Index to Abbeville District Colonial Plats: A-B

Explanatory Notes: The map has been divided into 5 mile by 5 mile sections identified by a number (along the left side of the map) and a letter (along the top of the map). The Map Section column identifies the section or sections in which the plat is located.  In the Reference column, "C" stands for Colonial plat book (microfilm series 213184), the first number is the book number, the second (after colon) is the page and the third, if any, is the item number if there is more than one item on the page. The township plats start with the microfilm series  S213187 then the book, page, item numbers. Ungranted plats refer to the Box number and folder, microfilm series S213197. The URL links are to the digital copies (if available) of the specific plat at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History's website.

Name Map Section Date Reference Location Surveyor URL Adjoining lands
Adam, Thomas 4D 24 Jul 1767 C10:014 200a NW fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat Parks, Geo.(SE), Parks, Geo.(SW)
Adams, George 5E 20 Aug 1765 C14:242 100a Frazers Branch, br. Long Cane, on the old path from Fort Boone Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Adams, William 5D 10 Sep 1774 C13:014:01 100a Little River waters Caldwell, Thomas Lawrence, Benjamin(NW); Lawrence, Joseph(NW); Luckey, John(SE); Pettigrew, James(SW)
Addison, Allen 9G 11 Apr 1763 C08:083:03 100a Stephens Creek Calhoun, Pat. Brice, Francis
Adie, William 5C 1 Nov 1758 C07:10 250a Long Cane waters Calhoun, Patrick McClelan, Archibald(SE)
Adolph, Elizabeth 7G7H8G8H 2 Oct 1772 C13:017:02 100a waters Cuffeetown Cunningham, Pat all vacant
Adolph, Henrick 7H8H 26 Jan 1765 C08:090:02 300a Cuffeetown Creek near Londonborough Twp. Fairchild, John Cuffeetown Creek(NW); Schilthneck, George(SW)
Agnew, Roger 3E 22 Jan 1767 C16:225 100a Parks Creek, head of Calhoun, Pat Ferguson,Henry(SW); Thomson,Jno.(NW); Gaillard, James(NE)
Airs, Thomas 4C 21 Jan 1768 C10:233 500a Spur Creek Long, Matt. all sides vacant
Aldoph, Mary 7G 17 July 1772 C13:018:01 100a waters Hard Labor Creek, in Londonborough Township Cuningham, Pat. Cockrum, Brian(W)
Alexander, Aaron 7D 26 Feb 1759 C07:286 200a NW fork of Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Noble, Mary(NE); Calhoun, Hugh(S); Calhoun, William(NW&W); Messer, John(NW&W)
Alexander, Adam 5B 20 Aug 1758 C07:296:02 300a McGills Creek Gaston, John vacant
Alexander, Alexander 9E9F 22 Jul 1773 C12:039:03 350a Russells Creek Purves, John Westcot, David(NE); Williams, Charles(SW)
Alexander, Daniel 8D 23 Feb. 1759 C07:063:01 200a NW fork of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. Cheves, John(NW)
Alexander, Ezekiel 6B 6 Mar 1759 C07:286:01 200a Dividing Ridge Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Alexander, George 5C 25 Oct 1762 C07:365 100a Calhoun, Pat Alexander, Nathaniel (SE); Alexander, Moses (NW)
Alexander, James 4C 22 Aug 1758 C07:12 250a branch of NW fork of Long Cane, branch, at a place called the Forks Calhoun, Patrick all sides vacant
Alexander, Moses 5C 22 Jun 1763 C07:387 100a Calhoun, Pat. Alexander, Moses (SE)
Alexander, Moses 5C 7 Jun 1758 C06:358 300a on NW Fork Long Cane Gaston, John vacant land
Alexander, Nathaniel 5C 14 Jul 1758 C06:355 400a NW branch Long Cane Fairchild, John Alexander, Moses (NW)
Alexander, William 4C4D 2 Mar 1759 C07:285 200a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Alexander, Zebulon 6E 4 Feb 1759 C07:284 200a Long Cane Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Allen, Joseph (not granted) 3F 13 Apr 1769 S213917  01:009 100a Long Cane Creek (waters?) Calhoun, Pat. Unavailable Allen, Judith; Hodge, John; Salvador; Wilson, Michael
Anderson, Andrew 6B 3 Nov 1766 C09:103 100a Sawneys Creek Pickens, John Martin, James(SW)
