Index to Abbeville District Colonial Plats: C-D

Explanatory Notes: The map has been divided into 5 mile by 5 mile sections identified by a number (along the left side of the map) and a letter (along the top of the map). The Map Section column identifies the section or sections in which the plat is located.  In the Reference column, "C" stands for Colonial plat book (microfilm series 213184), the first number is the book number, the second (after colon) is the page and the third, if any, is the item number if there is more than one item on the page. Similarly, "S" before a two or three digit number then colon and another number refers to a state plat book and page number. The township plats start with the microfilm series  S213187 then the book, page, item numbers. Ungranted plats refer to the box number and folder, microfilm series S213197. The URL links are to the digital copies (if available) of the specific plat at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History's website. State plats and ungranted plats have not been digitized as of the date of this webpage.

Name Map Section Date Reference Location Surveyor URL Adjoining lands
Cabean, William 8C 15 Sep 1764 C08:342 200a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. Phillips, John(NW)
Cagdell, John 6H6I 2 Feb 1773 C14:118:01 300a waters Cuffee Town Creek Anderson, William Murphy, Thomas(NE); Eustace, Thomas(NE); Dunnavan, Cornelius(NE);Bull, Robert(SW); McFarlin, John(SW) Davis, William(SW)
Cain, James 9E 15 Oct 1771 C13:476:01 150a Long Cane Creek Long, Matt. all vacant
Cain, Michael 9D 14 Feb 1756 C06:384:02 300a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph Gunnels, Nicholas(SE); Havard, Thomas(NW)
Caldwell, John 6I 2 Sep 1767 C09:139:02 150a near 96, in Amelia Towns Anderson, William Arkins, James(NW)
Calhoun, Ezekiel 6C 7 Jul 1758 C06:382 350a NW fork of Long Cane, Spring Hill, Calhoun, Pat Baker, Henry(SW);
Calhoun, Ezekiel 6D 21 Jul 1768 C06:382 150a Long Cane, waters, Rock Spring Calhoun, Patrick all vacant
Calhoun, Hugh 7D 17 Dec 1758 C07:003 100a NW Fork Long Cane, waters Calhoun, Patrick Calhoun, William(SW)
Calhoun, James 7E 9 Aug 1758 C06:383 200a Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Patrick all vacant
Calhoun, James 6E 7 Aug 1758 C06:383 150a Long Cane Calhoun, Patrick all vacant
Calhoun, John 6C 29 Aug 1767 C10:134:01 100a on NW fork of Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Calhoun, John 6C7C 18 Nov 1772 C13:487 150a Little River Caldwell, William Thomas Calhoun, John(NW); Messer, Robert(SE)
Calhoun, John, James, Catherine 6D 15 May 1762 C07:246 200a NW Fork Long Cane, Mulberry Bottoms Calhoun, Pat. Calhoun, Ezekiel(E)
Calhoun, Pat 6D 20 Mar 1767 C10:070 150a Calhouns Creek Long, Matt. Simpson, John(N); Deall, John(N); Calhoun, Pat.(SE); Norris, Robt.(SE); Carruth, James(SW)
Calhoun, Pat 6D 31 Jul 1758 C06:404 200a NW branch of Long Cane, waters of, at Walnut Ridge Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Calhoun, Pat. Jr. 6E 29 Jun 1763 C08:316 100a Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Calhoun, James
Calhoun, Patrick 6D7D 17 Mar 1767 C09:073 100a Calhoun Creek Long, Matt. Norris, Robert(NE); Read, Jean(SE)
Calhoun, Patrick 6D 22 Dec 1772 C13:489 250a Calhoun Creek Caldwell, Wm. Thos. said Calhoun (midest); Norris, Patrick and Andrew(NE); said Calhoun(SE); Watson, Sarah(SE); Noble, James(SE); Hutton, William(SE); Carruth, James(NW)
Calhoun, Patrick 7D 20 Aug 1767 C09:230 100a NW Fork Long Cane, branch Calhoun, Pat. Dickes, Edward(SW); Calhoun, Patrick(NW); Nobels, James(NE)
Calhoun, Patrick Jr. 6D 4 Aug 1767 C10:135 100a Calhoun Creek, adj. Mulberry Bottoms, near Fort Boone Calhoun, Pat. James, John(SE); Calhoun, Catherine(SE)
