Explanatory Notes: The map has been divided into 5 mile by 5 mile sections identified by a number (along the left side of the map) and a letter (along the top of the map). The Map Section column identifies the section or sections in which the plat is located. In the Reference column, "C" stands for Colonial plat book (microfilm series 213184), the first number is the book number, the second (after colon) is the page and the third, if any, is the item number if there is more than one item on the page. Similarly, "S" before a two or three digit number then colon and another number refers to a state plat book and page number. The township plats start with the microfilm series  S213187 then the book, page, item numbers. Ungranted plats refer to the box number and folder, microfilm series S213197. The URL links are to the digital copies (if available) of the specific plat at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History's website. State plats and ungranted plats have not been digitized as of the date of this webpage.

Name Map Section Date Reference Location Surveyor URL Adjoining lands
Eager, Adam 5A 24 Jun 1766 C08:509:01 100a Savannah River Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100201 Carmichael, Mary(E)
Eddy, Mary   23 Oct 1766 C09:026:01 100a Rosses Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100597 all vacant
Eddy, Robert 4A 25 Feb 1764 C08:153 200a NW fork of  Long Cane, branch of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99266 Henderson, Arthur(SE)
Edmanston, Moses 5B 15 Nov 1761 C07:279 100a NW Fork Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98848 Davis, Moses (SE)
Edmonston, William 6C 29 Nov 1764 C08:344 150a NW fork Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99745 Jailes[Giles], Edward(SE)
Edmundson, Moses  4D 5 June 1772 C14:529:02 100a Calhoun Creek Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107004 Strain, John; Steel, Aaron; Gilmore, John
Edmuston, Jane 5D 5 Mar 1767 C15:379 150a NW Fork Long Cane waters Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108050 Alexander, Nathaniel (SE);
Edwards, Matthew 4G4H 24 April 1774 (recorded 19 Oct. 1774) CDM4:358-361 1,480 Black Rocky Creek not identified not available (Joseph Salvador (NW, SW, &SE), James Simpson (NE)
Edwards, Matthew 5E 16 Jan 1765 C08:572 100a Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100378 former survey said Edwards; all other sides vacant
Edwards, Matthew 5E 22 Dec 1759 C07:22 300a Long Cane Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=97548 all sides vacant
Egars, John 8C 25 July 1770 C18:328:01 200a waters NW fork of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=111318 Creighton, Isaac(SE); McKelve, John(SE); Mills, Alexander(NE)
Eger, Andrew 5B5C 12 Aug 1766 C08:556 150a NW fork of Long Canes Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100334 Hamilton, James(NE); Alexander, Adam(SE)
Eger, Andrew 5B 26 Aug 1766 C08:556 150a Great Rockey Creek, waters Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100335 Carmichal, Joseph(SE); McGill, John(NW)
Eliott, William 8F 19 Oct 1774 C15:028:02 600a Rockey and Red Lick Creeks Purves, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107110 Carson, James(SW)
Ellis, Ann 2E 23 Mar 1768 C15:32:01 100a Long Cane, headwaters Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101043 all sides vacant
Ellis, James 3D 24 May 1767 C15:32 150a Clarks Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107120 Lindsey, John(S)
Ellis, Margaret 4E 23 Apr 1768 C15:232 100a Parks Creek, south fork Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107123 all sides vacant
Ellis, Robert 3D 21 March 1768 C15:034:02 300a [Clarks Creek] Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107126 Boonesborough Twp (NW-should be NE)
Ellis, William 3E 29 April 1768 C15:35 100a, headwaters Parks Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107130 all sides vacant
Elweany, Jas. 4B 29 Jun 1768 C09:360 100a Great Rocky Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101418 Karr, Jas. (SE&SW)
Elweany, Jas. 4B 29 Jul 1768 C15:042 100a Great Rocky Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107148 Karr, Jas. (SE&SW)
Engevin, Pierre 8D 7 Feb. 1769 C15:194:03 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107151 NW Fork Long Cane(SW); Boulett, David(NW); Hughes, Ann(NE)
English, Andrew 7C 17 Jun 1768 C15:44 150a Russell's Upper Branch Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107152 Biggim, John(SW)
English, Robert 5A 13 Nov 1762 C07:337 100a Middle Creek, N side Savannah Riv. Belton, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98398 all vacant
Erharding, Rosina 2E 12 May 1773 C15:48 100a Hogskin Creek Lang, Robert http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107164 Brainyard, Alleck(SE); Small, William(SW)
Erlbeck, George Fredrick 7F 17 May 1765 C08:108:01 200a in Londonborough Township Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99165 Leman, Michael(S); Bauer, John Adam(S)
Ervin, Robert 8F 5 Mar 1772 C17:365:01 150a in Belfast Township (Hearse's branch) Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=110251 Hearse, John(NW)
Eshler, Hugh 6E 18 Jan 1772 C15:054 300a Mountain Creek Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107180 White, William(N); Young, Matthew(E&NE); White, Patrick(SE); McClusky, Joseph(NW&SW)
Ester, Samuel 8F 20 Jan 1772 C15:056:01 300a Rocky Creek (Stevens branch) Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107184 Blair(SW)
Eustace, Thomas 6I 6 Oct 1766 C09:027:01 200a Colleton Co. Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100599 McIntosh, Thomas(NW); Murphy, Thomas(SW)
Eva, Hanna 8D 18 Aug. 1766 C09:026:02 100a waters Little River in Hillsborough Twp Forster, Alexius Mador http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100598 Megovee, Ann(NE)
Eveleigh, Nicholas 3G 23 Apr 1778 CDY4:244 1,048a Saluda River Cunningham, Pat. not available Salvador, Joseph(NW, SW, & SE); Saluda River (NE &SE)
Eveleigh, Nicholas 3H4H 5 Dec 1777 CDY4:238 3,022a Saluda River Cunningham, Pat. not available Salvador,Joseph(NW, NE, SW, & SE); Jones, John(SW); Saluda River (NE)
Eveleigh, Nicholas 3H4H 24 April 1778 CDY4:241-242 3,900 acres above Ninety Six Cunningham, Pat. Not Available Joseph Salvador (NW, NE, SW, & SE), John Jones (SW), Saluda River (NE)
Ewart, James 7E7F 06 Apr 1767 C15:069: 250a on Watsons Branch Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107221 Harvey, William(S);
Eymery, Jean (No. 47) 9E 3 Apr 1765 C08:133:02 100a Hillsborough Twp, Long Cane Creek (below the forks) Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99227 800 acres for Township use(NW);