Anderson, Culbred 6I 18 Apr 1763 C07:381:03 100a on waters of 96 Creek Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Anderson, Cuthberd 6I 19 Nov 1766 C09:246 150a s side Saluda Anderson, William Anderson, Cuthbert(NE); Cunningham, Robert(SE)
Anderson, James 7F 13 Feb. 1772 C13:053:01 200a waters of Hard Labor Creek, in Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. Dorris, William(N); Marks, Belkeer(SE); Bauer, John Adam(S); Erlbeck, George Frederick(S);
Anderson, James 6D 22 Dec 1766 C13:052 200a Calhouns Creek Calhoun, Pat Armstrong (S)
Anderson, James 5I 9 Dec 1767 C10:219:01 100a branch 96 Cr. Anderson, William Rairdon, Timothy(SE); Dorborough, Benjamin(SW&NE); Mayson, James(SW)
Anderson, James 5J 5 Oct 1755 C06:114:01 300a Ninety Six Creek Hamelton, John Bonaday, John(NW)
Anderson, James 5J 16 Apr 1765 C10:172:01 150a Saludy River Musgrove, Edward said river(NE)
Anderson, James 6I 18 Jun 1762 C07:368:01 150a waters 96 Creek Calhoun, Pat all vacant
Anderson, John 7F 5 May 1767 C13:055:01 300a waters of Long Cane near Belfast Township Nelson, John Crawford, John(N)
Anderson, John 6F 1 Mar 1765 C08:031 100a Long Cane Creek (branch of) Pickens, Jno. all sides vacant
Anderson, John 6E 22 Feb 1759 C07:004 100a Long Cane Creek, at the mouth of Curel Tail Creek Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Anderson, John 7D 5 Jul 1763 C13:56 150a N. W. Fork of Long Cane, waters Calhoun, Pat. Parkison, Mary(NE); White, William(SE); said Anderson(SE,SW&NW)
Anderson, John 8G 3 Mar 1768 C13:053:02 150a waters Hard Labor Creek Nelson, Jared all vacant
Anderson, John 5J 15 Oct 1755 C06:114:02 350a 96 Creek Hamelton, John Welsh, Patrick(SE)
Anderson, John 6I 4 Nov 1765 C08:162:01 100a waters 96 Creek Pickens, John Anderson, James(NE)
Anderson, Robert 5B 10 Aug 1767 C10:080 150a Great Rockey Creek Pickens, John Thompson, James(NW); Carmichael, Joseph(SE)
Anderson, Samuel 8H 10 Mar 1759 C07:001:02 200a Cheves Creek Calhoun, Pat. Glagenburg, Jacob(N); Howard, Thomas(SW)
Anderson, Thomas 2E 27 Mar 1767 C13:058:03 100a waters Western Fork Long Cane Creek Nelson, John all vacant
Anderson, Thomas 5J 16 Apr 1765 C10:174:01 200a Saluda River Musgrove, Edward Anderson, James(SW)
Anderson, Thomas 5J 11 Oct 1771 C13:058:02 150a waters Saludy Anderson, William all vacant
Anderson, William 4E 17 Apr 1767 C13:61 200a Long Cane, waters of, near Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Drennan, William(SW); Ross, Jean(NW)
Anderson, William 5J 5 Dec 1766 C10:050 100a Ninety Six Creek Caldwell, John Anderson, James(N)
Anthony, John 8E 7 Aug 1770 C13:067:02 100a Hillsborough Twp Buffalo Branch Calhoun, Pat. Bouchannau, widow(NE); Baker, Henry(SE); Gilbert, John Lewis(SW)
Arkins, James 6I 10 Nov 1766 C10:010 250a Saluda waters Anderson, William Hamilton, John Great Survey(NE); Goudey, Robert(SE)
Armstong, Benjamin 6E 7 Oct 1771 C14:337 100a Calhouns Creek, across a branch that runs by Fort Boone Calhoun, Pat. Armstong, Jno.(NW); Averton, James(NW); Williams, Giles(SE); Brownlee, John(SE)
Armstrong, James 6D 27 Mar 1766 C20:500 150a Calhouns Creek Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Armstrong, John 6D 5 Jul 1763 C08:544 150a Calhouns Creek Calhoun, Pat all sides vacant
Arnet, Samuel 5E 18 May 1767 C13:78:01 100a Fraziers Creek, fork of Nelson, John Little, William(NE); Lockridge, James(SE)
Arnold, James 4F 14 Dec 1768 C13:78:03 50a Long Canes, small branch Anderson, William Hamilton's Great Survey(SE); Campbell, James(NW); Hall, John(SW)
Ashmore, Frederick 4D 20 Nov 1766 C09:290:01 150a Parks Creek Pickens, John Johnston, George(SE)
Aston, James 5B 14 Aug 1766 C10:50 150a Great Rockey Creek, NE side Pickens, John said creek(SW)
Atkins, Joseph 6I 21 Jul 1767 C10:207 300a branch 96 Creek Caldwell, John Savage, John(SE); McIntosh(NW)
Atkinson, Joseph 5B 25 May 1775 C13:80 1,000a Rocky River, branch of, and waters of Savannah River Peart, James lands laid out(SW&NE)
