between Belfast and Boonesborough Twps. Calhoun,Pat Duff, Hugh(S)
Kerr, James 4B 9 Jun 1767 C10:040 150a Great Rockey Creek Pickens, John said creek(NW); said Kerr(SW)
Kerr, Samuel 5B 19 Oct 1762 C07:326 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters Calhoun, Pat. Hearon, Hugh(NE)
Kerr, Samuel 5B 6 Mar 1767 C17:438 100a NW fork Long Cane, waters of Pickens, John Garrett, James(NW); Ramsey, John(NE); Kerr, Samuel(SW)
Kewn, Thomas 7F 29 Feb 1772 C17:449: 300a on waters of Stephenson's (Stevens) Creek, Granville County, S.C. Cunningham, David Wiley, Thomas(SW); Bell, John(NE); Great Survey Line known to be Person-Rutledge land(NW)
Kilcrease, John 8E 7 Apr 1757 C08:281:02 300a waters Long Cane Musgrove, Edward all vacant
Kilcrease, Nimrod 6C 5 April 1757 C07:418:02 300a Little River waters Musgrove, Edwd. vacant
Kinab, Peter 7H 12 Sept 1774 C17:463:02 28a branch Cuffeetown Creek Murphy, John Weaver, Frederick(NW); Mires, Nicholas Frederick(SE)
King, Peter Michael 8D 3 June 1768 C17:478:01 200a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Latour, Suzanne(SE); Township Road(SW);Hughes(SW); Rogers, Robert(SW); Forster, Elizabeth(NW); Bontage, James Lazor(NW)
Kingman, Hugh 3E 4 Apr 1763 C08:279 100a Long Cane Creek, waters and Cherokee Road Calhoun, Pat Hawthorne, James(SW)
Kirk, John 3D 25 Mar 1773 C17:490 100a NW Fork Long Cane Bowie, John Tyner, John(N); McAlastar, Andrew(W); McAlstar, Andrew(S); Hunter, Jno.(S)
Kirkpatrick, William 4D 10 Mar 1773 C17:501 150a Parks Creek SE Fork Bowie, John all sides vacant
Kirkwood, Elizabeth 7F 30 Mar 1767 C17:502: 250a on Calabash Creek of the waters of Stephens Creek on the S.W. line of Belfast Township not given Belfast Township line(SW); Read, Robert(SE); Miscampbell, James(NE); Wells, James(NW)
Kirkwood, Hugh 8C 4 Jan 1773 C17:502:02 250a Flag Branch, branch Little River Murphey, John Gamble, John(SE&SW); Eager, John(NW&SW)
Kirkwood, James 2F 28 Oct 1772 C17:503 200a Turkey Creek Bowie, Jno. Stuart, Wm.(NE)
Kirsey, Stephen 6B 16 Sep 1765 C10:131 100 Great Rockey Creek(NW side) Pickens, John creek on three sides
Kise, Elizabeth 7H 4 Apr 1773 C17:504:02 100a waters Cuffeetown Creek Cunningham, Pat all vacant
Kise, Mary 7E 10 Nov 1772 C17:504:01 100a waters Long Cane Cunningham, Pat. all vacant
Kitt, Frances 7C 23 Dec 1768 C17:506:01 100a Russells Branch, below Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Knobb, Margaret 7H 2 Feb. 1765 C08:088:01 100a near Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John Knobb, Philip Peter(SE); Knobb, Maria Elizabeth(SW)
Knobb, Maria Elizabeth 7H 28 Jan. 1765 C08:98 100a Cane Creek Fairchild, John Knobb, Peter(NW); Knobb, Philip Peter(NE)
Knobb, Peter 7H8H 28 Jan 1765 C08:93 150a Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John Cuffeetown Creek(SE)
Knobb, Philip Peter 7H 28 Jan 1765 C08:93 100a on Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John Knobb, Peter(SW)
Knox, William 4C 17 Aug 1762 C07:286 200a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat Alexander, James(SE)
Kusor, John (formerly Crasser, Harriss) 6D 4 Nov 1766 C09:090 100a Calhouns Creek Calhoun, Pat Simpson, James(SW)