Faarrling, Johanes 7H 20 Jul 1767 C015:073:02 100a branch Cuffeetown Cr. Caldwell, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107232 unknown proprietor(NE)
Farquhar, Robert 4B 2 Aug 1773 C15:085:01 500a waters Wilson Creek Purcell, James http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107266 all vacant
Farquhar, Robert 4B 3 Aug 1773 C15:085:02 500a waters Wilson Creek Purcell, James http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107267 Farquahar, Robert(NE)
Fee, Hugh 3E 24 Nov. 1765 C08:066:02 450a NW Fork Long Cane, waters, at head of small branch Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99061 Fee,Sarah; township line
Fee, Sarah 3E 3 May 1765 C08:065:01 100a NW fork Long Cane Creek, small branch of, head Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99057 Fee, Hugh; Township line
Fellow, Lewis 2E 21 Jun 1769 C11:107 100a Turkey Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102682 vacant
Ferdinand, John Frederick 7H 10 Oct 1774 C15:107:03 52a waters Cuffeetown Creek Humphrey, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107318 Weaver, Frederick(SW)
Ferguson, Henry 3E 12 Jan 1767 C15:110 100a Parks Creek, head waters of Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107325 Greg, Joseph(SW); Duffield, Anthony(SW); Perry, Daniel(NW); Agnew, Roger(NE)
Files, John 5B 25 Sep 1766 C11:489 150a NW fork Long Canes, branch of Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103743 Slones, George(NE)
Fisher, Samuel 3E 2 Jan. 1767 C15:139:02 100a Parks Creek, head of, Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107404 Gregg, Joseph(NE); Fee, Hugh(SE); Fee, Sarah(SW)
Flemmons, William 6I 30 Apr 1768 C15:153:02 100a Colleton Co. Dooley, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107444 Porter, John(NE&SE); Robenson, William(NE); McCutchers, Robert(NE); Right, Thomas(NW&SE);
Fletcher, Edward 5C 15 Jul 1766 C08:330 200a NW fork Long Cane, waters Long, Matthew http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99712 Hamilton, widow; Hamilton, James; Eady, William
Flick, Barbara 7F 29 Aug 1772 C15:159: 100a on the waters of Hard Labor Creek, Granville County, S.C. Cunningham, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107459 McClinton, John(NE); McClinton, Samuel(SE); Reid, Robert(SW)
Flick, Johnnas Gerlagh 8E 2 June 1768 C15:160:03 250a Hillsborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107464 Hillet, Francis(N&E); La Lande, Francis(E)
Fogalee, John 5I 13 Jun 1766 C10:136:02 100a 96 Creek Caldwell, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102112 Reardon, Timothy(NW)
Forrester, Elizabeth 8D 4 June 1768 C15:179:02 100a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107513 Boutonge, James Lezor(NE); Rogers, Robert(SE); King, Peter Michael(SE)
Forsith [Forsythe], [John] 3E 2 Apr 1763 C08:298 100a Boonesborough Twp. Hamelton, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99621 Pickens, Jno.(SE)
Foss, Peter 7C 10 Mar 1769 C15:191:03 100a Russells Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107544 Gray, William(S); Holmes, Thos.(W)
Foster, Alexander 6E 29 Jun 1767 C15:192 150a between Curtail Creek and Long Canes Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107545 Crawford, James(NE); Norris, Robert(NE)
Foster, Isabella 7D 1 Mar 1773 C15:195 100a Long Cane, waters Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107553 Parkeson, Mary(nW); Anderson, John(SW)
Foster, James 5C 10 Feb 1773 C15:192 100a NW Fork Long Cane waters Anderson, Robert http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107546 Hamilton, Charles(SE); Cayton, Robert(SE); Campbell, Robert(NE); Fletcher, Edward(NW)
Foster, James 5E 19 Dec 1767 C15:193 100a Norris Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107548 Frazier, Wm.(NE); Loughrige, Jas.(NW); Crawford, Wm.(SE)
Foster, John 8D 16 Dec 1772 C15:192:03 100 acres in settlement of Long Cane Caldwell, Wm. Thos. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107547 Waters, Thomas(SW); McCalvey, Alexander(NW)
Foster, John 7E 22 Aug. 1767 C15:194:01 200a on waters of Long Cane Creek on a branch know by the name Persimmon Branch Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107550 vacant
Foster, John Jr. 7E 21 Dec. 1767 C15:193:02 100a Bold Branch Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107549 Ross, Andrew(SW); Denham, William(NE)
Foster, Samuel 6f 6 July 1767 C15:195: 100a on waters of Reedy Branch Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107554 Murry, Wm.; Ewart, Andrew; Patterson, James
Foster, Samuel 6E 14 Nov 1767 C15:197 100a Long Cane Creek, waters Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107560 Loosk, James(W & NW); McElwee, David(SE); Davilon, Jas.(SE);
Foster, Sarah 8E 10 Mar 1773 C15:194:03 100a Hillsborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107552 Foster, William(N)
Foster, William 8E 9 Mar 1773 C15:195: 300a in the settlement of Long Canes Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107555 Foster, Sarah(SE); Lyndes, Thomas(NE); Hillsborough Twp.(NE); Langell, Jacob(NW); Betty, John(NW); Bellot, Maria Magdaline(NW); Bellot, Jean(SW)
Fowler, Elisha 6I 11 Oct 1763 C10:141 450a Ninety Six Creek Liviston, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102121 Johnson, James(NW); Jones, James(NW); Miller(NW); Ramsey, Samuel(SW); Johnson, James(NE&SE);Ball, Susannah(NE&SE)
Fraiser, Donald 3E 1 Dec. 1764 C08:037:01 100a Lick Branch Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98986 Walker, Robert
Fraser, William 5E 6 Jan 1767 C09:034 50a Long Cane Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100613 Lockridge, James corner(NE)
Freeman, Joseph 6I6J 27 Feb 1767 C10:068:01 200a waters Saluda near 96 Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101979 Brooks, Elisha(NW); Ramsey, Samuel(NW); Ramsey, Samuel(SE&SW); Cunningham(SE&E)
Freeman, Joseph 5I 2 Mar 1768 C15:214 200a waters Ninety Six Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107608 Cathey, Andrew(NW); Hendricks, James(SE), Mason, James(SE); Painton, Robert(SE); Patrick, Henry(SE); Bean, William(SE); Thomson, Robert(NW); Beale, John(NW)
French Protestants 8E 23 Feb. 1765 (4 April 1785) S10:314: 300a situated Hillsborough Townships being part of the Commons for said Township on Long Cane Creek below the forks      
French Protestants (Town Lots) 8E 23 Feb. 1765 Not known 315.9a situated in Hillsborough Townships being part of the Commons Land and the town of New Bordeaux of said Township on Little River at and below the forks with Long Cane Creek      
French Protestants (Vineyard Lots) 8E 23 Feb. 1765 Not known 176a situated Hillsborough Townships being part of the Commons for said Township on Long Cane Creek at or near the forks (This land was apparently reserved for 44 Vineyard lots of 4 acres each).      