Bailey, Ann 4E 9 Mar 1768 C13:104 100a Holliday's Creek, waters of Long, Matt Salvadore(SW); Bailey, Nathaniel(NE)
Bailey, Elizabeth 4E 9 Mar 1768 C13:104 100a Holliday's Creek Long, Matt all sides vacant
Bailley, William 4E 18 Apr 1768 C13:153 100a Holliday's Creek, waters of Long, Matt. all sides vacant
Bailly, Isabell 4E 18 Apr 1768 C13:106 100a Halliday's Creek, waters of Not named (Long, Matt.?) Bailly, William(W)
Bailly, Jennett 4E 9 Mar 17668 C13, p.105 100a Holliday's Creek, waters of Long, Matt all sides vacant
Bailly, Joseph 4D 4 Mar 1768 C13:106 100a Unnamed Young, Robert(SE); Buchanan, John(NW); Jones, Thomas(W)
Bailly, Nathaniel 4E 7 Mar 1768 C13:106 250a Halliday's Creek Long, Matt. Salvador etc.(SE)
Baird, Archibald 6C 30 Jul 1774 C13:99 300a NW fork of Long Cane, waters Pickens, John all vacant
Baird, Archibald 5J 14 Oct 1766 C09:272:03 300a waters 96 unavailable Anderson, James; Dillon, Robert; Cameron, Alexander
Barmer, Susannah 8B 15 Feb 1772 C13:126 300a branch Hard Labor Creek Downes, Jonathan Cuningham, Pat(SW)
Barr, Patrick 3E 16 Jan 1767 C13:138 100a Parks Creek, head waters of, in Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Thompson,John(SE); Walker, Joseph(SW)
Barr, William 4D5D 10 Apr 1759 C07:063 200a NW fork of Long Cane Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Barr, William (for son James) 4D 7 Apr 1759 C07:079 100a NW fork of Long Cane Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat. McAlpine, John (bounding on stake)
Barrott, Humphrey 8G 1 Apr 1857 C08:500 150a Haw Tree Creek Musgrove, Edward all vacant
Bart, Edmund Head 5A5B 5 May 1775 C15:376 1000a Rocky River branches and Savannah River waters Peart, James land laid out(NW)
Baskin, John 6C 7 Jul 1763 C08:252:01 100a Flatt Creek Calhoun, Pat.
Baskins, Charles 5B 19 Feb 1768 C09:217 150a Great Rockey Creek, West side Long, Matt. said creek(SE)
Baskins, James 6C 28 Jan 1769 C11, p.469 100a Flat Creek, NW fork of Long Cane waters Pickens, Jno. all vacant
Baskins, Margaret  


8 Jun 1767 C15:379 100a Great Rockey Creek, waters Pickens, John vacant
Bauer, John Adam 7F 19 April 1765 C08:090:01 300a in Londonborough Township Fairchild, John Zang, Christian(E); Fritch, Abraham(E); Merk, Balker(N)
Baxter, John 3F 1 Apr 1763 C08:218 200a Boonesborough Twp. Hamilton, John all sides vacant
Baylard, Jacques 8D8E 14 May 1765 C08:150:02 100a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Strother, William former survery(NE); Due, Daniel(NE)
Bayle, Cecile 8D 24 Apr 1765 C08:129:02 100a Hillsborough Twp, head of Davis Branch Calhoun, Pat Moragne, Pierre(NE)
Bayle, Francis 8D 22 May 1765 C08:127:03 100a Hillsborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat. Bienaime, Ann Beraud De Venue(NE)
Bayle, Maria 8D 3 Apr 1765 C08:148:02 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Morange, Pierre(SE); glebe lands(NE)
Bayle, Pierre 8D 4 April 1765 C08:128:01 100a situated in Hillsborough Township on the NW fork of Lone Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat NW fork Long Cane; land reserved for a mill(N)
Bayley, William 3E 20 Apr 1767 C17:153:02 100a in Boonesborough Twp., Clarks Creek Nelson, Jno. Hetherington, Edward; Morrow, James;
Beale, John 5J 17 Nov 1770 C13:154 100a Rocky Creek, 96 waters Anderson, William Beale, William(N); Eddins, Benj.(N); Thomson, Robert(W); McClints, Charles(NE); Cunningham, William(Sw)
Beard, David 4D4E 19 Feb 1772 C13:159 300a Parks Creek Turner, Alexander vacant land
Beard, John 5B 14 Dec 1769 C13:161 200a Great Rocky Creek Pickens, John Aston, James(NW)
Beard, Jonas 2D 30 Apr 1773 C20:179 500a Corner Creek Downs, Jonathan Boomer, John(NW)
Beasley, Richard 5E6E 3 Jun 1774 C13:165 100a Frazers Creek, waters of the SW side of Long Canes Cunningham, David Lusk, James(NW); Coxe, John(NE); Weems, Henry(E & NE); Morris, John(SE & NE); Stewart, Robert(SW)