Calhoun, William 7D 14 Mar 1772 S36:015:01 67a near NW fork of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat n/a Calhoun, William(SW); Hutton, John(N); Calhoun, Hugh(E)
Calhoun, William 7D 18 Jul 1758 C06:390 400a NW fork Long Cane Calhoun, Patrick vacant
Calhoun, William 6C7C 6 Nov 1765 C08:170 150a Sanes Creek, Old Camps Calhoun, Pat all vacant
Calhoun, William 7D 28 Mar 1772 S36:16 67a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat n/a Huston, John(E); Messer, Robert(W)
Cameron, Alexander 4C 1 May 1765 C12:193 2,000a Pennys Creek Calhoun, Pat Hays, Henry(N); Brimmingham, James(SE); Robinson, John(SE); Jailes, Edwd(SE); Edmondston, William(S)
Cameron, Alexander 4C 25 Sep 1772 C13:495 250 Mill Creek Bowie, John Bond, Robert(NW); Black, William(NW); said Cameron(E)
Cameron, Alexander 4C 25 Sep 1772 C13:497 100a in Granville Co. Bowie, John Cameron(S)
Cameron, Alexander 3C 1 Oct 1772 C13:496 250a Diamond Run, branch of Great Rockey Creek Bowie, John all vacant
Cameron, John 3B3C 5 May 1775 C13:498 100a Peart, Joames Cameron, John(E); Mayer(on plat)
Cameron, John 3F 24 Apr 1767 C13:498 300a Turkey Creek near Boonesborough Nelson, Jno. Montgomery, John(NE); Robison, Wm.(NW)
Campbell, David 2F 2 Jun 1767 C13:502 100a Waters of Saluda Nelson, Jno. Summerville, Isabell Jane(N)
Campbell, Elizabeth 3F 11 Jul 1766 C09:030 100a Little Mulberry Creek Caldwell, Jno. McCue, John(NE); Mr. Lewiston(SE)
Campbell, James 3F 9 Jul 1766 C09:030 350a Pickens Branch Caldwell,Jno. Pickens, Robert(SE); Miller, Robert(SE)
Campbell, James 2E 13 Apr 1763 C07:467 100a Boonesborough Twp. Liviston, Jno. Seawright, Elizabeth(NE)
Campbell, John 8C8D 14 Aug 1767 C16:017 100a waters Little River Nelson, John Mills, Alexander(SW)
Campbell, Robert 5C 23 Jun 1766 C08:551 350a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Long, Matt. Swearingham, Joseph(N)
Campbell, Thomas 5B 2 Sep 1766 C11:29 100a NW fork of Long Canes, waters of Pickens, John Eady, Robert(NE); McKedy, James(SE)
Campbell, William 5A 28 Jan 1763 C08:314 100a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Campbell, William 6H 18 Dec 1767 C13:513:02 100a waters Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William Brooks, Richard(NW&NE); Holladay, Samuel(SE)
Camron, William 4B 16 Mar 1767 C09:2 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters Pickens, Jno. all vacant
Cane, James 9D 19 Feb 1772 C13:475:02 100a near Savannah River Calhoun, Pat Sanders, Joshua(SW); Cane, J.(NW); Parr, Abraham(NE)
Cane, Samuel 9D 4 Jul 1765 C08:431 100a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. Minor, William
Cannon, Thomas 7F 28 Nov. 1766 C16:078:01 100a waters of Stephens Creek Long, Matthew Gibson, Patrick(NE)
Cannon, William 7B7C 14 Oct 1772 C13:523 100a Russels Branch Murphey, John Willson, Wm.(SE); Cauren, Thos.(NE&SW); Cawren, B.(SE&SW); Homes, Thos.(NW); Russell, Mr.(N); Russell, Mr.(W)
Canty, Charles 5A5B 24 Apr 1772 C13:524 1000a fork of Savannah and Rocky Rivers Gaillard, Isaac Crawford, James(SW); Cowan, James(SW&SE); Craford, James(SE); Pickens, John(NE); Middleton, John(NW); Man, Henry(NW)
Carlisle, James 5B 5 Mar 1775 C13:532 400a between waters of N.W.Fork of Long Cane and Great Rockey Creek Calhoun, Pat. Greer, David; Parker, Charles; Greer, James; Johnston, John; Hall, William; Turner, Wm. Varner
Carmical, Elizabeth 4A 2 Apr 1765 C08:064:01 200a Rosses Creek Pickens, John Long(S)
Carmichael, Daniel 5B 3 Sep 1766 C14:349 100a Great Rockey Creek waters Long, Matt. Kerr, James(NW)
Carmichael, Joseph 5B 14 Nov 1764 C08:317 200a Great Rockey Creek, near Fish Dam ford Calhoun, Pat. vacant