Frezel, John 7D 9 May 1768 C15:218 300a Hillsborough Twp. at Long Canes Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107618 Reach, Robert(SW); David, Daniel(NW); David, Jean(NW)Piffree, James(NE)
Frick, Abraham 8G 18 April 1764 C08:095:02 250a in Londonborough Township on Hard Labor Creek or Stephen's Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99131 Lang, Christian(N); Keiss, Philip(S)
Frick, Rosanah Margaret 7G8G 26 Aug 1772 C15:218:03 100a waters of Hard Labor Creek, Londonborough Twp. Cuningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107619 Swelling, John(SE&SW); Martain, Abraham(NE)
Friday, John Martin 8E 3 Dec 1772 C15:220:01 400a Buffalo Creek Seawright, George http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107623 all vacant
Fulton, James 7F 29 Feb 1772 C15:233:01 150a in Belfast Township, in or near Granville County, S.C. Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107658 Bell, John(E);Gibson, Patrick(SE); McClinton, Samuel(SE); Petterson(NW)
Fulton, James Jr. 7F 9 May 1772 C15:232:03 100a in Belfast Township, Granville County, S.C. Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107657 Boges, Samuel(S); Frazer,William(E);
Fulton, John 8F 5 Mar 1772 C15:233: 100a in Belfast Township, Granville County, S.C. Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107659 Ester, Samuel(E); Fulton, Margaret(SW); Hanvey, Patrick
Fulton, Margaret 8F 5 Mar 1772 C15:234: 100a Rocky Creek (south branch) Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107660 Ester, Saml.(SW); Fulton, John(NW); Ervin, Robert(NE)
Furlow, William 5J 10 Sep 1768 C09:283:02 100a branch Saluda Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101209 Hinton, Robert(S); Cathcart, Samuel(W)
Gabau, Maria Forresteau 8D 28 Feb. 1775 C16:001:01 150a Hillsborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108243 Boutiton, Peter(SE); NW Fork Long Cane(SE) Bayles, Pierre(S&SW); French Mill Land(S&SW); De La Howe,John(NW); Hero, Francis(NE)
Gaillard, Peter 8D 6 Jan 1773 C16:007:02 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108256 NW Fork Long Cane(NE); De La Howe, Dr.(NW), Roger, Peter(NW); Boutiton, Jacob(SW)
Gaillard,James 3E 3 Jan 1767 C16:002 100a Parks Creek, and Long Canes, branch headwaters Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108246 Agnew,Roger(SW)
Gallaspie, Mathew 4B 17 Sep 1768 C17:366 200a Charleys Creek, branch of Great Rockey Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=110257 Kenedy, Alexander(NE); Hamilton, Charles(SE)
Galman, Herman 9G 11 Dec 1772 C16:016:01 400a Mill Creek, branch Stephens Murphey, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108278 Robinson, Samuel(NW&NE); Walker, Joseph(NW); Addison, Allen(SW&NW); Rogers, Daniel(SW); Harris, Jenkins(SE&SW)
Gambell, James 3F 2 Dec. 1762 C07:367:02 250a Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98489 Pickens, Andrew(NW)
Gambell, Samuel 8D 20 Aug. 1767 C16:019:01 100a western fork of Long Cane adjoining Hillsborough Township Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108285 Township Line(NW); Gambell, James(SW)
Gambell, William 3F 17 Dec 1762 C07:320 300a Long Cane (on brook that empties into) Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98344 Pickens, Robert(NE)
Garrett, James 6C 4 Jan 1763 C07:449 100a NW fork of Long Cane, a branch Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98729 Mr.Woods(NW)
Garrineau, Pierre 8E 14 May 1765 C08:134:02 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99228 Suidre, Pierre(SW); Glebe land (800 acre tract)(NW)
Gaspar, Hendrick 8E 17 May 1768 C16:039:01 100a Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Patrick http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108335 Rogers, Jeremia(S); Steifel, John James(S); Drayer, Henry(W)
Gelaspie, Mathew 4B 12 Jun 1767 C16:076 200a Great Rockey Creek, Branch Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108424 all vacant
Gelblair, John 7E 19 Aug 1766 C10:044:01 100a Hillsborough Twp., Long Cane waters Foster, Alexius Mactor http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101916 Gesdarme, Elizabeth(NW); Boviell, Lewis(SE)
Gellair, Ann 7E 19 Aug 1766 C10:011:01 100a waters Long Cane, Hillsborough Twp. Forster, Alexius Mador http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101819 Gensdarme, Elizabeth(SE)
Gensdarme, Elizabeth 7E 19 Aug 1766 C10:007:02 200a waters Long Cane, Hillsborough Twp Forster, Alexius Mador http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101808 Gellair, John(SE); Gellair, Ann(NW)
Gentry, Sarah 6I 7 Jan 1767 C09:156 450a branch 96 Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100901 Writnooer, William(SE); McIntosh, Alexander(SW); Murphy, Thomas(SW); bounty warrant land(NE); Robertson, William(NW); McCutcheon, Robert(NE); Brooks, Eliah(SE); Burns, George (SE)
Gerrett, James 5B 10 Nov 1764 C09:266 100a NW fork Long Cane, branch of Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101160 Herron, Hugh(SW)
Gibbs, William 6D 6 Apr 1775 C16:061 400a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108387 McCurdy, John(S); Robinson, William(W); Grimke, Frederick(E); old surveys(N)
Gibson, Elias 7F 12 Dec. 1771 C16:070:01 100a waters Hard Labor Creek Cuningham, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108408 Gibson, Samuel(NE); Bell, John(SW)
Gibson, John 2F 24 Apr 1767 C16:069 100a Turkey Creek waters Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108407 Watts, Thomas(SW); Nelson, Thomas(NE)
Gibson, Patrick 7F 12 Dec. 1771 C16:080:01 93a waters of Hard Labor Creek Cunningham, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108434 Gibson, Patrick(NW&SW); Presley, David(SE); Dorriss, William(NE)