Beaty, James 6I 17 Mar 1770 C11:289 100a Handleys Creek, branch 96 Anderson, William Caldwell, John(NE); Durborow, Ben(NW); Dickie, Hector(NW); McKenny, Robert(NW); McClure, John(SW); Porter, John(E)
Beaty, Jane 7E 4 May 1770 C11:404 100a Bold Branch Calhoun, Pat. McGuire,Terence(NE); Crozier, Sarah(S&SE); Beaty, Mary(SW)
Beaty, Mary 7E 7 May 1770 C11:405 100a Long Cane, branch Calhoun, Pat. McCabe, Patrick(NE); McGuire, Terence(NE); Beaty, Jane(SE)
Beaty, Robert 3F 7 Apr 1768 C13:168 100a Mulberry Creek Nelson, Jno. vacant
Beaty, Thomas 3E 3 Jan 1767 C13:169:03 100a Parks Creek, spring run of, in Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Beaty, William(NE); Walker, Agnes(SW);
Beaty, William 3E 2 Jan 1767 C13:170:01 100a Parks Creek, head of, in Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Walker,Joseph(NE); Perry, Daniel(NE); Duffield,Anthony(SE); Beaty, Thomas(SW)pt lightwood stake, on Thomas Beaty's land and vacant land
Bedingfield, Henry 10F 24 Feb 1756 C06:406:02 100a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph all vacant
Bedingfield, William 7D 29 Dec. 1756 C06:123:02 100a Little River Chatwin, Joseph all vacant
Bedingfield, William 7D 19 Dec. 1756 C06:123:02 300a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph Chatwin, Joseph(NW); Manear, William(SE)
Bein, William 6I 5 Nov 1765 C13:158 500a waters Ninety Six Creek Pickens, John Beels, William(NE); Miller, Emanuel(SE)
Belaird, Jacob 7E 7 Sept 1769 C11:195: 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Belfast (Londonborough) Township 7F7G8F8G 29 Dec 1762 S213187 01:08:01 (Box 8 Folder 1 ) 22,000 acres in or near the fork of Hard Labor and Coffeytown Creeks Liviston, John Hamiltons Great Survey
Bell, Benjamin 9G 2 Apr 1764 C11:124 200a CuffieTown Creek Fairchild, John Adderson, Allen(SW)
Bell, John 7F 5 Jun 1770 C11:327: 100a waters of Hard Labor Creek (Silver Spring) Anderson, William vacant land
Bell, John 6C 9 Mar  1772 C13:180 100a NW fork of Long Cane Calhoun, Pat Turnbull, Robert(SW); McKinley, John(NW)
Bell, Matthew 4B 7 Oct 1767 C13:183 150a Rocky Creek Nelson, John all vacant
Bell, Patrick 2E 20 May 1767 C13:184 100a Hogskin Creek Nelson, Jno. Russell, Christopher(NW)
Bell, Robert 4D 16 Dec. 1768 C09:347:01 100a NW fork of the Long Canes, waters Pickens, Jno.
Bell, Samuel 7E 20 Mar 1770 C11:327: 100a on Reedy Branch Anderson, William Jones, William(NW)
Bell, Susannah 6I 9 Dec 1762 C07:346:01 100a near 96 Leviston, John all vacant
Bell, Thomas 4D 1 Nov 1768 C09:357 250a NW fork of Long Canes, waters of Pickens, Jno. Barr, Wm(NE)
Bell, Walter 8F 18 Mar 1770 C11:327: 350a on road to Charleston on a small branch of the Savannah River, Granville County, S.C. Anderson, William all vacant
Bellesaye, Jean 8D 30 Mar 1765 C08:151:01 150a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Brazeal, Henry(NW); Alexander, Daniel(NE);
Bellier, Jean Pierre 8E 4 April 1765 C08:147:02 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Bellot, Pierre Elie(SW); Servant, Elizabeth(NW)
Bellinger, Mary 6B 13 Aug 1766 C11:405 100a Great Rockey Creek Pickens, John Collins, Peter(SE); Creek(SW)
Bellot, Jean 8E 26 Apr 1765 C08:141:01 250a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Bouchsoneau, Nicholas(NW); Roberts, Reuben(NW)
Bellot, Maria Magdaline 8E 26 Apr 1765 C08:129:01 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Bellot, Jean(SW); Roberts, Reuben(NW); Dupuy, Jean(NW)
Bellot, Pierre Elie 8E 30 Mar 1765 C08:145:02 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Billier, Jean Pierre(NE); Jones, Wallace(NW); Kilcrees, John(SW)
Bennison, Fanny 2E 15 April 1767 C13:198 100a Clarks Creek, branch of Nelson, Jno. Murdock, John(NE); Bennison, Jno.(NW);also Bennison William on plat
Bennison, John 2E 15 Apr 1767 C13:199 200a Turkey Ck, head waters of Nelson, Jno. Murdock, John(SE)