Carmichael, Mary 5A 5 Sep 1765 C08:236:03 100a Savannah River Pickens, John all vacant
Carpenter, Joseph 6E 27 Jun 1774 C13:536 200a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Rutledge, John(N); Gallagher, James(NE); Mr. Gervais(SE); Stewart, Robert(SE)
Carruth, James 6D 4 Nov 1766 C08:465 150a Calhouns Creek Calhoun, Pat a former survey(NE)
Carson, James 8F 19 Oct 1774 C13:003:01 1,000a Persimmon Creek Purves, John Carson, William(SE&NE)
Carson, Joseph 5B 28 Jan 1763 C07:383:01 100a Great Rocky Creek Calhoun, Pat. Wilson, John(NW)
Carson, Samuel 7C 7 May 1765 C07:459 100a Saney's Creek Pickens, John all vacant
Carson, William 8F 3 Mar 1772 C14:009:01 200a in Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat Thompson, Robert(N &E)
Carson, William 8E 26 Mar 1765 C14:009: 200a Walsh's Creek, near Hillsborogh Township Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Carswell, Jane 7D 14 Dec 1767 C14:011:01 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Clark, William(N); Ronels, Andrew(S); Clark, Thomas(SW)
Carswell, John 6E 12 Oct 1767 C14:010:02 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat Carswell, Joseph(SW)
Carswell, Joseph 6E 12 Oct 1767 C14:010:03 100a Boggy Spring Calhoun, Pat. Carswell, John(NE)
Carswell, Thomas 7E 19 Dec 1767 C14:014:01 300a waters Long Cane Creek Nelson, John Watson, Benjamin(NW); Patterson, James(SE)
Carthey, Andrew 5J 6 Mar 1752 C05:404:01 400a 96 Creek Fairchild, John all vacant
Castan, John 7E 27 July 1770 C11:395: 100a in Hillsbrough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Rogers, Mary(E); old survey(N); Glick, Joanna Gerlaugh(S)
Castle, Robert 8D 15 June 1768 C09:380:02 150a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Drayer, Henry (corner); old surveys(NW&NE)
Cathcart, Samuel 5J 26 Mar 1768 C14:035:01 100a Saluda River Anderson, William Mayson, James(NW); Saluda River(NE)
Caton, Robert 5C 27 May 1768 C14:035 150a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Long, Matt. Kerr, Andrew(W); Hamilton, Margaret(W); Black, David(E)
Caton, Robert 7C 27 Sep 1771 C14:030:03 250a Russells Creek Cunningham, Pat. all sides vacant
Chatwin, Joseph 9D 17 Dec 1755 C06:128:04 150a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph Bedingfield, William(SE); Gunnell, Nicholas(NW)
Chevors, John 7D8D 15 Oct 1751 C05:138 600a Little River Chatwin, Joseph all sides vacant
Choh, John Jurig 5C 14 Aug 1767 C14:081:01 100a waters NW Fork Long Cane Pickens, John all vacant
Clark, Alexander 7D 8 Jan 1764 C08:335 100a between Long Cane and NW fork thereof Calhoun, Pat. Patton, Samuel(NE); Dicke, Edward(SW); Patton, Arthur(SW)
Clark, Jane 5B 14 Aug 1774 C14:094:02 100a branch Savannah Caldwell, Wm. Thos. Middleton, John(NE); old survey(NW); Hooss, Leonard(SW)
Clark, Richard 3D 16 Jan 1759 C06:422 250a NW fork of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Clark, Robert 7D 8 Jan 1764 C08:338 100a Pattons Creek Calhoun, Pat. McClellan, Archibald(NE); Patton, Samuel(SW
Clark, Thomas 7D 3 Apr 1767 C14:107 100a NW Fork Long Cane, waters Calhoun, Pat. Patton, Arthur(SW); Patton, Samuel(NW)
Clark, William 7D 1 Mar 1765 C09:98 100a NW fork Long Cane, waters Pickens, Jno. n/a (bad link) Paton, Samuel(NE); Mclelan, Archibald(SE)
Clem, John 7G 20 Jul 1765 C11:192 100a situated in Londonborough Township Fairchild, John Zimmerman, Philip
Clerk, Joseph 5B 12 Apr 1759 C08:368 200a NW fork Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat McNight, James(SE)
Clerk, Samuel 7D 28 Jul 1762 C07:287 300a Clerks Creek Calhoun, Pat. Calhoun, William(N)
Cluseau, Peter 7D 12 May 1768 C14:122:01 100a Hillsborough Twp at Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Piffree, James(SE); David, Jean(SW); Township Line(NW)