Gibson, Patrick 7F7G 18 Sep 1766 C10:095:01 400a on western Branch of Stephen's Creek Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102033 Hamilton(N); branch of Stephen's Creek(W)
Gibson, Patrick 5E 4 Jun 1774 C16:078 250a Norris's Creek, Rockey fork of, Long Cane Creek waters Cunningham, David http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108431 Ronnolson, William(SE & NE); Salvador, Joseph(SE); Hambleton, Andrew(SW & SE); Norris, Robert(NW & SW); Weems, Henry(NW & SW); Coffey, William(NW)
Gibson, William 2E 18 Jul 1767 C16:097 100a Turkey Creek, branch of Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108475 vacant
Gilam, Robert 2E 29 Jan 1773 C16:098 150a Hogskin Cr., Colleton Co. Lang, Robert http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108478 Branyon, Alleck.(NE)
Gilbert, John Lewis 9E9F 17 Jan. 1770 C11:236: 100a near Hillsbrough Township (Russells Creek) Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103005 all vacant
Gilbert, John Lewis 8E 18 Apr 1768 C09:455:02 200a Hillsborough Twp Buffalo Branch Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101672 land laid out for New Bordeaux(SW); Baker, Henry(NE)
Giles, Edward 5D 12 Sep 1758 C07:303 100a NW branch Long Canes Gaston, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98287 all sides vacant
Giles, Thomas 9E 18 Sept 1767 C16:084:02 50a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108446 Thompson, William(SW)
Gillam, Charles 6I 29 Mar 1771 C16:100 350a on 96 Creek Dooly, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108485 Brooks, Elisha(W); Martin, Abraham(NEO
Gillison, Archibald 1F 7 Apr 1768 C16:093 300a Saluda River Nelson, Jno http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108469 Saluda(E); other sides vacant
Gilmer, John 5D 27 Feb 1759 C07:321 200a NW fork of Long Cane, waters, Walnut Seat Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98346 all sides vacant
Glagenburg, Jacob 8H 15 Jun 1756 C06:109:02 100a Cheves's Creek Musgrove, Edward http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=96365 all vacant
Glover, Frederick 6I 12 Apr 1770 C11:441 200a Rocky Creek waters, waters 96 Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103600 Bean, WilliamN(NW); Saterwhite(SE); Beal, William(SW)
Glover, Samuel 9D 13 Sep 1770 C13:363 100a Bingan (Bryan?) Town Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=105351 all vacant
Glover, Samuel 8C 23 Oct 1769 C11:275:02 100a Savannah River Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103122 Brown, Cornelius(NE); Phillips, Ralph(SE)
Gognett, Thomas 8E 31 May 1768 C16:127:03 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108549 DeMartil, Adam(SW)
Goode, Philip 6I 20 Jan 1768 C11:241 50a branch 96 Creek Caldwell, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103019 Thomson(SW); Dooly, Patrick(SE); Anderson, Culbort(SE); Ramsay, Samuel(NW)
Goode, Samuel 6I 1 Aug 1769 C16:136 33a Colleton Co. Caldwell, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108567 Dooly, Patrick(NE); Thomson, William(NW); Thomas, Samuel(NW); Dooly, John(SW); Price, Hopkin(SE)
Gordon, Adam 6B6C 24 May 1773 C16:146 100a Sawney Creek, branch of Great Rockey Creek Anderson, Robert http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108590 Craford, Margaret(SW)
Gordon, Ann 5B 27 Nov 1767 C16:145 100a Great Rockey Creek, waters Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108588 Trimble, Walter(NE); Little, Wm.(NW)
Gordon, John 3F 16 Mar 1768 C16:151 100a Long Canes, small branch Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108600 Baxter, John(NW); Campbell, James(SE)
Gow, John 2D 24 Feb 1767 C16:171:01 400a NW Fork Long Cane branch Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108642 Miller, William(SE); Lilley(NW)
Gowdy, Robert 2D 27 Feb 1766 C08:360 500a Dawes Corner Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99790 all sides vacant
Gowdy, Robert 6I 15 Aug 1763 C08:450 150a in Ninety Six Curry, Joseph http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100039 Michasler, Daniel(E); Gowdy, Robert(NW)
Gradwell, Philip 7H7I 31 Jan. 1765 C08:121:03 150a Horsepen Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99135 vacant
Gradwell, Philip 7H7I 30 Jan. 1765 C08:97:02 150a Horsepen Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99137 vacant
Graham, James 3F 15 Mar 1768 C16:180 150a Mulberry branch Anderson, Wm. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108666 vacant
Graham, Jane 2D 17 Jun 1767 C16:180:02 100a Rocky Creek, branch of Rocky River Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108667 Crosson, John(S)
Graham, Thomas 5E 2 Dec 1766 C16:181 150a Long Cane Creek, waters, near Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108670 Harper, Donald(NE); Davis, Luke(NE); Paul, George(SE)
Gramaker, Adam 3D 2 Jun 1773 C16:184 50a Hogskin Creek Cunningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108678 McKemmy, Robert(NE); Stephenson, Wm(NW)
Graminger, George 7H 4 Mar 1771 C16:179:02 200a Beaver Dam waters Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108665 STrum, Peter(NE); Michler, Daniel
Gray, Arthur 6D7D 2 Mar 1765 C08:031 100a NW Fork Long Cane Creek, branch Pickens, Jno. n/a vacant
Gray, Arthur 6D 14 May 1772 C16:192 100a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108696 Craig, James(S); Gray, Arthur(S); Calhoun, Pat(W); Norris, Robert, deceased(N)
Gray, Elizabeth 6D 1 Jul 1771 C16:192 100a Calhoun Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108695 Norris, Robert(deceased)(SW);Deall, John(NW)
Gray, Jacob 6D 5 Feb 1774 C16:189 50a Armstongs Creek Cunningham, David http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108690 Milliken, James(SE)