Bennison, William 2E 13 Apr 1767 C13:199 100a Clark & Turkey Ck. waters Nelson, Jno. Murdock, John(NW); Bennison, John(SE)
Beraud De Canton, Jean 8D 17 April 1765 C08:149:02 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Bouchillon, Joseph(NW); NW Fork Long Cane(NE); Gilhibeau, Andrew(SE)
Beraud, Matthew 8D 18 Apr 1765 C08:146:02 250a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Bouchanneau, Charles(NW); Brinaime, Anne(SW)
Bercher, Daniel 9E 27 Mar 1773 C13:203:01 250a Little Buffalo Calhoun, Pat. Brezael, widow(N); LeRoy, Francis Rene(E)
Bert, John 9E 29 Mar 1766 C11:162:01 100a on Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. Long Cane Creek(E); Township Line(NW)
Betty, Hannah 7F 11 Mar 1773 C13:211 100a Long Canes Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Braford, Moses(SW); Dickson, Samuel(SW); Gervais, John Lewis(NW)
Betty, John 7E8E 6 Feb 1773 C13:209: 300a in the settlement of Long Canes Calhoun, Patrick Langel, Jacob(SE); Lynse, Thomas(NE); Crawford old place(NW); Duprey, Jean(SW); Bellot, Maria Magdaline(SW)
Biggam, Thomas 7C 19 Aug 1767 C13:214:02 100a Russells Upper Branch, Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat Morrison, Robert(SW)
Bingham, James 3E 10 Jul 1766 C09:028 250a Boonesborough Twp., br. of Long Cane, on both sides  of  the main  road going NW to Fort Prince George Caldwell, Jno. all sides vacant
Birmingham, James 5C 13 Nov 1764 C07:417 150a Penny's Creek Calhoun, Pat Morris, William(SW)
Black, David 5C 23 Oct 1763 C13:245 350a Long Cane, branch of Long, Matt. Blackwood, Joseph(NW)
Black, Elizabeth 3F 6 Feb 1768 C13:226 Mulberry waters Nelson, Jared all vacant
Black, John 5B 4 Nov 1766 C10:001 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Pickens, Jno. Murrey, John(SW); Files, John(NW)
Black, Robert 4C 7 Jan 1769 C13:232 200a N. W. fork of Long Cane waters Long, Matt. Hays, Henry(E); Alexander, William(E)
Black, William 4C 10 Nov 1766 C13:232 100a NW fork Long Canes, branch Pickens, Jno. Hamilton, John(SE)
Black, William 4C 23 Jan 1775 C13:222 100a Peart, James Black, William(SE); Liddell, Mrs.(SE)
Blackburn, John 5E 23 Jul 1767 C10:181 100a Frazers Creek, branch, a West branch of Long Cane Creek, Granville County Nelson, John Adams, George(NE)
Blackwood, Joseph 5C 14 May 1767 C09:242 100a NW fork Long Cane, waters of Long, Matt. Black, David(W); Johnston, Napthali(E)
Blaine, Michael 4C4D 19 Nov 1766 C09:235 200a Thomsons Creek Pickens, John Martin, Josiah(SE)
Blair, George 8F 19 Sep 1766 C09:100: 100a in Belfast Township Long, Matt. all sides vacant
Blair, William 8F 19 Sep 1766 C09:101: 100a on Little Rocky Creek in Belfast Township, Granville County, S.C. Long, Matt. Blair, George(E)
Blair, William (not granted) 2D 26 Sept. 1767 S213917 01:080:00 100a NW fork of Long Cane Creek Pickens, John unavailable Miller, William
Blake, Edward 5B 6 Apr 1772 C13:246 500a Great Rockey Creek Pickens, Jno. Pickens, Gabriel(NW); Green, John(NE); Trimble, Walter(SE); McCamey, Robert(S)
Blake, Edward 4A 26 Aug 1773 C13:246 100a Savannah River waters Pickens, John Cherokee boundary; Hays, John; Lowrey, Doctor
Blake, Edward 4A 26 Jun 1773 C13:245:02 300a Rosses Creek Anderson, Robert Vandenhurst, Arnaldus(SE); Shanklin, Thomas(NW)
Blake, Michael 3C 8 May 1773 C13:247 450a Johnson's Creek Downes, Johnathan Horlbeck, John
Blakeley, Sarah 8G 26 Jan 1768 C13:249:03 100a Lick Creek Nelson, Jared Walles, Robert(SW)
Blakely, Chamber 8H 29 May 1765 C09:360 100a Cuffeetown Creek Nelson, John Wallace, Richard(N); Daniels, Elias(E); Anderson, Samuel(S); Glagenburg, Jacob(W)
Blakely, David 6F 18 Jan 1768 C13:249:01 100a Curltail Cr. Nelson, Jared John Hamilton's Survey(NE)
Blumhart, Martin 7H8H 25 Mar. 1765 C08:089:01 100a neighborhood Cuffeetown Fairchild, John Pleiser, Michael(SW); Adolph, Hendrick(NW)