Cochran, Allen 7E 3 Dec. 1766 C10:042: 100a Long Cane Creek, waters, near Watson's Mill and road to Charleston Calhoun, Pat. vacant
Cochran, Thomas 7D 21 May 1768 C09:285 100a Nelson, Jno. Reed, Arthur; Anderson, John; Buchanan, Mary; Deal, William
Coffey, William 5E 3 Jun 1774 C14:117 200a Frazer's Creek, waters of, on the SW side of Long Cane Cunningham, David Leusk, James(NW & NE); Coxe, John(NW, NE & SE); Bearley, Rich(NE)
Cohan, Moses 7G 21 Apr 1755 C09:390:01 450a Stephens Creek Hamilton, John Da Costa, Isaac(SE); Wm. Leviston & associates(NE)
Collins, Peter 6B 17 Nov 1759 C07:162 450a Savannah River and Great Rockey Creek Calhoun, Pat. Savannah River
Colvil, Malwrin 3F 1 Apr 1763 C08:308 100a Boonesborough Twp. Hamilton, John Baxter, John(W)
Connoway, Edward 2F 17 Nov 1769 C11:255 200a Turkey Ck. waters Cunningham, Pat. vacant
Conser, John 8F 29 Aug. 1772 C14:221:01 100a Rocky Creek Caldwell, William Thomas Blair, John(NE); Doris, William(SE)
Cooey, Samuel 7E 8 Dec 1767 C14:162 100a Long Canes, waters Calhoun, Pat. Calhoun, Patrick(SE); Holmes, Joseph(NE); Shanks(NE)
Cooey, William 7E 1 Jan 1768 C14:162 300a Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. Russell and Gervais(SE); Dennin, Alex.(SW)
Cooly, Jannet 7C 9 Oct 1767 C14:161:01 100a Canes Branch Calhoun, Pat. Rankin, Charity(SE)
Cooner, Andrew 9F 8 June 1773 C14:169:03 100a waters Hard Labor Creek Cunningham, Pat. all vacant
Coppock, John 7C 18 Mar 1769 C14:188 250a Sawney's Creek Nelson, Jared Calhoun, Wm.(NW); Willson, Nathaniel(NW)
Coppock, John 6C7C 19 Sep 1772 C14:188 100a Little River, waters Cunningham, John Wilson, Mary(SE); Wilson, William(NW)
Coram, John 2F 19 Jun 1775 C14:190 400a Turkey Creek waters Lang, Robert Owens, widow(SW); King, Richard(SE); Bowers(SE); Dorman(NE); Nicholston, John(NW)
Coram, John 2F 19 Jun 1775 C14:189:02 350a Connoways Creek Lang, Robert unknown owners(NE&SE); Pulliam(NW)
Corskerry, William 3E 6 Apr 1763 C07:430 100a Long Cane Creek, waters Calhoun, Pat Dickson, Jean(NE)
Corslie, Pierce 5I5J 6 May 1756 C06:304 300a 96 and Rocky Creeks Hamelton, John all vacant
Cowan, Andrew 3E 24 Feb. 1772 C14:212:02 300a Boonesborough Township Turner, Andrew Rose, William(SE)
Cowen, James 5A5B 2 Nov 1767 C09:263:01 100a Savannah branch Pickens, John vacant
Cowrey, John 7E 9 Jun 1773 C14:210 70a Long Cane waters Cunningham, Pat. Hiland, Peter(SE); Cowrey, William(NE); Shanks, Matthey(NW)
Cowry, John 7E 9 Jun 1773 C14:213 17a Long Cane Creek Cunningham, Pat. Calhoun, Patrick(NE); Holmes, Joseph(SW); Cowrey, William(SE)
Cowry, John 7E 16 Jun 1773 C14:210 13a waters Long Cane Cunningham, Pat. Cowrey, William(NE); Calhoun, Patrick(SE); Hiland, Peter
Cox, John 5E 20 Aug 1767 C14:121 150a Long Cane Creek, waters of Long, Matt. all sides vacant
Cozby, Jno. 5A 26 Nov 1772 C14:225 150a Savannah River Heard, Wm. English, John(SE)
Craford, James 5B 24 Oct 1766 C09:31 100a Great Rockey Creek Pickens, John Craford, Joseph(NW)
Craford, Joseph 5B 24 Oct 1766 C09:32 100a Great Rockey Creek Pickens, John Crawford, James(SW)
Craig, James 6D7D 11 Mar 1771 C14:228 200a Long Cane Settlement, near Fort Boone Calhoun, Pat. Gray, William(S); Gray, Arthur(W)
Crawford, James 6E 25 Nov 1762 C07:325 200a Long Canes Creek Calhoun, Pat. Sprat, James(NE)
Crawford, James 4B 6 Feb 1765 C08:314 400a Rocky Creek, above Touglow old path Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Crawford, Jno. 6E 5 Feb 1764 C08:538 100a Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. Crawford, James(N);
Crawford, John 7F 15 June 1765 C07:289:01 150a Reedy Branch Pickens, John all sides vacant
Crawford, John 6E 22 Nov 1770 C14:239 50a Long Cane, waters Cunningham, Pat. Wilson, Robert(W); Crawford, John(E) Crawford, James(NW); Whaits, William(NE)