Gray, James 3E 1 Jan 1767 C16:195 150a Long Canes, branch of, Boonsborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108701 Wallace, Jno.(SW); Hunter, Mary(SW); Pickens, Andrew(NE); Forsythe(NE)
Gray, Jane 2F 21 Jul 1767 C16:190 100a Br of Turkey Ck. Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108692 Watts, Arthur(NW)
Gray, John 5E6E 7 Jun 1773 C16:198 87a Frazers Creek Heard, Wm. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108708 Norris, Robert(NW); McElwee, David(NW);Weems, Thomas(SW); Crawford, James(SW)
Gray, John 6E 20 Feb 1771 C16:197:02 300a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108706 Weems, Thomas(E); Wilson, Robert(E); Turk, John(NW); Foster, James(NW)
Gray, Margaret 2G 19 Jul 1767 C16:199 200a Saluda River Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108710 Woods, James(S); Summerville, Isabel Jane(W);Saluda River(E); Moore, Joshua(S)
Gray, William 7C 2 Mar 1765 C08:028:01 100a Russells Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98961 all vacant
Green, Benjamin 7C 16 Jun 1768 C09:293 150a Saney's Creek branch Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101239 all vacant
Green, George 7C 3 Apr 1772 C16:200 100a Sawneys Creek Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108713 Wilson, Mary(N)
Green, John 5B 17 Nov. 1766 C10:074:02 300a NW fork of Long Cane waters and Great Rocky Creek waters Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101992 Trimble, John and Walter(SE); Kerr, Samuel(NE); Herron, Hugh(NE); Boles, John(NE)
Greer, David 4B 10 Oct 1770 C16:217 100a McGills Creek, branch of NW fork Long Cane Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108748 vacant
Greer, James 7F 25 Mar 1767 C16:218: 100a on east fork of Wilson's Branch Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108751 Wells, James(SW)
Gregg, Joseph 3E 2 Jan. 1767 C16:223:01 100a Parks Creek, head of Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108765 Fisher, Samuel; Duffield, Anthony; Ferguson, Hugh
Gregg, Thomas 4D 24 Oct 1770 C16:227 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of (Patton Creek on plat) Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108774 all sides vacant
Griffin, John 6C 24 Dec 1771 C16:072 150a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108414 Davis, Moses (SW); Calhoun, William (SW)
Griffin, John 7C 2 Sep 1767 C16:230 300a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108782 Marks; McAlpen; Carson, Jean; Logen, Alxr.
Griffin, Simon 5J 14 Feb 1769 C20:543:01 100a branch Saludy Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=114527 Gills, Robert(SW); Furlow, William(NW)
Grimke, Frederick 6D 16 May 1775 C16:239 1,000a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108800 Williamson, Andrew(E); Loosk, James(E); Reid, Arthur(E); Hughes, Felime(S); Milligan, Agnes(S); Rutledge, John(S); Gibbens, William(W); Brown, Cornelius(N)
Grimke, Frederick 6D 20 May 1775 C16:238 1,000a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108799 Armstrong, John(E); Averton, James; Simpson, Hugh(S); Hamelton, Robert(S); McCurdy, John(W); Jones, John(W); Williams, Giles(W); Rutledge, John(N)
Gross, Francis 7F 13 April 1764 C08:447:01 100a in Belfast Township on the N.W. line of Belfast Township and on the path from the shoals of Long Canes to Hard Labor Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100031 Township Line(NW)
Guilhibau, Andrew  (No. 43) 8D 21 May 1765 C08:134:01 100a in Hillsborough Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99229 Beraud, Jean(NW); Strothers, Charles(SW); NW Fork Long Cane(NE)
Guinn, Morris  6J 16 Apr 1763 C07:368:01 100a on waters of 96 Creek a branch of Saluda River in Berkly County (?) Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98486 all vacant
Gunnells, Nicholas 9D 16 Dec 1755 C06:118:02 200a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=96394 Chatwin, Joseph(SE)
Haddden, Robert 3E 10 Feb  1773 C09:470 150a small branch of NW Fork Long Cane Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101714 Ellis, William(S)
Haddon, Robert 3E 21 Feb 1772 C09:470:02 200a Parks Creek, north fork Turner, Alexander http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101715 Miller, Robert(S)
Hair, William 3B 7 Jun 1775 C15:247 200a Rockey River Peart, James http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107694 Cherokee Indian Line(NW); Rocky River(SE)
Hairston, William 4D 17 Apr 1775 C15:248 89a Parks's Branch Heard, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107698 Gordon, Agnes(E&SE); Sharp, widow(E&SE); McKinley[McNelly], Joseph(W&NW); Buckhannon, John(SW)
Hall, Alexander 3D 22 Jan 1768 C15:251 100a Johnston's Creek Long, Matt http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107705 vacant
Hall, Clark 6C 30 Mar 1768 C15:232 300a in Long Canes on Bounty Settlement Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107708 Campbell, William (NW); Boyd, Robert (NW); NW Fork Long Canes (E); Edmonston, Moses (E)
Hall, George 4E 8 March 1768 C15:252:02 250a waters of Hallidays Creek Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107709 all sides vacant
Hall, John 4F 14 Dec 1768 S213184 BX2:526 100a Pickens Branch Anderson, William not available Campbell[Gamble?], James
Hall, William 4C4D 1 Mar 1768 C15:256 200a Spur Creek Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107722 all sides vacant
Halley, William 8G9G 10 Feb 1773 C15:257:01 500a Cuffeetown and Hard Labor Creeks Daniel, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107723 McCannodies(SW); Williams, Charles(SW); Wilson; Tull, Benjamin(NE); Rowen, William(NE); Bell, Benjamin(NE); Rogers, Daniel(S)