Boggs, Robert 7F 1 May 1767 C13:260: 200a on Wilson's Branch of the waters of Long Cane Creek, Granville County, S.C. Nelson, John Lindsay, Henry(N); Wilson, Robert(E); Hanvey, William(W); Ewart, James(W)
Boggs, Samuel 7F 11 June 1767 C13:261: 100a on Wilson's Branch Nelson, Jno. all sides vacant
Bole, John 5B 7 Apr 1764 C08:216 200a NW Fork of Long Cane, branch of Calhoun, Pat Herron, Hugh(SE); Carmichael, William(NE)
Bollinger, John 6B 14 Jan 1768 C10:212 100a Savannah River Nelson, Jared Collins, Peter(SW)
Bond, Robert 4C 21 Mar 1769 C11:147 100a NW Fork of Long Canes, branch Pickens, Jno. Black, William(NW)
Boneyday, John 5J 19 Mar 1753 C05:380:01 200a 96 Creek Hamelton, John all vacant
Bonner, John 8C 23 Oct 1767 C13:267:03 100a Johnson's branch, Savannah River waters Nelson, John all vacant
Bonner, William 7D 14 Aug 1767 C13:268 250a Western Br. Long Cane Nelson, Jno. Swancey, Mr.(NE); Patton, Arthur(N); Clark, Alexander(W)
Boomer, John 2D 3 May 1773 C13:274 450a Corner Creek Downs, Jonathan Gowdies, Robert(NE)
Boomer, John 2D 6 May 1773 C13:273 450a Corner Creek Downs, Jonathan Beard, Jonas(SW)
Boonesborough Township  3E 22 Oct 1762 S213187 01:20:01 (Box 8 Folder 2) 22,500 acres head waters of Long Cane Creek (500 acres already surveyed) Liviston, John McDowel, Archibald(SE)
Bordazeau, Colas  9D9E 5 Apr 1765 C08:148:01 350a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Regner, Pierre(SW); other sides vacant
Bouchillou, Jean 8D 24 Apr 1765 C08:146:01 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat Strothers, Charles(NW); NW Fork Long Cane(NE)
Bouchillou, Joseph  8D 17 April 1765 C08:135:01 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Roquemore, Pierre Jacques(NW); Roquemore, widow(NW); NW Fork Long Cane(NE); Beraud, Jean(SE)
Bouchonneau, Ann Courau 8E 29 Mar 1765 C08:137:01 150a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat
Bouchonneau, Charles 8D 30 Mar 1765 C08:145:01 150a in Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. all sides vacant
Bouchonneau, Nicholas 8E 25 Apr 1765 C08:128:02 100a in Hillsborough Township on Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. Roberts, Reuben(NE); Bellot, Jean(SE); Liorone, Pierre(SW)
Bouler, Jacob 7E 19 Aug 1766 C09:028:02 100a waters Long Cane Hillsbrough Twp. Forster, Alexius Mador Wyott, Jean(NW)
Boulet, David 8D 7 Feb. 1769 C13:280:01 300a Hillsborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat. NW Fork Long Cane(W); Rogers, Pierre(N); Forrester, Elizabeth(E); Rogers, Robert(E); Hughes, Ann(E); Engelvin, Pierre(SE)
Boulonge, John Baptist 9E 20 Jan 1768 C13:208:02 100a Buffalo Branch Calhoun, Pat Township Line(NW); Davis, James(SW)
Boutiton, Jacob 8D 7 Sept 1768 C13:282:03 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Moragne, Pierre(SE); Bayle, Cecile(SW)
Boutiton, Pierre 8E 27 Mar 1765 C08:147:01 100a Hillsborough Twp, Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. New Road from New Bordeaux to Fort Boone(SW); 800 acre tract for Township Use(SE); Langel, Jacques(NE)
Boutiton, Pierre Jr. 8D 22 May 1765 C08:150:01 100a in Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Prouillac, Francois(NWO; Bouchonneau, Chas.(NE)
Boviell, Lewis 7E 19 Aug 1766 C10:030: 150a Bold Branch, Hillsbrough Twp. Foster, Alexius Mactor Bouler, Jacob(NE); Gelblair, John(NW)
Bower, Charles 8F 14 Aug 1772 C13:288:02 100a waters Long Cane Cunningham, Pat. Kise, Philip(SE&SW); Thomas, John(N); Zang, Peter(E)
Bower, Elizabeth 7H 14 Nov 1772 C13:284:03 100a waters Cuffeetown Cuningham, Pat all vacant
Bowle, William 4B 2 Sep 1765 C11:38 100a Great Rocy Creek Pickens, John Rocy Creek
Bowman, Will 4C 21 Jul 1772 C13:290 350a Swearinghams Creek Long, Matt. all sides vacant
Boyd, Robert 5C6C 7 Nov 1767 C13:326 400a waters of Western Fork of Long Cane Nelson, Jared Alexander, Col.(E); Alexander, George (E); Dickey, George (E)(N);Dickey, Mr. (N); Dickey, John (N); Carr, Mrs. (N); Carr, William (W); Logan, David (W); Campbell, William (S);