Crawford, John 6B 23 Dec 1769 C11:487 150a Rocky River, waters Cunningham, Pat. bounty land(SW); all other vacant
Crawford, Margaret 4B 30 Oct 1766 C08:031:01 100a waters Great Rocky Creek Pickens, John all vacant
Crawford, William 5C 26 Nov 1762 C07:328 200a NW fork of Long Canes, branch of Calhoun, Pat. McKnight, James(NW)
Crossley, William 7C 27 Jul 1767 C14:262:02 600 acres near the Long Canes, place called Silver Springs Calhoun, Pat. vacant land
Crossman, Bartholemew 5D 31 Dec 1762 C07:373 250a [Calhouns Creek], a creek that empties  into NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat Gilmer, Jno.(SW)
Crozier, Agnes 8H 10 Jul 1767 C14:273:01 150a near Cuffeetown Creek Nelson, Jared Males, Peter(South Corner)
Crozier, James 7F 31 Mar 1767 C14:273:02 100a Calabash Branch in Belfast Township Nelson, John McGuire, William(N)
Crozier, Mary 7F 31 Mar 1767 C14:273:03 100a in Belfast Township Nelson, John McGuire, Wm(E)
Crozier, Sarah 7E 23 Mar 1768 C14:269 100a Bold Branch, waters Nelson, John McCombe, George(SE)
Crozier, Thomas 7F 13 June 1767 C14:270:03 100a on waters of Long Cane Creek, near Belfast Township Nelson, John Miscampbell, John(NE)
Crydall, Conrad 7C8C 2 Dec 1772 C14:274:03 200a Russells Creek Seawright, George McGaw, William(NE)
Crydon, Isaac 8C 19 Jul 1767 C14:242:02 100a near Bordeaux Township and Little River Nelson, Jared all vacant
Cuenad, Daniel Lewis 3C4C 9 Jan 1773 C14:277 200a Penny's Creek, branches Bowie, John Roux, John Daniel(NE)
Culbert, Robert 4D 23 Sep 1772 C14:278 100a Parks Creek Bowie, John Smith, Ebenezer(NW)
Cummin, Lawrence 6I 30 May 1764 C14:281:01 350a Beaverdam branch, 96 Creek Fairchild, John all vacant
Cuningham, Andrew 8F8G 24 Nov 1771 C14:283:01 150a waters of Hard Labor Creek Cuningham, Pat. Boyles, Charles(SW)
Cunningham, James 6C7C 29 Jul 1772 C14:283 100a Sawney's Creek, waters Long, Matt. Wilson, Mary(SE); Carson, Samuel(SW)
Cunningham, James 6B 17 Jul 1767 C14:285:02 250a Sanes Creek, Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat Patterson, John(N); Cunningham, Jean(N)
Cunningham, Jane 7B 4 Dec 1767 C14:286:01 100a Bear Garding Creek branch Calhoun, Pat all vacant
Cunningham, John 6C 17 Jul 1767 C14:287 250a Saneys Creek, waters Calhoun, Pat. Downs, Henry(E); Miller, Alexander(S)
Cunningham, John 6C 2 Apr 1771 C14:284 100a Flat Creek, branch of NW fork Long Cane Pickens, John Baskin, John (S)
Cunningham, John 6B 15 Oct 1766 C10:26 100a Great Rockey Creek, waters Lang, Matt. all vacant
Cunningham, John 6J 3 Jul 1765 C08:063:02 100a waters 96 creek Pickens, John all vacant
Cunningham, Robert 6I6J 17 Jun 1766 C08:527 150a branch 96 Creek Pickens, Jno Cunningham, John(SE); Ramsey, Samuel(SW)
Cunningham, William 5J6J 11 Jun 1766 C08:474 200a Saluda waters Fairchild, John Henry, Henry(NE)
Curry, George 1E 23 Jul 1768 C09:361 100a Turkey Creek, head fork Nelson, Jared vacant
Curtis, Samuel 5C5D 31 Dec 1766 C10:208 200a NW fork of Long Canes, waters of Pickens, Jno. all sides vacant
Cuthbert, John 3E 7 Jun 1774 C14:273 250a Jobs and Parks Creeks Bowie, John McElroy, James (NW); Haddon, Robert (W); Cuthbert, John (S)
Cuthbert, John 3E 6 Jun 1775 C14:287 250a Jobs Creek Bowie, John Taylor, Thomas (S); Hall, George (S); Cuthbert, John (W)
Cuthbert, John 3E 7 Jun 1774 C14:297 200a Jobs Creek Bowie, John Hall, George (S); Cuthbert, John (W); old surveys(NE&SE)
Cuthbert, John 3E 6 Jan 1775 C14:296 250a Parks Creek branch Bowie, John Taylor, Thomas
DaCosta, Isaac 7G 20 Apr 1755 C06:180:01 250a Stephens Creek Hamelton, John Wm. Liviston and associates(NE)
Dake(Dickie), Edward 7D 17 Mar 1763 C08:254 400a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Patton, Arthur; Clark, Samuel; Calhoun, William; Calhoun, Hugh