La Lande, Francis 8E 2 Jun 1768 C16:275:02 100a Hillsborough Twp., Bold Branch Calhoun, Pat. Yeaston, Ann Dorothea Elizabeth(S); Flick, Johannes Gerlagh(W); Hillet, Francis(N)
Labbe, Anthony 8E 10 Nov 1774 C16:236:01 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Laugrand, Claud(NW); DeMartil, Adam(NE); Bellier, Jean Pierre(SW)
LaFaye, Jean (No.25) 9D 16 Apr 1765 C08:138:02 200a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Township Line(SW); Regnier, Pierre(SE)
Laird, Samuel 7E 13 Jun 1767 C16:266 300a Bold Branch Nelson, John Ross, Andrew(NE); Clark, Wm.(SE);McFarlin, John(SW);Bordeaux Twp. Line(NW)
Langdon, Thomas 6B 15 Nov 1765 C08:356 300a Rocky Creek and Savannah River Pickens, John Peter Collins(W)
Langel, Jacques 8E 29 Mar 1765 C08:139:01 300a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat Boutiton, Rev. Mr.(SW); 800 acre tract for town use(SE); Due, Daniel(Northern corner)
Langell, Jacob 8E 26 April 1765 C08:138:02 100 acres Hillsborough Township Walshes Creek Calhoun, Pat. Township Line(NE)
Langrand, Claud 8E 2 Jan 1772 C16:283:01 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Patrick Bellier, Pierre(SW); Servant, Elizabeth(SW); Township Market Road(NW)
Latour, Anne 8D 23 May 1765 C08:137:02 100a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Township Road(SW);Latour, Suzanne(NW); Bayliard, Jacques(NE);
Latour, Suzanne 8D 23 May 1765 C08:136:01 100a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Road from New Bourdeaux to Fort Boone(SW); Latour, Anne(SE)
Laurens, Henry 9f 10 Jul 1770 C11:360: 350a Rocky Creek Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Laviolette, Matthew Bereaud  8E 28 March 1765 C08:135:02 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. McCullough, James(NE); Roberts, Reuben(SW);
Lawrence, Benjamin 5D 15 Jan 1765 C07:446 100a NW branch Long Canes (on a small branch or run) Calhoun, Pat Lawrence, Elisha(SW)
Lawrence, Elisha 5C 3 Jan 1759 C07:220 400a NW branch of Long Canes Fairchild, John all sides vacant
Lawrence, Elisha 6D 23 Aug 1765 C08:022 100a Calhoun Creek Pickens, Jno. Witherspoon, John(NE)
Lawrence, Joab 5D 12 Jul 1766 C08:507 100a NW fork Long Cane, waters Pickens, John Robertson, Jno.(SE)
Lawrence, John 5C5D 7 Feb 1773 C16:289 100a NW fork Long Cane Cunningham, David Morris, William(NE); Lawrence, Elisha(NW); Lawrence, Benjamin(SW)
Lawrence, John 6C 12 Sep 1765 C08:468 100a NW fork of Long Cane, branch of Pickens, Jno. all sides vacant
Lawrence, Joseph 5C 15 Jan 1765 C07:449 100a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Smith, Ebenezer(SW); Lawrence, Elisha(NW)
Lawrence, Joseph 5C5D 13 Mar 1769 C11:212 100a NW fork of Long Canes (branch) Pickens, Joseph Lawrence, Benjamin(NE);Lawrence, Joseph(SW)
Lawry, Sarah 2D 25 Sept. 1767 C16:265:02 100a NW fork of Long Cane Pickens, John Miller, William(NE); Gow, John(NW)
Le Que, Magdeline 9F 14 Jun 1768 C16:324:02 150a Bedingfield Branch between Savannah River and Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Leach, Stephen 6J 11 Nov 1772 C16:295 100a near Ninety Six Anderson, William Cunningham, Robert(NW); Holloway, Caleb(SW)
Lee, Nicholas 2G 13 Nov 1767 C16, p.304 100a Turkey Creek Nelson, Jno. Davis, Luke(N); Porter, Hugh(N); Gray, Jane(W); Rosman, John(E)