Boyd, William 4E 22 Dec. 1767 C13:328:02 100a Long Cane, small branch between Boonsborough and Belfast Twp. Calhoun, Pat Duncan, John(S)
Boyd, William 3C 28 Jul 1767 C13:329 100a Johnston's Creek Nelson, Jared Smith, John(S&SE);Ward, William(NE&NW)
Brannan, Edward 8F 21 Nov 1770 C13:317:02 200a Calabash Creek Cuningham, Pat. Bower, Adam(N); Murray, John(SW)
Brannan, James 8G 21 Nov 1770 C11:561:2 100a Hard Labor Creek Cuningham, Pat. Nelson, Jent.(SE);Cuningham, Patrick(NW);Boyl, Charles(NW)
Brannon, Alexander 2E 13 Mar 1768 C13:319 150a Hogskin Creek Nelson, Jno. all sides vacant
Braswell, Robert 7D 7 Apr 1757 C08:213:02 100a waters of the NW fork of Long Cane Musgrove, Edward vacant
Brawford, John 8E 2 Apr 1767 C13:298:02 150a Carson's Branch Nelson, John all vacant
Brawford, Moses 7E 25 May 1767 C13:297 100a Reedy Branch Nelson, John Hanoverian Survey(SE)
Brawford, Thomas 7E 26 Mar 1767 C13:295: 150a on a small branch of Long Cane Creek Nelson, John Raverty, Neal(E)
Brazeale, John 7D 3 May 1759 C11:26 150a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. Patton, Arthur(N); White, William
Brazil, William 9E 18 Aug 1767 C10:046:03 100a Buffalo Creek Long, Matt. all sides vacant
Breazeal, Henry 8D 23 June 1763 C08:208:01 200a on NW fork of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. Alexander, Daniel(NE); Cheves, John(NE)
Bremar, Francis 4B4A 1 May 1775 C21:371 3000a Franks Creek Peart, James Cherokee Line, near Sawney's Path
Brew, John 7E 27 July 1770 C11:395:01 100a Hillsbrough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Gellair, Ann(NE); Brownlee, John(NE); Caston, John(SE)
Brice, Francis 9G 12 Jan 1757 C06:401 200a Haw Creek branch Musgrove, Edward all vacant
Brimingham, James 3C3D 26 Jul 1769 C12:337 250a Spur Creek Nelson, Jared Pratt, William(E)
Brinaime, Ann Breaud 8D 18 Apr 1765 C08:140:01 150a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. Breaud, Matthew(NW); others vacant
Brooks, Elisha 6H 14 May 1767 C10:027:01 150a branch on head Cuffeetown Creek Fairchild, John Ramsey, Isaac(SE); Savage, John(NE)
Brooks, Elisha 6I 13 Nov 1766 C09:157:01 400a 96 Mill Branch Anderson, William Fowler, Elisha(SE&NE); Rumsey, Samuel(NE); McCutcheon, Robert(NW); Burns, George(SE)
Brooks, Richard 6H 2 Jan 1767 C10:158:01 200a branch Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William Hamiltons Great Survey(SW)
Brown, Cornelius 9D 11 May 1772 C13:361:03 133a Savannah River opposite the Lone Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. said river(SW); Lee, Thomas(NW); old line(NE); Ketting, Edward(SE)
Brown, Cornelius 9D 4 July 1772 C13:362:02 100a near  Savannah River opposite the Long Cane Creek Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Brown, Cornelius (SW); Ketting, Edward(SE); Glover,Samuel(NE); vacant(N); Lee, Thomas(NW)
Brown, Cornelius 5D 22 Oct 1773 C13:362 200a Long Canes Settlement Calhoun, Pat McMurtary, Samuel(NE); Harris, Rev. John(NE)
Brown, Cornelius 6C 24 Feb 1773 C13:362 150a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. Pettigrew, James(SW); Calhoun, William(NW); Steadman, Jno.(NE)
Brown, Cornelius 8C 8 Sept 1767 C10:125:01 250a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. Thomas, Edward(NE); Brown, Cornelius(SW)
Brown, Cornelius 8C 9 Sep 1767 C10:125:02 150a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. said Brown(NE)
Brown, John 7H 15 Jun 1773 C13:373:02 100a Beaverdam Creek, waters Cuffee Town Creek Cunningham, David Scott, John(NW); Sullivant, Daniel(NE); Beaverdam Creek(NW)
Brown, Mary 3E 26 Jun 1767 C13:378 100a Miller's Branch (on plat) Boonesborough Twp. Nelson, Jno. SW, SE & NW by lands laid out by Calhoun, Patrick (warrant relapsed from this plat)
Brown, Richard 2E 13 Mar 1763 C07:485:03 100 acres in Boonesborough Township Calhoun, Pat. Seawright, Elizabeth(SE)