Dale, William 6D 10 Aug 1775 C14:302 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Williams, Giles(SE); Simpson, Hugh(SE); Anderson, James(SW)
Daniel, Josiah 4B5B 22 Apr 1773 C14:305 150a N W fork of Long Cane, waters Peart, James Slone, Andrew(SE); Slone, George(SE);Henderson, David Nelson(NW)
Dargan, William 5I6I 3 Jan  1763 C07:349:02 300a Henley Creek, br. 96 Hamilton, John Wm. Liviston & Associates(NW); Gowdy, Robt.(NE)
David, Daniel 7D 14 Mar 1768 C14:319:01 100a in Hillsborough Twp, Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Reach, Robert(SW); Township Line(NW); David, Jean(NE)
David, Jean 7D 14 Mar 1768 C14:319:02 100a Hillsborough Twp at Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. David, Daniel(SW); Township Line(nW)
David, John 7E 19 Jul 1770 C11:396 100a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. McClellan, Arch(NE); McComb, George(NE); Bordeaux Twp. line(NE)
Davies, Luke 2F 12 Mar 1765 C8:29 100a Fork of Turkey Creek Pickens, John all sides vacant
Davis, James 9E 14 May 1765 C07:497:01 100a Long Cane Creek and Buffalo Creek Calhoun, Pat. Long Cane Creek(SW); Hillsborough Township Line(NW)
Davis, James 8E 13 Sept. 1756 C06:157: 150a Little River and Long Cane Creek Chatwin, Joseph vacant
Davis, James 7B 23 Feb 1756 C06:157:03 150a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph Savannah River(SW); all other vacant
Davis, Luke 5E 1 Sep 1764 C08:462 100a Long Cane Creek, on a small branch of Calhoun, Pat part of the Great Survey called Salvadors(NE);
Davis, Moses 5C6C 9 Feb 1773 C14:334 150a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat Alexander (NW); Edmonston, Moses (S); Davis, Moses (S)
Davis, Moses 6C 19 Dec 1762 C07:325:02 200a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Woods, Joseph (SE)
Davis, William 6H 31 Dec 1766 C09:206:02 500a waters Cuffeetown and 96 creeks Anderson, William Murphy, Thomas(NE); McClure, John(NW)
Davis, William 5J 20 Oct 1767 C09:305:01 100a Wilson Creek Humphreys, Ralph Bell, Capt. (SE); Mayson, Capt.(NW)
Davison, John 7C 23 Jan 1767 C14:342:01 100a Russell's Upper Branch near Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. former survey(NE)
Dawson, Joseph 7G 11 Dec 1771 C13:522 100a Stephensons Creek waters Cuningham, Pat Williamson, Andrew(SW); not known(S)
Dayle (Deal), John 6D 23 Feb 1767 C09:100 200a Calhoun Creek Calhoun, Pat Hamelton, Robert(NE);Norris, Robert(SE);Calhoun, Pat(S)
De France, George 10E 19 Oct 1769 C11:193: 100a Savannah River a little below the mouth of Lone Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. vacant
De La Howe, John 10F 4 Jan 1770 C11:244: 100a at Savannah River below the mouth of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. Tudor, William(SE); De La Howe, John(W); Savannah River(W)
De La Howe, John 8E 24 June 1773 C14:364:01 500a Little Buffalo Calhoun, Pat. vacant land
De La Howe, John 8D8E 20 July 1770 C14:364:02 200a Hillsbrough Township Calhoun, Pat. Bayllard, Jacob(N); Due, Daniel(N); Langel, Jacob(S); Township Road that leads to Fort Boone(W);
De La Howe, John 10F 24 Jul 1769 C11:079:02 150a Savannah River Pickens, John Savannah River(W); others vacant
De Martel, Adam 8E 3 May 1768 C14:367:01 100a in Hillsborough Township, Walche's Cabin Calhoun, Pat. Goguett, Thomas(NE)
Deas, David 2D 10 Mar 1769 C11:350 200a Hogskin Creek Pickens, Jno vacant
Deas, John 10E10F 21 Sep 1773 C14:357:01 500a Savannah River Purves, John Harlin, Ezekiel(NW); Ward(S); Bedingfield(S); Savannah River(SE)
Demesnil De St. Pierre, Jean Louis 9E 18 May 1768 C14:379:01 150a Savannah River near Hillsborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat. Bryan, John(NE); Reviere, Laurence(W);