Lee, Thomas 8E 16 Oct. 1774 C21:446:02 200a in Hillsborough Calhoun, Pat. Langel, Jacques(W); Due, Daniel(N); Milligan, Robert(N); Patterson, Samuel(e); De la Chaux, Jacob(E); Bochounneau, Anne Curand(S)
Leman, Michael 7F 19 April 1765 C08:092:01 300a in Londonborough Township Fairchild, John Bauer, John Adam(E)
LeRoy, Rene Francis 9E 6 Sept. 1769 C11:166: 100a situated on Long Cane Creek (below the forks) Calhoun, Pat. Long Cane Creek(NE)
Lesley, John 4E 30 Mar 1775 (Recorded 8 Feb 1779) CDZ4:286-288 450a Calhouns Creek not identified not available Dramen, William; Joseph Salvador (SE &SW), Joseph
Leslie, James 3E4E 26 Dec. 1764 C08:489:02 100a Lick Branch (a small branch of Long Canes) (Jobs Creek) in Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Leslie, John (SE); Leslie, Jean (NW)
Leslie, Jean 3E 26 Dec. 1764 C08:490:01 100a Lick Branch (a small branch of Long Cane) in Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Leslie, James
Leslie, John 4E 26 Dec 1764 C08:489 150a Lick Branch (small branch of Long Cane Creek) in Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Township line (SE); Leslie, James (NW)
Lesslie, John 4E 29 Dec 1766 C16, p.331 400a Boonesborough Township, near Calhoun, Pat. Drennan, William(SE)
Lesslie, Thomas 5E 5 Jan 1767 C16:333 400a Long Cane Creek, branch, near Boonesborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Pickens, Andrew(SE)
Lester, George 2E 22 Jul 1768 C16:332 100a Turkey Creek, South Fork Nelson, Jared Bayley, John(NW & SW)
Leuserem, Magdalen 9E 4 Oct 1774 C16:336:01 33a Long Cane Creek Murphy, John Bert, John(NW); Creek(E)
Liddell, Moses 4C 5 May 1775 C16:346 100a Pennys Creek Peart, James Liddell, James(SE& NE); Dorman(SE&NE)
Liddle, James 4C 12 Jan 1773 C16, p.346 200a Pennys Creek Bowie, John Dormon, Michael(SE)
Lindo, Moses 5F 29 Aug 1763 C08:495 700a Curetail Creek Hamilton, John Duvall, Michael(NW); Salvadore, Joseph(NE)
Lindsay, Isabella 3D4D 24 May 1767 C16:368 100a Clarkes Creek Nelson, Jno. Smith, Joseph(NW)
Lindsay, John 3D 23 Apr 1767 C16:369 250a Clarks Creek, fork of Rockey Creek Nelson, Jno. Neal, Andrew(W); Mrs. Clark(S); Miller, Andrew(E)
Lindsay, Robert 4D4E 8 Jun 1775 C16, p.366 250a Sharps Creek, a branch of NW fork of Long Cane Bowie, John Ellis, Margaret(SE)
Lindsay, Robert 4E 8 Jun 1775 C16, p.363 250a Sharps Creek, waters of Bowie, John Lindsay, Robert(NW)
Lindsey, Henry 7F 02 Apr 1767 C16:373: 150a on Wilson's Branch of Lone Cane Creek, Granville County, S.C. Nelson, Jno. Abel, Joseph(N)
Lindsey, Samuel 3D 24 May 1767 C16:364 100a Clarks Creek, waters Nelson, Jno. Miller, Andrew; McClaskin
Lindsey, Thomas 8E 18 Apr 1767 C16:362: 400a on Carson's Branch an eastern Branch of Long Cane Creek, Granville County, S.C. Nelson, Jno. Carson, Thomas(SE); Bourdeaux Township line(SW)
Lion, Joseph 5D 15 Mar 1768 C09:231 300a Calhoun Creek, waters Long, Matt. McMurtry, Sam(W);
Lioron, Pierre 8E 28 March 1765 C08:141:02 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Bouchoneau, Nicholas(NE)
Little, Thos. 7F 28 Sep 1775 C08:223 100a Reedy Branch Pickens, John vacant
Little, William 5E 11 May 1767 C16:375:02 100a Fraziers Creek Nelson, Jno. Lockridge, James (on plat)