Hallum, William 3F 12 Mar 1765 C08:003 250a Mulberry Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98897 all sides vacant
Hamel, Christopher 7I 31 Jan 1765 C08:139:02 250a Horsepen Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99129 vacant
Hamelton, John 6F6G 5 Jul 1751 C05:116 2,900a (within later Great Survey No.2) Hamelton, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=95186 Hamilton, John(SW)
Hamelton, Margaret 5C 15 Jan 1763 C07:307 250a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98299 Wilson,  Robt.(SE)
Hamilton, Andrew 5B 24 Jun 1773 C15:264 150a NW fork of Long Canes, waters of Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107744 Henderson, Arthur(SW); Hamilton, Joseph(NE, S & SW); McNight(NE); Wallis(SE); Sloans, James(S); Files, John(W); Eddy, Robert(W)
Hamilton, Archibald 5C 15 Jun 1775 C15:265 87a in Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107746 Sloan, George(SW); McKnght or Walsh(SW); said Hamilton (all other parts)
Hamilton, Archibald 5C 15 Sep 1762 C07:315 100a NW fork Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98325 Kerr, James(SE)
Hamilton, Archibald. 5C 7 Oct 1765 C08:237 50a Kerr's Creek Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99706 Crawford, Wm.(NE); Kerr, James(SW); Mcnaught(SE)
Hamilton, Charles 4B 8 April 1765 C08:253:01 100a branch, Great Rocky Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99502 all vacant
Hamilton, James 5C 29 Jan 1763 C07:392 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98557 Adey, William(NW); Hamilton, Margaret(SE)
Hamilton, John 5C 5 May 1773 C15:266 100a NW fork Long Cane, waters of Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107749 Alexander, Jas.(NE); Railly, Will.(NW); Jordan, Adam(NW)
Hamilton, John 6H 3 Feb 1768 C15:267:01 100a Cuffeetown Creek waters Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107750 Scott, John(SW)
Hamilton, Joseph 5B 25 Feb 1764 C08:318 150a NW fork of Long Cane,  waters of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99680 Arthur Henderson's corner(SW)
Hamilton, Robert 6D 2 Nov 1762 C07:318 450a Calhouns Creek Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98335 all sides vacant
Hamilton, William 5C 12 Aug 1766 C15:269 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107757 Hamilton, Wm.(SE); Hamilton, Margaret(N); Hamilton, James(N); Eagin, Andrew(N)
Hamilton, William 5C 22 June 1763 C08:329 150a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99710 Hamilton, Margaret(NE corner); Kerr, Andrew(SW corner)
Hance, Robert 10E 16 Feb 1771 C15:353:02 100a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107978 Savannah River(SW); Harlin, Ezekiel(SE); Russell, Rob(NE)
Hannah, James 5E 17 Sep 1767 C15:282 100a situated on waters of Long Cane between Hillsborough  and Belfast Townships Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107789 Blackburn, Jno.(NE); Adams, George(NE); Norris, Robert(NW)
Hannah, Robert 8D 19 Aug 1767 C15:283:02 300a near Hillsborough Twp Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107793 Hillsborough Township line(SE);
Hannah, William 3E 19 June 1767 C15:284:01 100a Boonesborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107794 Township line(SW); Fee, Sarah(SE); Walker, Agnes(NW)
Hanvey, Patrick 8F 04 Mar 1772 C15:286: 100a in Belfast Township, Granville County, S.C. Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107800 Fulton, John(E); Thomson, Robert(S); Hearse, John(N); Dickson, Arthur(W)
Hanvey, William 7E7F 06 Apr 1767 C15:286:02 250a waters of Long Cane near Belfast Township Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107801 Raverty, Neal(S); Boggs, Robert(E); Ewart, James(N)
Harkins, Hugh 2E 23 Jul 1767 C09:351 150a Turkey Ck., S.Fork of Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101385 Dougherty, Michael(SE)
Harlain, Ezekiel 10E 13 Oct 1766 C15:295:01 200a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107822 vacant
Harlan, Ezekiel 10E 21 Jul 1770 C15:294:01 150a Savannah River Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107819 said Harlan(E); Savannah River(SW)
Harper, Donald 5E 2 Dec 1766 C15:302 100a Long Cane, waters, near Boonesborough Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107840 Salvador's land otherwise Hamilton's great Survey(NE); Davis, Luke(SE); Graham, Thomas(SW)
Harris, John 5D 5 Mar 1773 C15:315 150a Long Cane Settlement Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107878 Watson, Jno.(NE); McMurtray, Saml.(SW)
Harris, William 5C 27 Mar 1771 C15:319 200a NW fork of Long Cane Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107888 Alexander, Moses (N); Alexander, Nathaniel (W)
Harron, Hugh 5B 1 Nov 1758 C07:022 100a NW fork of Long Canes, waters of Calhoun, Patrick http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=97549 all sides vacant
Hart, Rev. Samuel 6F 3 Jun 1775 C15:332:01 500a Ready Fork Long Cane Lang, Robert http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107921 Crasseree, William(NE); McNees, Thomas(SE); Harthorn, James(SW)
Havard, Thomas 9D 19 Feb 1756 C6:138:02 300a Savannah River Chatwin, Joseph http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=96457 Cain, James(SE); Bryan, Robert(NW)
Hawthorn, James 3E 13 Mar 1772 C15:361:03 200 acres on the waters of Long Cane Creek Cunningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108002 all vacant
Hawthorn, Thomas 3E 6 Apr 1763 C16:361 300a Long Cane Creek, waters Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98669 all sides vacant
Hawthorne, James 2E3E 1 Apr 1763 C07:430 100a Long Cane Creek, waters of Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98670 McCrackin, Alex.(NE); Templeton, Henry(SE);