Dennin, Alexander 7E 10 Oct 1767 C14:370 300a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Gervais & Russell(NE); Foster, John(SW)
Devall, Michael 6F 15 Nov 1762 C07:374 300a Curraltail Creek Calhoun, Pat all vacant
Devilin, James 6E6F 16 Sep 1767 C14:367 100a Curltail Branch Calhoun, Pat. McElwee, David
Devour, Matthew 5C 1 Jan 1773 C14:372 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Long, Matt. Alexander, Moses(SE); Johnston, Napthally(SE); Blackwood, Joseph(N); Black, David(N); Black, David(W); Meeting House land(W); Dickey, George(W); Dickey, George(S); Alexander, George(S)
Dickey, George 5C 25 Oct 1765 C08:323 100a NW Fork Long Cane waters Pickens, Jno. Alexander, George (NW);
Dickey, Hector 6I 5 Jan 1768 C14:390:02 100a Dooly, John MacKinney, Roger(NE)
Dickey, John 5C 25 Oct 1765 C08:323 100a NW Fork Long Cane waters Pickens, Jno. all vacant
Dickey, Robert 7I 5 Jan 1768 C14:389:02 350a Dooly, John Goode, Mackerness(SE)
Dickinson, George 9E 30 Apr 1773 C14:392:02 150 Long Canes near Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. Le Roy, Rene Francis(S); Maston, William(W)
Dickson, Arthur 8F 02 Aug 1766 C09:025: 100a in Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Dickson, Grizell 3E 6 Apr 1763 C07:472 100a Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat Dickson, Jean(NW)
Dickson, Jean 3E 6 Apr 1763 C07:471 100a Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat Dickson, Grizell(SE); former survey(SW&NW)
Dickson, John 3E 4 Apr 1763 C08:460 100a Long Cane Creek, waters Calhoun, Pat Forsyth, John(SE); Dickson, Michael(NW)
Dickson, Michael 3E 4 Apr 1763 C07:442 200a Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Dillichaux, Jacob 8E 30 May 1768 C14:406:01 300a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat Township Road and Elizabeth Servant(SE)' Boushonneau, Ann(SW)
Dillon, Robert 5I 27 Dec 1768 C14:407: 150a on Wilson's Creek Anderson, William Hamiltons Great Survey(NW); Murray, Joh(NE);Mayson, James(NE); Durberow, Benjamin(SE); Davies, William(SE); Savage, John(SE)
Dillon, Robert 5J 10 Apr 1771 C14:408:01 200a Saluda River Anderson, William Mayson, James(W); Furlow, William(W); Hinton, Robert(W); Beard, Archibald(S); Cameron, Alexander(E)
Dinwiddie, William 6D6E 13 Jan 1767 C14:409 100a Calhoun Creek Calhoun, Pat Reid, Samuel(N)
Dixon, Samuel 7F 13 Apr 1767 C14:404 100a Rocky Branch Nelson, John Brawford, Moses(NW)
Dixon, Thomas 7E 18 Apr 1767 C14:410 100a Rocky Branch Nelson, John Brawford, Moses(NW)
Dixson, William 4B 3 Nov 1767 C14:401 200a Great Rockey Creek, waters Pickens, John all vacant
Dizell, James 4D 28 Apr 1768 C14:412; also C12:38 (same plat) 100a Park's Creek Nelson, John Sharp, Henry (NW)
Dobbin, John 5D 19 Nov 1762 C07:369 350a NW fork Long Cane Creek, branch of Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Dodding, John 8C 12 May 1767 C14:415:01 50a Savannah River near Fort Charolotte Calhoun, Pat Macgregor, William(SE)
Donald, John 5D 18 Mar 1763 C07:387 200a NW fork Long Cane, waters Calhoun, Pat Martin, Josiah(SE)
Donaldson, Arthur 5C 29 Feb. 1759 C07:058:02 200a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of, at a place known as the two springs Calhoun, Pat. Swearingen, Jos.(NW)
Donavan, Cornelius 6I 1 Jan 1767 C09:020 50a branch 96 Creek Anderson, William Eustace, Thomas(NE); McIntosh, Thomas(SE)
Dooly, John 2E 4 Jan 1769 C14:426 100a Turkey Creek Lang, Robert Tyner, Richard(SE); Sanders, Thomas(NW) Rutledge, Reason(NW)
Dooly, Patrick 6I 4 Nov 1765 C09:130:02 300a 96 Creek Pickens, John Thomson, Moses(NE); Anderson, Colbert(SW); Anderson, James(SE)