Little, William 5F 14 Jul 1765 C08:491 200a Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat Edwards, Matthew(NW); Long Cane Creek(NW); Great Survey called Salvador's(NE);Lindow, Moses(SE)
Little, William 5B6B 2 Nov 1767 C16:377 150a Little Rockey Creek waters Nelson, Jared vacant
Livingston, William & Asscoiates No. 4 3G4G3H4H 25 Nov. 1751  Surveyor George Hunter, S.G. C05:506:04 50,000a Great Survey No. 4 Hunter, George  
Livingston, William & associate No.3 4F5F 23 Nov. 1751  Surveyor George Hunter, S.G. C05:508:03 50,000a Great Survey No. 3 Hunter, George Livingston, William & associates(SE)
Livingston, William & Associates No. 1 4H5H4I5I no plat no plat 50,000a Great Survey No. 1 not known not available no plat
Livingston, William and his associates No. 2 5F5G6F6G6H7G 22 Nov 1751 C05:508:04 63,150a Great Survey No. 2 Hunter, George Said Livingston & associates(NE)
Lochridge, James 5E 22 Jun 1764 C08:492 250a Norris Creek, branch of Long Cane Calhoun, Pat Norris, Robert
Lockridge, James 5E 24 May 1765 C08:087 150a Norris Creek, Spring Tract Calhoun, Pat. each side vacant
Lockwood, Joshua 7C 16 Jun 1775 C16:386:02 400a on Russells Creek Dooly, Thomas McGo, william(NE); McGo, John(NW)
Lockwood, Joshua 7C 14 Jun 1775 C16:383:02 100a waters Savannah River Dooly, Thos Mills, Gilbert(NE); McGo, William(SE); Lockwood, Joshua(NW); McGo, John(SW)
Lockwood, Joshua 8C 17 Jun 1775 C16:388:02 550a Johnston Creek Dooly, Thomas McGo, William
Logan, David 8G 18 May 1773 C16:395:01 50a on Hard Labor Creek Purvis, John Swilling (N&E); Clem, John(N&E); Dorris(N&E)
Logan, John 7D 1 Jun 1773 C16:398:01 100a Little River Lang, Robert Patton, Arthur(NW&NE); Bonner, John(SE)
Logan, John. 4D 4 Jan 1759 C07:001 100a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, John Patton,Arthur(SW)
Long, Felix 9E 16 Oct 1772 C16:400:02 200a branch Russells Creek Murphy, John all sides vacant
Long, George 5D 7 Oct 1766 C08:508:03 100a Calhoun Creek(on plat) Long, Matt. all vacant
Long, Matthew 5D 3 Oct 1766 C08:507 150a Calhouns Creek Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Long, Matthew 5D 3 Mar 1768 C10:185 150a Flagreed Branch Calhoun, Pat. vacant
Long, Matthew 4A5A 14 Mar 1765 C08:018 400a Rosses Creek Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Loosk, James 6D6E 8 Jun 1767 C10:017 150a Armstrong's Creek, western branch of Long Cane Nelson, John all sides vacant
Loosk, James 6E 27 Oct 1767 unrec. plats no. 748 50a Long Cane, waters Pickens, Jno. n/a Loosk, James(NE; Crawford, James(NW); Young, Matthew(SW)
Lowry, John 5D 31 Jul 1766 C10:214 100a Flag Reed Branch of Calhoun Creek Calhoun, Pat. all sides  vacant
Lowry, John 6B6C 15 Oct 1766 C16:425 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters Pickens, Jno. all vacant
Lucius, Sammuel Frederick 7H 21 Apr 1770 C16:312:02 250a Reedy Creek Anderson, William all vacant
Lusk, James 6E 27 Apr 1765 C08:046 100a Long Cane Creek Pickens, Jno. Crawford, James(NW); Young, Matthew(S)
Lusk, James 6E 27 Apr 1765 C08:044 50a Long Cane Creek Pickens, John Crawford, James(SE& SW)
Lynch, Thomas 8F9F 19 Nov 1774 C16:432:01 1000a Hard Labor and Rocky Creeks Goode, Wm. Larance(SW); Simpson, James(SW); Williams, Charles(SE); Watkins, John(E); Hard Labor Creek(E); Tutt, Benjamin(NE)

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