Brown, Thomas 5I 4 May 1738 C02:361 200a at 96 Haig, George all vacant
Brown, Thomas 5I6I 8 Feb 1744 C04:268 200a 96 Creek Haig, George Brown, Thomas(N)
Brown, William 3D3E 23 Jan. 1766 C08:433:01 350a Chickasaw Camp Branch a little below the Cherokee Road to Ninety Six in Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat Township Line on SW
Brownlee, Ann 6H 30 Apr 1768 C13:388:02 80a Dooly, John Brooks, Richard(SE); Brooks, Elisha(NE); Savage, John(NW); Murray, John(SW)
Brownlee, James 3E 4 Mar 1768 C13:390 200a Clarks Creek Nelson, Jno. all sides vacant
Brownlee, Jane 5J 25 Jul 1768 C13:391:01 100a Wilson Creek Anderson, William Anderson, Jame(E); Beard, Archibald(N); Wilson Creek(S)
Brownlee, John 6E 16 Sep 1767 C13:388 100a Calhoun Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat Williams, Giles(SW)
Brownlee, John 2E 1 Mar 1775 C13:389 100a Hogskin Creek Lang, Robert Conners, Samuel; Branyon, Aleck; Gilliam, Robert; Erharding, Rosina
Brownlee, John 1E1F 2 Jun 1768 C13:389 150a Broadmouth Creek Nelson, Jno. Hellums, William(N)
Brownlee, John 6J 15 Mar 1775 C13:389:01 43a on Cuffeetown Creek Lang, Robert Glover, William(NE&SE); Bostick, John(NW); McDaniels, James(SW)
Bruce, Samuel 8E 8 May 1767 C13:392: 100a on a fork of Carson's Branch an eastern branch of Long Cane Creek near Belfast Township, Granville County, S.C. Nelson, Jno. all sides vacant
Bryan, John 9E 17 Sep 1767 C11:213:01 200a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. all vacant
Bryan, Robert 9D 20 Feb 1756 C06:119:02 150a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph Havard, Thomas(SE)
Bryan, Robert 8G 8 Feb 1773 C13:361 200a Cuffeetown Creek Daniel, William Bryan, Robert(SW); Mitchel, Isaac(SW)
Bryant, John 6I 30 Apr 1765 C10:219:02 107a Beaver Dam Dooly, John Mickler, Daniel(NW); Gowdy, (SE&SW); McCutcheon, Robt(SE); Miller, Immanuel(NW&NE)
Buchanan, Mary 7D 4 Jul 1767 C13:405:01 100a Long Cane Settlement, near Fort Boone Calhoun, Pat. Calhoun, Pat(SW); Gray, Arthur(NE);
Buck, Edward 5J 5 Dec 1772 C13:407:01 200a branch Wilson Creek Anderson, William Anderson, James, decd.(N); Anderson, William(N); Mossman, William(N); Forker, Thomas(S)
Buckhalter, Michael 9F 2 Jun 1755 C6:008 300a Bedingfields Creek Chatwin, Joseph all vacant
Buckman, Michael 8F 07 Nov 1772 C13:413: 100a waters Savannah River Cunningham, Pat. Dickson, Arthur(S); Hearse, John(E);
Bull, Hon. William 3F 10 Dec 1762 C07:302 500a brook empties onto Long Cane  Creek Calhoun, Pat Miller, Robert(SW)
Bull, Robert 6H 20 Jul 1770 C18:329:02 200a Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William Walker, John(NE); Davis, William(NE); Anderson, William(NE); McFarlin, John(SE); Holloday, Samuel(NW); McIntosh, John(SW); Youngblood, Peter(SW)
Bull, William (Fort Charlotte) 8C 10 Apr 1765 C08:007:02 430a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. Vann, Edward(NE); Johnston, Richard(SE)
Bullock, John 6I7I 24 Nov 1772 C13:423 500a head branches of 96 Creek Caldwell, John Bullock, John(N); Williams, John(N); Durburow, Benjamin(W); Dickey(SE)
Burges, John 6C 13 Nov 1762 C07:293 300a Calhoun, Pat. Baker, Henry (SW); Calhoun, Ezekiel (NW); Woods, Joseph (NE)
Burns, George 6I 14 Jun 1766 C18:325:02 350a at 96 Fairchild, John Brooks, Elisha(N); Thompson, Col.(S)
Burrows, William 4B5B 30 May 1775 C13:446 2,000a waters of Savannah River & Branch of Rocky River Peart, James land laid out(NW); other sides vacant
Burton, Allen 8C 7 Nov 1756 C13:488:01 200a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph all vacant
Butler, James Henry 10E10F 9 Jan 1772 C18:320:01 200a below the Long Cane Settlement near Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. Russell, William(NE); Poya, John Ernest corner(SE); Harlin, Ezekiel(NW)


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