Hawthorne, Rachel 6F7F 29 Feb 1772 C15:363 100a Waters of Long Cane Creek Cunningham, David http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108008 David Wiley (E);  Patrick White (SW&NW);  Robert McClinton (SE&SW);  Alex. White (S)
Hay, Henry 4C 22 Jan 1763 C07:389 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98550 Alexander, William(N)
Hay, William 7C 22 Aug 1767 C15:366 250a NW fork Long Cane, small branch Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108014 Summerville, Mary(S); Matthews, Isaac(S); Clerk, Samuel(E); Millegan, James(E)
Hayne, Isaac 2F 9 Feb 1773 C15:369 500a SW side Saludy River Cunningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108024 McPherson, Isaac(SW); Hayne, Isaac(SW); Maxfield, John(NE); Saludy River
Hayne, Isaac 2F 9 Feb 1773 C15:371:01 Saluda waters Cunningham, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108028 Saluda River(NE); McPherson, Isaac(NW&SW);
Hayne, Isaac 2F 1 May 1773 C15:369 500a on Turkey Creek Cunningham, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108023 Tidwell, William(NW&SW)
Hays, Gamaliel 4b 18 Jan 1775 C15:373 100a Rocky River Peart, James http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108034 all vacant
Hays, John 4A 7 Mar 1767 C17:385:02 200a Rosses Creek Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=110294 Long, Matthew(SE)
Hearse, John 7F8F 04 Dec 1766 C15:380: 400a in Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108054 all vacant
Hearse, John Jr. 8F 31 Mar 1767 C15:380: 100a in Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108053 Dickson, Arthur(N); McCann, James(S)
Heatly, Robert 7F 4 Dec 1766 C15:382 100a waters of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108059  
Hellums, William 1E 2 Jun 1768 C09:221 150a Saluda River waters Nelson, Jnp. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101043 Mason, John(N); old survey(W)
Hemphill, James 7D 8 Apr 1763 C08:376:03 200a NW Fork Long Cane waters Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99830 Beaker, Henry(NE); Bedingfield, William(SE)
Hen, Adam 7H 31 Jan. 1765 C08:095:02 400a Horsepen Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99132 Straum, Hendrick(NE)
Hen, Frederick, Daniel, Elizabeth, Margaret & Mary 7G 20 Jan 1775 C15:390:03 200a Reddy Creek, branch Cuffeetown Murphy, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108081 vacant
Hen, Peter 7H 4 Feb 1765 C08:096 100a on a branch of Cuffeetown Creek called Horsepen Creek Fairchild, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99133 Hen, Adam(NE); Keiss, Anna Elizabeth(SW)
Henderson, Arthur 5B 1 Feb 1763 C07:382 100a NW fork of Long Cane Creek, Locust Ridge Calhoun,Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98526 all sides vacant
Henderson, David Neilson 4B5B 15 Mar 1773 C15:391 100a NW fork of Long Canes, waters of Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108082 Files, John(SW); Slone, James(SE); Parker, Charles(NW)
Henderson, John 5C 25 Feb 1767 C15:395 100a NW fork of Long Cane Waters Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108095 Pickens, John(SE)
Henderson, Nathaniel 6H 20 June 1772 C15:397:01 100a Beaverdam Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108098 Scott, John(SE&SW); Hamilton, John(SE)
Hendricks, James 5J 25 Sep 1754 C09:480:02 50a Rocky Creek, below 96 Hamelton, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101737 all vacant
Hero, Francis 8D 20 Apr 1768 C15:416:02 150a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108153 NW fork Long Cane(NE); Roger, Anna Lespena and Borrell, Louis(NE); Bouchillon, Jean(NW)
Hero, John George 9E 1 Sept 1772 C15:417:01 100a Hillsborough Twp Caldwell, William Thomas http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108155 Burzeel, William(NE); Rocguemore, Jas.(SE)
Herron, James 2E 24 Apr 1767 C15:325 100a Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=107905 Johnson, George(NE)
Hetherington, Edward 3E 24 April 1767 C15:422:01 100a Boonesborough Twp., Clarks Creek Nelson, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108169 Bayley, William; Purse, William
Heyland, Peter 7E 7 Dec 1767 C15:425: 150a, on Long Cane Creek in Granville County Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=108178 Watson, Benjamin(S); Cochran, Allen(E); Cooley, Samuel(N); Drowning Mill pond(E)
Hillet, Francis 7E8E 2 June 1768 C17:03:01 100a Hillsborough Twp. Bold Branch Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109555 La Lande, Francis(S); Flick, Johannes Gerlagh(W); Rogers, Mary(N); Bovial, Leon(N)
Hillis, Jane 7E 12 May 1772 C17:006:01 100a Hillsborough Twp Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109561 David, John(SW); Belaird, Jacob(SE)
Hillsborough Township 8D8E 23 Feb 1765 S213187 011:04:02 28,000a Forks of Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/ArchivesImages/S213187/S21318700010000402.pdf none shown
Himele, Bartholomew Henry 7D8D 25 Nov. 1769 C11:150:01 600a in Hillsbrough Twp Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102786 McGuire, Anna(NE); Castle, Robert(SE); Forrester, Elizabeth(SE); Alexander, Daniel(SW); Scott's land(NW)
Hinton, Robert 5J Mar 1768 C17:014:02 250a waters Wilson Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109576 Beard, Archibald(E); Mayson, James(SW)
Hodge, John (not granted) 3F 18 Mar 1767 Unrecorded Plats, Box 2:605 150a Pickens Creek, at a spring that emptyes into Calhoun, Pat unavailable all sides vacant
Holiday, Samuel 6H 12 Nov 1766 C10:039:01 450a Cuffeetown Branch Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101901 all vacant
Holland, Thomas 5D 18 Nov 1771 C21:298 200a Calhoun Creek Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=115218 Dobbins, John(S)