Dooly, Patrick 6I 9 Nov 1767 C09:248:01 200a branch 96 Creek Humphrey, Ralph Anderson, John(SW); Anderson, James(SW); Anderson, Culbert(N)
Dorris, William 8F 14 Aug. 1772 C14:430:01 450a Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. Esler, Samuel(NW); Blairs(SW)
Dorris, William 7F7G 6 Feb 1771 C14:429:02 450a waters of Stephen's Creek, Belfast Township Long, Matthew Williamson, Andrew(NE)
Dorst, Peter 3D 13 Oct 1768 C09:350 100a NW fork Long Cane Nelson, Jared Clark(NE)
Dougherty,  Michael 2E 26 Jul 1767 C09:351 100a S.Fork of Turkey Ck. Nelson, Jared Harkins, Hugh(SE)
Dove, John 4D 16 Feb 1759 C07:028:01 350a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Down, William 9H9G 24 Feb. 1772 C14:453:02 100a waters Hard Labor Creek Cuningham, Pat. Watkins, John(SE); Tutt, Benjamin(SW)
Downing, Josiah 4D 16 May 1765 C10:206 150a Parke's Creek Pickens, Jno. all sides vacant
Downs, Henry 6C 16 Jun 1759 C07:088 400a Saney's Creek Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Downs, Henry Sr. 6B 21 Jun 1759 C07:094 400a Great Rocky Creek Calhoun, Pat all vacant
Drennan, William 4E 30 Jun 1763 C08:462 150a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Drew, Joseph 6H 15 May 1773 C14:470:01 100a waters Cuffeetown and Handley Creeks Cunningham, David McKenny, Roger(NW); Person & Rutledge(SW);Savage, John(NE&SE);Pendergrass, Durborow(NW)
Dryer, Hendrick 8D8E 22 Aug 1767 C14:472:01 200a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Steifel, John James(S); Gasper, Hendrick(E); Castle, Robert(W); Dupre, John Dee(W);
Duborow, Benjamin 5I 5 Aug 1767 C10:058 150a Ninety Six Creek Caldwell, John Fogotee, John(SE);Thomas, Samuel(NE); Riardon, Timothy(SW)
Ducerqueil, Francis Rene Le Roy 8E 11 Feb 1772 C14:476:02 100a Little Buffalo Creek near Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Due, Daniel  8E 27 Mar 1765 C08:133:01 100a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Strothers, George(NW)
Duff, Hugh 6D 18 Jun 1767 C14:478 100a NW fork Long Cane, waters Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Duffield, Anthony 3E 2 Jan 1767 C14:299:02 100a Parks Creek, head of, Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Beatty, Wm.(NW); Perry,Daniel(NE); Ferguson, Hugh(NE); Gregg, Joseph(SE)
Duly, John 6I 13 Jul 1767 C10:079 100a Caldwell, John Duly, Patrick(NE); Thomas, Samuel(NW); Savage, John(SW)
Dumesme De St. Pierre, John Lewis 7D 9 Jan 1770 C09:382 100a. near Hillsborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat. Patton, Samuel(NE); Patton, Arthur(SE); Dicke, Edward(NW); Clark, Alex.(NW)
Dumesnil De St. Pierre, Jean Louis 9E 25 Aug. 1769 C11:167:01 100a for a mill set on Long Cane Creek (below the forks) near Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Patrick Rogers, Anne Laspine(SW); Winter, Frederick(SE)
Duncan, John 4E 11 Dec 1767 C14:492:01 100a Long Cane Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat Boyd, William(N)
Dunn, James 2F 22 Sep 1772 C14:507 350a Turkey Creek Bowie, John Jones, Adam Crain(SE)
Duplea, Francis 8D 14 Aug 1766 C11:336: 100a waters of Long Cane Hillsborough Twp Foster, Alexius Mador Megovee, Ann(NW)
Dupre, John Die 8D 3 June 1768 C14:375:02 100a Hillsborough Twp. spring run of Cooper Branch Calhoun, Pat. Dryar, Hendrick(E)
Dupuy, Jean  8E 26 Apr 1765 C08:149:02 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Roberts, Reuben(SW); De Laviolette, Matthew Bereaud(NW); McCullough, James(NE)
Dutton, William 5C 22 Feb 1770 C14:449 50a Long Cane, waters of Long, Nath. McElvery, Saml.(NW)
Duval, John 9E 18 May 1768 C09:358:01 100a Savannah River near Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Riviere, Lawrence(E); Giles, Thomas(W)


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