Holloway, Caleb 6I 18 May 1770 C011:443:03 150a waters Halfway Swamp Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103607 Anderson, Cotbert(NW); Cunningham, Robert(NE); Dooly, Patrick(SW); McDowd(SW)
Holmes, James 2D 13 Apr 1769 C11:010 150a Hogskin Creek, branch (near where the Tugeloe old path crosses Hogskin Creek) Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102422 Stephenson, Wm. (SW); Stephenson, Wm.(NW); Deas, David(NW);
Holmes, Joseph 7E 16 Feb 1765 C17:048 150a Long Cane, where path from Fort Boone to Hard Labor crosses Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109642 Russels & Gervais(NE); Calhoun, James(S)
Holmes, Joseph 7C 31 Mar 1768 C11:297:02 100a Russell Creek Long, Matt http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103191 Savannah River(W); Russell, Arnold(W); Holmes, Thomas(N)
Holmes, Robert 7B 17 Nov 1767 C17:048:02 100a Savannah River Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109643 Savannah River(W); Russell, Robert(N); Wilson, William(E);
Holmes, Thomas 7C 30 Jun 1767 C10:178:01 200a Russells Creek Long, Matt. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=102210 all sides vacant
Holt, Lucas and Mason, James 5I 29 Apr 1762 C07:231:02 400a Ninety Six Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98079 Murray, John(N); Brown, Thomas(S); Reardon, Timothy(S); Nightingale, Thomas(W)
Hooper, Thomas 5D 15 Jun 1767 Box 02:617 100a Calhoun's Creek Long, Matt. not available all sides vacant
Hopton, Alicia 8H 21 Dec 1770 C17:077:02 300a Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109700 Weaver, George(NE)
Hopton, Mary Christiana 8G8H 20 Dec 1770 C17:074:02 350a waters Cuffeetown Creek Anderson, William http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109694 all vacant
Hopton, William 6B 23 Oct 1771 C17:075 300a Great Rocky Creek, branch Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109695 all vacant
Hopton, William 7C 12 Sep 1770 C11:430:02 300a Russells Creek Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=103566 McCalpuck, John(SW); Lee, Thomas(NE)
Horlbeck, John 3C3D 4 May 1773 C17:082 600a Lindsey's Creek Downs, Jonathan http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109709 Blake, Michael(W); Lindsey, John(E)
Horner, Hugh 7D 4 May 1767 C09:065 100a Long Cane Settlement, near Hillsborough Twp., on road to Fort Charlotte Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100672 vacant
Howard, Thomas 8G8H 1 Apr 1757 C08:372 350a Haw Tree Creek Musgrove, Edward http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99821 all vacant
Huchingson, John 2E 26 Aug 1767 C09:352 100a Turkey Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=101391 Lester, Geo.(SE&NE); Pulliam, Robt.(SW)
Hughes, Ann 8D 3 June 1768 C17:147:02 100a Hillsborough Twp. Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109834 Roger, Robert(NW);Township Road(NE); King, Peter Michael(NE); Latour, Suzanne(NE)
Hughs, John 7C 24 Jul 1767 C17:157 100a Sawney's Creek Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109851 vacant
Hume, John 4B 8 Feb 1765 C08:375 250a Great Rocky Creek, branch; between Touglow & Cherokee paths Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99827 Stewart, David(SE)
Humphreys, Jane 8D 18 Jul 1767 C17:151 100a near Little River and Bordeaux Township Nelson, Jared http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109842 Mills, Alexander(SW)
Hunt, Henry 5C 23 Apr 1772 C17:170 100a NW fork of Long Cane, waters of Pickens, Jno. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109877 Tomson, Matthew(NE); Moris, Wm.(NE); Taylor, Samuel(NW); Swearingen, Joseph(S)
Hunt, John 3D 16 Dec 1771 C17:173 150a NW Fork of Long Cane, small branch Bowie, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109884 Clark(SE)
Hunt, Pearcy 5C 23 Apr 1772 C17:174 100a NW Fork Long Canes, waters Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109886 Morris, William(S)
Hunter, David 5D 2 Jan 1775 C17:177 300a Flag Reed Branch Peart, James http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109892 Milligan, John(NW); Long, James(NW)
Hunter, Dazell 6E6F 3 Jun 1767 C17:177 100a Curtail Creek Nelson, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109891 Murray, John(N);Anderson, John(W); Dorman, Michael(SE)
Hunter, Mary 3E 16 Jan 1767 C17:183 100a Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109903 Gray, James(NE); Wallace, Jno.(SE)
Hunter, Mary 4E 4 Jul 1767 C17:182:02 100a branch Long Cane Pickens, John http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109902 all vacant
Huston, John 6D7D 4 Jul 1763 C07:393 100a NW Fork Long Cane, branch Calhoun, Pat http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=98558 Calhoun, John, James & Catherine(NW); Calhoun, Ezekiel(decd.)(NE); Noble, Mary(SE); Alexander, Aaron(SE)
Hutchins, Richard 8F 12 April 1764 C08:357:01 100a in Belfast Township Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=99784 Belfast Township line(NW)
Hutchinson, James 7E 13 Oct 1767 C17:391: 150a waters Long Cane Creek Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109917 Cochran, Alen(N); bounty land(N&S)
Hutton, James 5E 21 Nov 1768 C17:204 100a Long Cane, waters of Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109942 Hutton, Wm.
Hutton, William 5E 23 Jan. 1769 C17:205:01 100a waters Long Cane Calhoun, Pat. http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=109943 Hutton, James(W); Moore, Agnes(NE)
Hutton, William 6C 27 Jun 1766 C09:119 100a Kerrs Creek Long, Matt http://www.archivesindex.sc.gov/onlinearchives/Thumbnails.aspx?recordId=100798 Garrett, James(W)


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